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"First, I'm gonna rip the buttons off your blouse one by one..."

"Don't make me bust you up, man!"
- Matt while fighting the T-800. The Terminator

Matt Buchanan[1] was the boyfriend of Ginger Ventura.


Matt had a friendly, outgoing, and slightly clownish personality and seemed to like Sarah (though she refers to him as "creep"). When calling Ginger and Sarah's apartment, he mistook Sarah for Ginger and began a lengthy, rehearsed seduction speech; only to be embarrassed when Sarah identified herself. On May 13, 1984, he arrived at the apartment for a night in with Ginger, and was later killed by the Terminator after putting up a valiant fight in his underwear. Sarah is later informed of Ginger and Matt's murder by Lieutenant Traxler, causing Sarah to burst into tears. The Terminator


  • It is notable that while Matt had some undesirable traits, he died in a noble manner, fighting the Terminator as he took him for someone who would harm his woman.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Matt was portrayed by Rick Rossovich and for his character's death scene where he is thrown violently through the hallway wall, he was doubled by stuntman Pete Turner.
  • In the script for The Terminator, Matt's last name was McCallister.



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