Kyle Reese is a young Resistance fighter in the post-Judgment Day Los Angeles during 2010s in Salvation timeline.

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Terminator Salvation[edit | edit source]

Kyle Reese, a sixteen year-old, is Skynet's priority target in 2018, and John Connor is trying to find him in order to protect him.

At a certain point in post-Judgment-Day Los Angeles, Kyle has been working closely with Star, a young mute girl, and the two have developed a close working friendship which is based upon hand signals. Shortly after the activation of Marcus Wright, Kyle rescues him from a Series 600 Terminator that attacked him, destroying it in front of an old toy company. The two developed a working relationship soon after with Marcus teaching him several tactics to survive. He is not yet a member of the Resistance and is listed as being of civilian status according to General Ashdown, but Reese considers himself and Star to be the Resistance's Los Angeles Branch.

After spending the night at Griffith Observatory, Reese, Star, and Marcus set out in a jeep to find John Connor. After a brief chase with a Skynet probe that scans Kyle's face, they briefly stop at a believed to be derelict 7-Eleven in the desert, but they find themselves with a group of survivors led by a woman named Virginia. They are offered food and supplies, but their rest is short lived when they are attacked by a Harvester. After Marcus stuns the heavy machine, Kyle is instrumental in trying to destroy the Moto-Terminators now giving them chase from his vantage point on the tow truck. This would be futile. Reese as well as Star were soon after taken hostage by Skynet and taken to Skynet Central aboard a transport. While underway Kyle would try to keep the troops rallied and looked for anything that could be considered a weapon.

Prisoner of Skynet (with Star and Virginia)

Upon arrival, however, he was separated when Skynet identified him and taken to an execution chamber. His quick thinking helped him in escaping from the Series 600 Terminator assigned to guard him and he was soon reunited with Star. Moments later, he would meet John Connor for the very first time, only to be attacked by the T-RIP, a prototype Series 800 Terminator sent to kill Connor. They would escape to the Terminator Factory where Kyle would work closely with Connor to build a bomb capable of destroying the machines along with the whole facility. Kyle was rescued by the Resistance and left alongside Connor and the rest of his squad.

Back at a Resistance outpost after the destruction of the Skynet Central, Kyle is among the people watching John Connor, who is mortally wounded in the battle. John gives his jacket to Kyle before Marcus decides to provide his heart to John for the transplant surgery.

After burying Marcus' body, Kyle finds a snapshot of Sarah Connor in the jacket given by John. Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle[edit | edit source]

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