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Mark fearfully surrenders his clothes

In the original timeline, Mark Warfield[1] is possibly the only punk that survives the Terminator's assault[2] on him and his friends, Johnny and Rick, outside Griffith Observatory. He was initially thrown to the side as the Terminator killed his friends. In fear, he backed himself up against a gate and complied with the T-800's demand for his clothes, which were a match to the machine's large frame. He than ran away from the scene. [3] The Terminator

However, in a Genisys timeline, he doesn't give up his clothes as the Terminator is interrupted by another one before he can attack the punks. Terminator Genisys

Behind the Scene[]



  1. The Terminator (Frakes novel)
  2. The T-800 is never shown actually killing this punk (and would be unlikely to do so unless punk had threatened it, which clearly never occurred), so he may be the only surviving punk in the original timeline.
  3. Mark had the sense to start ripping his clothes off. He held out the coat as an offering, as a shield, as a desperate plea that maybe he could get a little more time ... time to get away ... get down off this mountain ... get into bed ... pull the covers over his head and wake up. He was right. The offering did buy him time. About fourteen seconds., quoted from The Terminator (Frakes novel)

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