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Lisa Weinbaum was a Resistance fighter, who was a leggy blonde with pleasing proportions and light blue eyes. Skynet chose her physical template as the model for the I-950 Infiltrator program because she was attractive, brave, and capable of independent action (able to be solitary).


Lisa was a tech in training working in 2021 to test signal jammers attached to communication relay centers and antennas to disrupt Skynet operations in urban areas. She was chosen for this mission as a part of her training and because fully trained techs were too few to risk being exposed on the battlefield.

Although her mission was only to get 30 minutes of operational testing out of the unit she installed on the day of her capture, she always operated a bit outside the box, covering her bases with uncalled for contingencies. For example, at the test site, she first installed a large series of explosives to prevent the compromise and capture of the comm units under resistance development. Willing to sacrifice herself to protect humanity, she triggered the explosives immediately upon being confronted by a T-90 Humanoid Hunter Killer Unit while exiting the antenna enclosure.

Unfortunately, she survived the blast, and was taken to a Skynet research lab after interrogation and subjected to harvesting of her ova prior to termination.