Agent Lila Ellison

Lila Ellison is the ex-wife of James Ellison. They divorced over her termination of her pregnancy; which she originally kept from James.[1]

Season Two[edit | edit source]

James stopped by the Bureau to see and ask her help in checking into Catherine Weaver's past and ZeiraCorp because Weaver offered him a job. She noticed that Ellison was different, noticing that he wasn't wearing his cross. She realized that the massacre had really got to him.

A file was delivered to her office and both James and Lila reacted to the name; Lila was still using the last name of Ellison. She promised to look into Weaver for him.

Later Lila told James that Catherine Weaver had checked out as OK, with nothing incriminating in her past. But James spotted a discrepancy in her file about the plane crash that killed Catherine's late husband. It claimed the crash was due to mechanical failure, not human error.

Lila suggested James talk to a professional, but he rebuffed her.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Lila was portrayed by Fay Wolf.

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