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Matt Murch is a department head at ZeiraCorp and work for Catherine Weaver.

Mr. Murch was assigned to help the artificial intelligence called "John Henry" to develop, often teaching him how to play and win complex games, such as Dungeons & Dragons. He was also Weaver's top advisor on John Henry's workings, often explaining the hows and whys of his programming. It is unknown what became of Murch after the attack on Zeira Corp.

He was the last person to see Justin Tuck alive when he left him in the corporate bathroom after discussing the upcoming changes to their research teams due to Weaver's Project Babylon. "Samson & Delilah"

On the anniversary of Lachlan Weaver's death, he wore plaid in remembrance to the beloved executive, and explained the significance of the plaid to James Ellison, who went home at lunch and returned wearing a plaid tie. "Desert Cantos"


  • Despite having a modest role in the show, Murch earned notable fan appreciation for his actions in the episode "To the Lighthouse", wherein he performed a comical "power-slide" to deactivate the corrupt John Henry.
  • Strangely, John Henry tells Catherine Weaver, while informing her of his discovery that all "fired" employees are dead, that he has found letters of resignation from Agent Ellison and Murch, but also says that the documents "have no dates". It is possible that the T-1001 forges the letter in case she ever needed to kill Ellison or Murch, who were both involved with John Henry and couldn't be allowed to escape with their knowledge. In any case he wasn't killed.
  • It seems Matt is the only one known the presence of Cromartie's endoskeleton used as John Henry's body in addition to Catherine Weaver and James Ellison.