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Laz Howard, also known as the Ghost, was a gifted computer hacker who was operating alone during the War against the Machines. Laz was able to hack into the command systems of Skynet forces and disable them with relative ease. This ability made him a priority target for Skynet which sent multiple units after him including T-7T, T-600 Terminators, Aerostats and HK-Aerials to find and stop him.

His actions also gained the attention of the Resistance as his attacks on Skynet computers also caused Resistance systems to go offline which resulted in the death of a Resistance pilot and the loss of a Resistance plane. Resistance Headquarters sent Blair Williams to find Laz in the ruins of Los Angeles with orders to kill him as he was considered as a collaborator; however, Williams came to believe that Laz was the key to survival and she decided to take him to the Resistance herself against her orders to kill him.

After fighting through the remains of Los Angeles, Williams and Howard were separated following a Skynet attack. Against orders — and with the threat of exile — Williams launched a search for Laz to rescue him. Shortly after he was found, Laz was killed by Skynet while trying to rescue Blair from a Skynet attack.


  • Laz Howard is unique in the Terminator franchise as he is one of the first characters known to be a target of both the Resistance and Skynet.
  • Laz Howard met with Terminator Salvation video game character Angie Salter.
  • Laz was 12 years when Judgment Day happened.