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The name or term "Marty" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Marty (disambiguation).

Marty Bedell is a child living in the year 2008. He is targeted by a T-888 series terminator, because he shares his name with a military academy student who becomes an influential member of John Connor's team of Resistance soldiers. Just as the T-800 model from the film, The Terminator, killed 2 women named Sarah Connor before targeting the "correct" one, the T-888 plans to terminate all males named Martin Bedell living in the LA area.

Marty is rescued by Cameron Phillips and Sarah Connor, mere seconds before the T-888's attack. In spite of Cameron's objections, Sarah decides to protect Marty from termination. After they narrowly escape the Terminator's clutches, Sarah brings Marty to the "Baum" Resistance safe house to ensure his safety.

During his brief stay, he reveals that he is required to complete a book report for school. With Cameron's encouragement, saying it was John's favorite, he selects The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as his book for the report. Meanwhile, John Connor, Derek Reese & the "real" Martin Bedell orchestrate a successful attack on the T-888, destroying it in a tar pit on the campus of the Presidio Alto Military Academy. Following the destruction of the Terminator, Marty returns to his family. Before he leaves, Sarah gives him permission to call her for help, in the event of an emergency.



Marty Bedell: Are you a spy?
Sarah Connor: No, I'm not a spy?
Marty Bedell: Are you a mom?
Sarah Connor: Yeah, I'm a mom.
Marty Bedell: You kinda suck at it.
Sarah Connor: I know, I'm working on it.