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    If I recall right, according to the cut scene in Terminator Resistance, wasn't Rivers' unit was wiped out by a group of HK consisting of T-800 and HK-Aerial?

    Or is the fact "T-850 led the strike on Rivers' unit" mentioned in other cut scene or dialog?

    Additionally, I removed Perry being killed from 2028 as Mack mentioned it was "years ago".[1] [Edited] So the incident is mentioned or presented in the comic Zero Day Exploit? Thanks. (If it is mentioned in the dialog instead of present, I'd have to use reference tag instead of storylink template.)

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    • Hi TX55,

      The game and Zero Day Exploit weren't exactly clear on the timeframe of when in 2028 the two events happened. The dialogue made a big deal about Baron abandoning Pasadena during her first meeting with Rivers and Jennifer. It would not be out of the realm of possibility that the 132nd's relocation would have happened concurrently with the beginning of the game considering it took at least overall a week for Jacobs to meet with Baron.

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    • So, though the game use "years ago", while in the comic, it is stated or shown the T-800 incident that kills Perry in 2028?

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    • Hi there,

      Edit: I just moved the data to Year 2026. I reviewed the comic as of right now, and I was wrong on the year.

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    • I see. Thanks for the checking ;D

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