Major Dean is an United States Air Force intelligence officer stationed in Bingham Air Force Base in Texas. He is an acquaintance of Sarah Connor.


Upon deciding to set up a kill box to destroy the Rev-9, Sarah Connor and Carl considered that they would need an EMP device. Sarah mentioned she knew a person who could get access to such device and provide it for them.


The group met with Major Dean in an abandoned warehouse. Upon handing the EMP weapons to Sarah, they were attacked by the Rev-9 from a stolen police helicopter. Dean was shot in the abdomen while shooting back, but managed to escape with the group. He led them to the air base where he separated with the group and alerted his men about the Rev-9 as an enemy attacking the base.

After the group took over an C-5 cargo plane and left the base, Major Dean ordered an aerial refueling aircraft to assist them. However, the refueling plane was hijacked by the Rev-9. Terminator: Dark Fate

Behind the SceneEdit

  • Major Dean is portrayed by Fraser James in Terminator: Dark Fate.
  • It was speculated before the films release that Major Dean was actually Danny Dyson.[citation needed]


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