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Detective Mark Sloane

Mark Sloane is a detective investigating the swath of destruction brought about by a Resistance temporal operation deployed to 1984[1] under the command of Colonel Mary Randall, which was intended to subvert the genesis of Skynet if possible, and protect Sarah Connor if required. His investigations lead him to Cyberdyne Systems, Dr. Bertram Hollister, and Dr. Ed Astin.


After all the members of her cell are killed in battle, Sloane finds himself in the company of Mary Randall standing between the last of Skynet's terminators, the psychopath serial killer from Sloane's past nicknamed "Catfish", and a very pregnant Sarah Connor as she was giving birth in Odessa, Texas.[Issue needed]

In a bizarre twist of fate, instead of protecting the birth of John Connor, Sloane has allowed the coming of Jane Connor. This event has cataclysmic repercussions on the Timeline, spawning an Alternate future in which Judgment Day still happens, but under Jane's leadership the resistance permits no terminators to ever be sent back in time, breaking the Predestination paradox. Somehow Mark survives the sudden shift in reality and remembers Mary, but has no idea why he is there.[Issue needed]



  1. Although the introduction of these characters in Tempest started by saying 1990 in the actual comics, they go back and retcon the situation because of the development of Endgame, centering around Sarah Connor's pregnancy and the birth of John Connor. In End Game, they explicitly state several dates.