Lauren Fields was born to David Fields and Anne Fields and is a Resistance medic.


Original timelineEdit

Lauren raised her half sister Sydney from birth. They somehow both managed to survive Judgment Day.

In 2027, Lauren was a medic of the Resistance. Her sister was the only survivor of 200 in a bunker where Skynet unleashed a bio weapon. Derek Reese and Jesse Flores rescued Sydney and took her back to Seranno Point Nuclear Power Plant. Lauren injected them both with an antidote created from Sydney's blood, saving their lives. "Alpine Fields"

Current timelineEdit

Attack by a TerminatorEdit

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In 2008, David, along with Anne and Lauren, walked into their cabin and saw someone has tracked mud onto their carpet. Cameron Phillips and Sarah Connor walked in, rifles drawn, and asked if they were the Fields. Sarah explained that they were in danger and that they needed to leave. Sarah got a call on her cellphone from John, telling him that they had a hit on their list: "Alpine Fields", a family.

Lauren pointed a gun at Sarah, and David asked Sarah who she was. Sarah told him about Skynet sending machines to the past to eliminate anyone that's a threat. Her target list had the Fields family on it. A machine was coming to kill them. The Terminator found their house in the city, and it tracked them to their cabin. David didn't believe her, but was quickly disarmed by Cameron. Sarah, Cameron, and the Fields left in a mini-van, leaving their dog behind. Sarah argued with Anne, and got into an accident with a pick-up truck. A T-888 got out and a fight ensued between him and Cameron. The Fields and Sarah ran back to the cabin, as Cameron took on the Terminator.

The Fields arrived back at their cabin. Sarah needed to know which one the Terminator was after. David told her that he was a banker and Anne was a housewife. Sarah devised a plan to take out the T-888. She went to a shed to find supplies, and is confronted by Lauren. Sarah cuts the power supply to the cabin, as Lauren reveals to Sarah that there's something her father is not telling her — One of David's clients is a company called "Sindine Cybernetics". Lauren pulls some e-mails off of his computer, and David admits that whatever he's doing with the company is not legal. Sarah hears something and looks out into the woods. Cameron and the Terminator are hunting each other.

Sarah set a trap on the front door handle of the cabin, hoping to electrocute the Terminator in order to reboot it, giving them two minutes to get its chip out. Outside of the house, someone was approaching. The Fields' dog went out to greet him, and Anne said that it's Roger, a family friend. She took apart Sarah's trap, afraid that it will kill Roger. Roger was having an affair with Anne. They all got into an argument, which was broken up by Sarah. Her trap was ruined. Roger dismissed Sarah's story about Skynet and how a machine is hunting the Fields. Out of nowhere, Cameron crashes through the front window and lies unconscious on the floor, with cuts to her face. The family dog ran outside and is killed by the terminator. Lauren saw the T-888 coming up to the house. David went out to meet him, telling him that he's the one that he wants. The Terminator grabs David by the throat and scans him and saw him as no threat. Sarah saw the T-888 throw David aside, and concluded that it's after either Anne or Lauren. Anne says that she's pregnant and that it's not David's baby.

Lauren hid in the cabin, while Sarah and ran outside. The door opened and it was Roger. He was knocked out from behind by Cameron. She asked "He's human?", to which Lauren said "Yes, of course!". She and Lauren left. Sarah and Anne ran through the woods, while being chased by the Terminator. Cameron ran it over with a car. Everyone went into the car and Cameron drives them away, as the Terminator gets back up and begins to run after them.

Sarah leaves the Fields in a restaurant, saying to Lauren that she will need to help her parents. "Alpine Fields"

Anne's childbirthEdit

Six months later, they were outside of a hotel when the Terminator found them. David went after it with a table lamp and curtain rod so that Lauren and Anne could escape.

Anne was about to give birth to her daughter, Sydney Fields. David was dead and Lauren helped took care of her. Derek Reese was sent by Sarah to help them after to call from Lauren. Anne was struggling to stay alive. Derek saw Lauren with a St. Jude medal around her neck, and tells her to get rid of it, as it's a target. Anne was getting worse and Lauren told Derek they need to take her to a hospital. Derek said that they can't go out until the Terminator is taken out by Sarah. Anne then gave birth to Sydney. She smiled with Lauren and then died from her injuries.

Derek offered Lauren to come stay with him and Sarah. She simply says, "I have to do this." Sarah destroyed the Terminator before talking to Derek on the phone about the situation. During that time, Lauren left the warehouse, and left her St. Jude medal. "Alpine Fields"



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