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Colonel Mary Randall

Colonel Mary Randall is the commander of a Resistance temporal operation deployed to 1984 intended to subvert the genesis of Skynet if possible, and protect Sarah Connor if required. She is the daughter of Vince, a leader in the Resistance.


Randall and her soldiers captured a set of time displacement equipment. She and her team had to undress, as clothes won't be necessary. When they arrive in 1984, Los Angeles, they steal mannequins and put on their clothes.[citation needed]

During her temporal counteroffensive, she becomes romantically involved with the Terminator-Human hybrid cyborg I825.M, who she comes to know as "Dudley" as they battle against both Terminators from the future and the developing threats being spawned in Cyberdyne Systems research under the direction of Dr. Bertram Hollister and Dr. Ed Astin.[citation needed]

After losing all the members of her cell in battle, and Dudley to an act of self-sacrifice to prevent his reversion to Skynet control, Mary finds herself in the company of Detective Mark Sloan standing between the last of Skynet's Terminators, the psychopath serial killer "Catfish" and a very pregnant Sarah Connor as she was giving birth in Odessa, Texas.[citation needed]

In a bizarre twist of fate, instead of protecting the birth of John Connor, Mary has allowed the coming of Jane Connor. This event has cataclysmic repercussions on the Timeline, spawning an Alternate future in which Judgment Day still happens, but under Jane's leadership the resistance permits no Terminators to ever be sent back in time, breaking the Predestination paradox. Somehow Mary survives the sudden shift in reality and remembers Detective Sloan, but has no idea why she is there.[citation needed]