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Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson was the original inventor of the neural-net processor which would lead to the development of Skynet, a computer A.I. intended to control electronically linked weapons and defend the United States, but which would later become self-aware and launch a global war of extermination against humanity. Through his research, he unintentionally became the man most responsible for Judgement Day and the near-extinction of mankind. However, his intentions were never malicious, and he did all in his power to prevent the consequences of his mistakes.

Miles was married to Tarissa Dyson, with whom he had two children, Danny and Blythe.

Original timeline[]

Growing up in Detroit, Miles Dyson first aspired to be a professional athlete. Not skilled enough to gain a scholarship, he then turned to technology after scoring high on his math exams.[1]

In 1995, Dr. Dyson had been a cybernetics scientist and a high-ranking employee of Cyberdyne Systems Corporation as Director of Special Projects. He was tasked to create a new neural-net processor from two pieces of unknown-sourced advanced technology. The technology actually came from a ten-year-old crime scene from another Cyberdyne facility (The Terminator's arm and CPU). Miles worked on the project around the clock with his colleagues at the main Cyberdyne office, where he was one of the few people who were given access to the original Terminator arm and CPU chip. He also worked at his home office. Miles truly believed in the potential of his work as the processor could lead to a revolutionary new brand of automated systems, as well as a more advanced form of artificial intelligence making other existing computer systems obsolete in comparison. The project eventually reached the point where he nearly completed a prototype of the processor. Had the project been completed and deployed by the nation's military defense network, the processor, named Skynet, would have gained self-awareness and waged a genocidal war on mankind.

Judgment Day timeline[]

Miles Dyson aimed

A laser-sighted rifle is aimed at Dyson from behind

Dyson's vision and the creation of Skynet were averted by Sarah Connor, who wished to stop Skynet's attack before it began. Using files from another future Terminator to track down Miles at his home, Sarah initially tried to kill him with a CAR-15 sniper rifle but Miles was momentarily distracted by his son, Danny, narrowly evading the shot, which destroyed his monitor. Sarah switched the rifle to full-auto and opened fire again but Miles took cover behind his desk where the bullets, though completely destroying prototype within his computer along with other equipment, could not injure him. With the rifle magazine empty, Sarah advanced on the house with a .45 caliber side-arm and began shooting at Miles's close-range eventually hitting him in the shoulder and cornering him with his wife, and son.

Miles Dyson nearly killed

Sarah Connor holds Dyson at gunpoint

With a gun to his head, Miles pleaded with Sarah what she wanted from him. Sarah, in an enraged state, blamed him for everything that was to transpire without any full explanation, only prompting Miles to utter an innocent "...what?" Sarah broke down emotionally and could not bring herself to kill Miles in front of his wife and children when he was not even responsible for anything yet. Sarah's son John and the second Terminator arrived at that moment hoping to stop Sarah from committing murder. John went to his mother while the Terminator examined Mile's shoulder wound. Miles then asked his attackers to identify themselves, not expecting the Terminator to cut the flesh from his arm and expose its robotic nature. Dr. Dyson was speechless at the revelation that this man was actually a machine from the future and identical to the components that brought about his technical achievements at Cyberdyne.

After Miles's wound was tended to and the shock of the attack had died down, Sarah and the company began to explain Skynet's future and its true effects on humanity. Remarking that he suddenly felt ill at the thought of his work leading to an apocalyptic future, Miles was convinced to quit Cyberdyne and said he would destroy all of his work. However, the Terminator made him realize that as long as the laboratory and technological artifacts at Cyberdyne were intact Skynet could still be created by others following his footsteps. Miles then agreed to go to the Cyberdyne building with the Connors and the Terminator to destroy all his research and also sent his family into hiding. Before leaving, Tarissa agreed with Miles that Skynet had to be destroyed above all else and bid him good luck.

Miles Dyson with the trio

Dyson trying to persuade Carl to allow Sarah, John, and the T-800 to enter Cyberdyne Systems

Miles initially hoped to enter the building undeterred and destroy the contents of the lab without opposition. However, the guard refused due to the late hour of the night and lack of proper paper-work which needed filing prior to access. Instead, the group forced their way in at gunpoint, binding and gagging the guard in the lobby men's room and, after Miles helped John gather the advanced technological artifacts of the original Terminator from the high-security lab, began preparing to destroy the entire laboratory itself with a massive bomb consisting of polydichloric euthimal. Just as the bomb was ready, multiple SWAT team officers arrived in response to the break-in and one unit stormed the building. The team opened fire and Miles was riddled with bullet-wounds before he took cover.

Miles Dyson before death

Before his death, Dyson signals to Sarah that he will complete the mission to destroy Cyberdyne Systems

Gravely injured, Miles desperately bid the others escape and stayed behind to trigger the bombs' remote, which would be flipped by a large fragment of his Neural Net Processor model, which Miles held over the trigger button. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the SWAT team promptly evacuated. Miles slowly succumbed to his injuries with heartfelt and shallow breathing, losing the strength to hold the model over the trigger. As his hand dropped the bomb detonated with a massive fireball, killing Miles and destroying the lab and a sizable portion of Cyberdyne Headquarters.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline[]


Newspaper article on the deceased Dyson seen in "Pilot"

Sarah became a fugitive because she has been blamed for Miles's death. It was revealed that his work has been used to create John Henry and another unknown Artificial intelligence.

Resistance timeline[]

After the Judgment Day, the South Division scientific doctor Edwin Mack find some of Skynet's original programming written by Dyson, and within a vulnerability, or "Zero Exploit". Impressed by its finding, Mack, under orders of John Connor, was able to upload a virus which alternated the Machines' "behavior", delaying the advance of Annihilation Line, and gaining the Resistance a critical time to finally win the war. He is implied to have been giving a speech in august 1997, indicating that Sarah didn't attempt to murder Miles during the events of Judgement Day and allowing it to happen.

Genisys timeline[]


Miles Dyson is still alive, due to the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day never happening from the altered timeline. His son, Daniel Dyson, is the chief of development for Genisys.

Behind the scenes[]

Terminator 2 Endoskeleton Arm

Dyson looking at the T-800 model arm from 1984




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