Kraken twoview

Kraken production illustration

The Kraken or T-SCC is a class of antisubmarine warfare machine created by Skynet and used to patrol Earth's oceans in 2027. It was unable to dive as deep as a Seawolf submarine and normally followed a set patrol route.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

On September 13, 2027, while on a mission from John Connor himself, the USS Jimmy Carter was engaged by a Kraken.

Originally the crew believed it to be an ASW Bot; however, the size difference depicted on sonar confirmed that this wasn't the case. The Kraken was tricked into believing that the Jimmy Carter had been destroyed due to quick thinking by its captain, Queeg, a reprogrammed Series 888 Terminator. "Today Is The Day, Part 1"



Kraken schematics

  • The machine's name is a reference to the Kraken, a giant sea monster of legend.