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A pregnant Sarah Connor is traveling through Mexico.

Mexico is a country on the North American continent. It is located in the south to the United States of America.

Mexico in Terminator Franchise[]

The Terminator[]

Following the attempt of the Terminator on her life, Sarah Connor moved to Mexico in pursuit of training and spent many years in the country and nearby nations to prepare. The Terminator

2029 to 1984 timeline[]

After the T-800 failed to killed her, Sarah Connor moved to Borrado in Mexico, where she hid herself from any potential threat from the future and began her training with weapons. 1984 issue 1

NOW Comics timeline[]

John Connor had a secret headquarters in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico and many Resistance troops were trained there.[1]

Cybernetic Dawn timeline[]

The Salceda family was heading to Saucillo in Mexico after Enrique Salceda was killed by the T-1000.[2]

T2 Trilogy[]

Sarah Connor and her son, John, had a number of buried stockpiles of food, weapons, and gold coins throughout the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. At a certain point, the Connors and Dieter von Rossbach passed through Tamaulipas to gather some weapons from a Connor cache and connect with a contact of Sarah's. T2: Infiltrator

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T2: The Future War

The New John Connor Chronicles[]

In Skynet's World timeline, Miles Dyson had been so jittery about the "Sarah Connor prophecies" that he had sent the rest of his family to Mexico on vacation, just to be on the safe side, during Skynet's activation in 1997.[3]

In John's World timeline, Sarah Connor and her son, John, moved to Mexico City and opened a cybercafé called El Juicio ("The Judgment") after August 29, 1997.

However, in 2001, a T-XA and later a group of Specialists consisting of Danny Dyson, Miho Tagatoshi, Anton, Selena, and Robert Baxter arrived Mexico from 2036 of Jade's World timeline. The Specialists went to visit the Connors, but they were attacked by the T-XA. Baxter died in the battle, but the group was managed to escape. Dark Futures

Rise of the Machines timelines[]

Following the destruction of Cyberdyne Systems, Sarah Connor and her son, John, moved to Baja in Mexico. After her death of leukemia, Sarah's body was cremated in Mexico and her friends scattered her ashes in the sea, storing weapons in her coffin in accordance to her will.[4] The T-850 planned to have John Connor and Kate Brewster hid in Mexico, however, John refused as he wanted to stop Judgment Day.

John kept a 20-peso piece with him for years from his time in Mexico.[5]

Salvation timeline[]

The falling of several Judgment Day nukes was witnessed by the Eleventh Marine Expeditionary Unit of the U.S. Marine Corps on a drug interdiction exercise in the Baja desert. Terminator Salvation: From the Ashes

The Sarah Connor Chronicles timelines[]


Cromartie's Death

Cromartie terminated with a kill box tactic

In 2008, John Connor returned to Mexico with his girlfriend, Riley Dawson, on vacation. The two were arrested after a fight at a local bar, which attracted the attention of Cromartie, the T-888 Infiltrator, and former FBI Agent James Ellison. The Connors, Derek Reese, and Cameron the T-900 Terminator were able to disable Cromartie at a small church in the country with a kill box tactic. They later buried T-800's inactivated Endoskeleton there, "Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today" however, it was later retrieved by Ellison and delivered to Catherine Weaver of Zeira Corp. "Complications"

Dark Fate timeline[]

In 2020, a Rev-9 Terminator and the Augmented soldier Grace Harper arrived in Mexico City, going after Dani Ramos. Sarah Connor tried to intercept the first Time Sphere that carried Grace, but she was not able to do it as the sphere showed up in front of her car and became an obstacle to her. Later, Sarah eventually managed to track down the Rev-9 to attack it. After the incident, Sarah joined Grace and Dani. Decrypting the texts that warned Sarah of the location, Grace found out they came from Texas. With the help of Felipe Gandal, Dani's uncle, they were able to illegally cross the US-Mexican border. Terminator: Dark Fate


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