Meta-Node is a modified T-800 Terminator Infiltrator housing a memory chip that contains Skynet's vital data and acts as its AI core.

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Before the Skynet Orbital Platform was destroyed by the Resistance, Skynet performed a core dump of all vital data pertaining to its efforts to eradicate organic life. In a Doomsday Plan, Skynet sent this AI core back to 1984. Upon arriving 1984, the Meta-Node appeared in the same orbit where Skynet was in 2029. Without propulsion, its orbit quickly decayed. The Meta-Node impacted in the Gobi Desert on 7 August 1984.

The Meta-Borg managed travel there to Cyberdyne Systems Laboratory in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. It provided the technical data, which accelerated the development of Skynet. This leap of engineering accelerated the events that led to Skynet achieving self-awareness, thereby making any Resistance futile. The Meta-Node then serve as information tutor and guardian, uploading to the fledgling Skynet all the tactical data gathered about the future, then protecting it so it could carry out Judgment Day. As Skynet of this timeline gained various knowledge from the Meta-Node, there would be no Resistance after the nuclear holocaust.

However, as John Connor and part of team was in a null-time fields, he was able to sent a Resistance commando back to 1988 to destroyed the Meta-Node in the Cyberdyne Systems Laboratory. The Terminator: Rampage

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