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LT. Koufaks, Technician

The Life and Death of luggage

Lieutenant Koufaks was a member of the human 9-man Resistance cell led by Colonel Mary Randall that assaulted a fully functional Skynet network complex 6 months after John Connor destroyed the Master Control central node. Within this facility was an operational Time Displacement Chamber, greater in scope than the prototype discovered by John Connor. Their mission was to utilize the TDE to return to 1984 [1] and eliminate Skynet by killing key individuals in the Cyberdyne Systems heirarchy.

I825.M, observed the infiltration of the cell but did not interfere directly. After reporting the infiltration to the Processing Command Center of the facility he activated defenders for the facility. Only 3 units were available for immediate activation; C890.L, C850.D, and HC875.S.

3 members of the team were killed during the assault, leaving Lieutenant Koufaks to remain and initiate the TDE to send the remaining 5 members of the team to the past. His orders were to destroy the unit in order to prevent any Skynet assets from following. Unfortunately for Koufaks, just as he began shooting the controls for the TDE, three terminators activated by I825.M captured him. After interrogation, the Terminators elected to use Koufaks as a gun cabinet, slicing open his belly and inserting a Plasma Pistol, then cauterizing the wound shut.

The Terminators took Koufaks with them to the past with the partially repaired TDE. The damage he was able to inflict locked the target time coordinates for the unit. Upon arrival in the past, C890.L ripped the Plasma Pistol out of the poor lieutenant's body, terminating him.


  • By utilizing Koufaks as a carrier for the Plasma Pistol, the TDE limitation on transporting technological devices from the future was bypassed, introducing a fully functional Future War weapon into the Timeline many years before its natural development and implementation.
  • Years after Koufaks' appearance and death in Terminator: Tempest, it would appear that a similar technique may have been used to smuggle a weapon through time; in the Pilot episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Terminator Cromartie had a pistol concealed under the skin of his leg which he extracted with a knife and used to try to kill John Connor. Interestingly, this weapon did not appear to be a futuristic weapon.



  1. Although the introduction of these characters in Tempest started by saying 1990 in the actual comics, they go back and retconn the situation because of the development of End Game, centering around Sarah Connor's pregnancy and the birth of John Connor. In End Game they explicitly state several dates. The assassination on July 25 1984 happens two months and five days before Sloan records the casefile entry on Catfish on September 30, 1984. Other explicit dates are October 1, 3, and 4 1984. Sara Connor is "forced" into the hospital in Odessa Texas due to complications in her pregnancy (IE: John/Jane is premature) from the basis of the Filmed events of [[The Terminator (film)|]] happening in May of 1984. That is, unless you want Sarah to be pregnant for 6 years. The comics people got it wrong for the initial Dark Horse stories of Tempest, Secondary Objectives, and The Enemy Within, and had to change it for the End Game storyline.