Machine-Phase Matter, or Nano-Phase Matter, is a type of material and a nano-scale series of machines created by Skynet for use with the cyborg T-3000 Infiltrator.

When infecting a human via a T-5000, the entire genetic code of the human body will be rewritten and the organic tissue will be completely replaced with the resin. This causes them to develop a healing ability similar to that of a T-1000 unit, but to a far greater degree. It regenerates as if the machine were a living being, starting with a mechanical skeleton-like form, then adding muscle mass, then the skin of the person being mimicked, then finally clothing and potentially other accessories. Any of these layers can be modified instantly, such as changing from street clothes to body armor, but such changes are purely cosmetic. It can even make scars or similar markings appear and disappear instantly.

The resin is sometimes "bled" from the Terminator when shot, and appears red as if it were actually blood for a short time before changing into the same gray color as the primary color of the Terminator and then being re-absorbed back into the body. This means it can mimic living matter to the point of mimicking blood.


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  • The regenerative capabilities of the machine-phase matter can be impeded by magnetic fields, which negate their ability to hold the resin-created body together. The phase matter can also be disrupted by magnetic fields being applied directly to it. When Kyle Reese hit John Connor, now a T-3000 with a magnetic gauntlet, it damaged his face and stunned him for a moment. Later, Guardian impaled John with one such gauntlet, which effectively restrained him, though it couldn't kill him. A significant electromagnetic influence, such as that of a rudimentary, incomplete piece of Time Displacement Equipment can completely destroy the resin.
  • The machine-phase matter can be damaged or even destroyed by laser weaponry, including a high-power laser cutter. However, even repeated strikes are not enough to destroy the subject, as repeated laser post strikes only caused enough damage to prevent John Connor from resuming his pseudo-organic outer sheath.
    • It should be noted, however, that at this point, the T-3000 had no reason to hide its identity, and it may have simply forfeited the 'outer sheath' to fight more efficiently.
  • The T-3000's disguise as Detective Cheung was revealed after the Guardian made it slam against a cabinet.


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