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Kacy Cotton is the next-door neighbor and very pregnant landlord for the Connors' new Resistance safe house in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.


Kacy first met Connor and Company when they were interested in the house next to hers they intended to rent and use as the new safe house, shortly after the loss of the old one. "Automatic for the People" She and Sarah have so far bonded fairly well because of the pregnancy, and Sarah has developed a protective attitude concerning her. In "Allison from Palmdale", Kacy has some complications with bleeding and cramps, and Sarah drops what she's doing to take her to the ER. Sarah stays at her side the whole visit, assuring Kacy that everything will be alright. The Ultra-sound technician discovers that nothing seems to be wrong with the baby.

Trevor, a police detective, is the father of Kacy's baby. She is fearful for her family because of Trevor's high risk job. When Trevor shows up at the hospital, Kacy hints at Sarah that she wants her to stay. Sarah does stay, showing concern about Kacy's reaction to his appearance at the hospital. Later, Sarah attempts to "check him out" to make sure he's not a danger. He appears to be an honest, caring man so Sarah backs off. "Allison from Palmdale"

She was there after the Connors had discovered they had been robbed and was going to report it to Trevor, but Sarah said not to and told her that it was done by kids John was having trouble with at school. Later that day, she was visited by Cromartie posing as the uncle of Cameron in order to get to John and said he looked familiar probably thinking of the fallen George Laszlo. Suspicious of him, she says she has not seen the girl but before she shuts the door Cromartie inquires about the house next door citing her as the contact, but she says it has already been rented and he left promptly. Afterwards, she calls John to warn him about this suspicious man. "Brothers of Nablus"

Kacy had had her baby by the time she heard that the Connors were suddenly moving away. Liking Sarah's company, she was puzzled by her moving and wanted to keep in touch with her. It was from Kacy that the Connors first learned of the death of Riley. "Today Is The Day, Part 1"


(when Kacy looks curiously at Sarah's injuries)
Sarah Connor: Car accident.
Kacy: Oh.
Sarah Connor: The whole family. Teaching that one to drive.
Kacy: You're kidding me.
Sarah Connor: I don't kid about teenagers.
Kacy: I can't even imagine.
Sarah Connor: How many months are you?
Kacy: Seven. I feel like a whale.
Sarah Connor: You look great.
Kacy: I'm an orca with boobs.
Sarah Connor: There are worse things to be.
Kacy: (to Cameron) Do you want to feel it? It's cool. Everyone does. It's crazy, right? Once upon a time, you were inside her.


  • She is played by Busy Philipps. [1]
  • For her first three appearances, official press releases named her Kacy Corbin, although this name was never mentioned on screen. For her fourth appearance ("Brothers of Nablus") and on, she is called Kacy Cotton.[2]
  • Her introduction to the series is intended to give another outlet for Sarah's inner character as they bond over Kacy's pregnancy. [3]
  • The "The Mousetrap" official podcast contains much discussion about the possible continuation of Kacy as a character in the series.






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