As a machine, a common Terminator is not capable of lying, or it can lie poorly, due to its design and programming. However, there are several models built as Infiltrators capable of lying, as this can be tactical and make them more efficient in infiltration. Units consisting Mimetic polyalloy, such as T-1000 and T-X, can impersonate a human and assume his or her identity.

Basic lies for InfiltrationEdit

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Known Models capable of advanced LyingEdit

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  • New Terminator from Salvation timeline
    When Dr. Serena Kogan asked the New Terminators if the Machines tried to save humans from the Future War, the African Terminator replied with "They are necessary". She then asked if the world rebuilt by the machines was beautiful, the Female Terminator replied with a positive answer. However, Dr. Kogan told the Female Terminator "You lie almost as well as we (humans) do".


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