Leslie Hamilton Gearren is the identical twin sister of Linda Hamilton and the maternal aunt of Dalton Abbott. Though professionally a nurse, and not an established actress herself, she appeared in three scenes in Terminator 2: Judgment Day as Linda's double.

In her scenes, she is playing whichever "Sarah" is further from camera view while Linda plays the one in focus.




Leslie and Linda Hamilton

Leslie Gaerren Hamilton as imagined by Sarah in her daydream with young John & another son T2

Sarah as imagined by Sarah in a daydream about heself.

Leslie Gaerren Hamiltons lovely rump as imagined by Sarah in her daydream with young John T2
  • Leslie also appeared in the scene at the garage when Sarah and John changed the Terminator's CPU chip from read-only to read/write so that he could learn new skills. The mirror was in fact straight through to another set (reversed) where Linda was on one side and Leslie on the other. Arnold was on the mirrored side and a Terminator dummy the other. A much extended version of this scene is featured in the special edition of the Terminator 2: Judgment Day DVD.
  • It appears that Sarah is daydreaming whilst standing next to the car with John. She looks over to the tables outside Cactus Jacks' Gas station and pictures herself with young John and a 2nd younger boy.
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