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The Kaliba Group is a foreign company with direct ties to the modern day Skynet. It is a shady organization with decidedly nefarious motives that further Skynet's goals in the past and possesses contact with the future, for it has agents working for it from the year 2027, including T-888 and possibly Greys.

The Company[]

How the Kaliba Group started and who founded it has not been revealed. However it started, the Kaliba Group operates in foreign territories and its exact location is unknown. The company has control over (or is controlled by) the modern day Skynet, whose base code matches that of the original program created by the late Miles Dyson from Cyberdyne Systems.

Skynet may not have been created until very recently, for the disappearance of Daniel Dyson, (Miles' son) occurred three months prior to the arrest of fugitive Sarah Connor.[1] It is therefore possible that Skynet is the creation of young Dyson, or he at least serves as an adviser on the project.

Employees of the company are bound by contracts of secrecy and forbidden to ever discuss their employers or their jobs to anyone, even family. Failure to comply with these rules often results in the immediate termination of the employee by their peers. Those who believe in their work are shown to be fanatical and amoral, capable of performing heinous acts with little regret and twisted justifications.

Their largest base of operations in the United States so far is located in a town called Charm Acres, founded by themselves. Most of the residents are unaware of Kaliba's presence, but those whose family members work for the company live under the constant shadow of secrecy. The employees operate out of "Desert Canyon Heat and Air", which to the outside world is exactly what it sounds; but is in actuality an HK R&D facility.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season Two[]

Using information gathered from Alan, Sarah Connor locates "Desert Canyon Heat and Air" and breaks in, resulting in a confrontation with Ed Winston (the on-duty guard) that leaves both parties with gunshot injuries. Sarah crawls back to her vehicle and escapes, but witnesses a drone flying overhead. "Earthlings Welcome Here" After the incident, Kaliba begins an immediate evacuation of the facility. A transmission giving this order is picked up on an unsecure line by John Henry, who informs Catherine Weaver of their activities. The facility was later destroyed by Catherine Weaver. "The Good Wound"

Kaliba funds a funeral and grants compensation to the families of all 32 employees who died in the "accident". No one from the company attends to represent them, however. During the funeral, Sarah Connor discovers Kaliba's control over the town, which Derek Reese describes as resembling a Skynet Work Camp. At the end of the day, Sarah, John, Derek, and Cameron witness the drone as it rises from its hideaway and flies into the distance. "Desert Cantos"

At a certain point after the funeral, Ed Winston, tended to by Kaliba surgeons, captures Sarah Connor outside a Kaliba office building and takes her to an undisclosed warehouse and interrogates her. Sarah manages to escape and kills Ed Winston once and for all. "Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep" It is later revealed that Ed Winston has planted a tracking node under her right breast. "To the Lighthouse"

Derek Reese followed a Kaliba Group lawyer, intending to kidnap him and extract information out of him with Jesse Flores' assistance, but Flores didn't show. Thus, the lawyer leaves the city without being captured. "Ourselves Alone"

Shortly afterward, Kaliba was able to hack into the computer systems of Zeira Corporation's prototype artificial intelligence known as John Henry. During the data download, John Henry was able to discern that he had been hacked not by a person but rather by another artificial intelligence that was based upon the work of Cyberdyne Systems — specifically Miles Dyson. Further, John Henry was able to determine that the Kaliba AI had taken over greater than 60% of the civilian internet. "To the Lighthouse"

Kaliba representatives, posing as employees of a water company, then were assigned to locate and terminate key targets to their operations, including Catherine Weaver, Savannah Weaver, Derek Reese, Sarah Connor, John Connor, and specifically Cameron. A Series 888 Infiltrator was known to be operating alongside them posing as a water delivery guy.

Kaliba's agents track the Connors to a lighthouse location and sends agents to assassinate John, resulting in the death of the agents involved and Charley Dixon, while John managed to escape successfully. Another agent attacks Sarah at a clinic after she discovers and disables the tracking device in her body. The agent is incapacitated before Sarah escapes. Two more agents capture Derek and take him to a warehouse, one of them being killed by Cameron in the process. The other attempts to deactivate Cameron with instructions received over a cellphone from Kaliba/SkyNet (when the agent asked how Cameron's deactivation technique was known, the voice on the phone said "from my brother"; when John Henry was hacked by his "brother", schematics of a Terminator endoskeleton were seen) after she finds the warehouse, but to this agent's regret is likewise killed before he can remove her chip. Thus, Derek is liberated. "To the Lighthouse"

Later, A T-888 is sent to terminate Weaver and her daughter, Savannah. The girl is saved by Sarah, John, and Cameron. However, Derek Reese is killed by the T-888 before it's disabled. "Adam Raised a Cain" The machine later goes to assaults Zeira Corporation, killing a guard. Weaver confronts the T-888 and terminate it with ease. "Born to Run"

After failing to assassinate Catherine Weaver, Kaliba orders a drone to crash into the Zeira building in an attempt to kill Weaver. It fails.


  • Kaliba locates former employee Alan Park, now living as a woman called Eileen, by tracking the activities of Sarah Connor and recovers a piece of hyper-alloy he'd stolen from them. "Earthlings Welcome Here"
  • George McCarthy, believed to be dead by all but his wife and daughter, works in secret to clean up the mess made by Weaver. Weaver assigns Mister Walsh the task of locating George, but George lures him into an underground passage and murders him, placing his body beside the pool that the drone hides in. George collects the drone inside a transport truck and drives it to a new location. "Desert Cantos"


  • Operatives of Kaliba commonly wear grey track suits, including their Terminator agents, such as the Water Delivery Guy. This could be what coined the name "Grey" for human traitors in league with Skynet.
  • It is a popular theory that Kaliba is based out of Canada, as hinted at by Cameron's nonsensical suggestion to move there instead of remaining in Los Angeles where Skynet was supposed to be created.

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