Kyle Reese

Kyle Reese

Kyle Reese (Sergeant/ Tech Com, serial number DN38416) was born in 2008, after Judgment Day, a child brought up among the ruins, never knowing a life without fear or constant threat of extermination. Joining the Resistance at an early age, Reese fought with the 132nd under Perry from 2021 until 2027. Following the Oregon and New Mexico offensives that year, Reese was then assigned to Recon/Security under John Connor from 2027 to 2029. At 21 years old, Reese volunteered, and was hand selected by John Connor, to be sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor from termination.

By Kyle impregnating Sarah with John, he creates a predestination paradox in the same way that the discovery of the Terminator's remains in the factory gave birth to Skynet.

Behind the scenes

Kyle Reese was portrayed by Michael Biehn.


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