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Justin Perry in The Terminator: Dawn of Fate

Major General Justin Perry is a dedicated field commander in charge of the 132nd Special Forces Unit of the Resistance. As a requirement of his position, he reports directly to John Connor and is instrumental in the planning of Tech-Com actions.


The Terminator: Dawn of FateEdit

Voiced by: Marcus M. Mauldin

Stoicism has made Captain Justin Perry an exemplary soldier, rivaling that of a T-800, but has left him without the sort of personal contacts that people are accustomed to. Those around him admit that they know very little about him, but they respect his dedication and they follow his orders without question.

The Future War has made everyone an active participant. Able-bodied humans have joined the fight, and the remaining run from it. Perry has dedicated himself to the military and thinks of it as both an art and a science. Most of the survivors are simply fighting for a chance to live. Perry is fighting because he has deliberately chosen combat as his way of life.

Perry formalized his opinion on the war in the aftermath of his parent's death at the hands of Skynet. They joined the Haven enclave when Perry was just a child, in a desire to lead a semblance of normalcy. He could have remained there to defend friends and neighbors from further Skynet raiding parties, but left instead to seek a final, resounding victory against the mechanical enemy.

Rising in the Resistance to the rank of Captain, Perry was instrumental in the assault on Cheyenne Mountain. He was present in the time displacement chamber when Kyle Reese was sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor and saved Lieutenant Catherine Luna after she was attacked by a Skynet Initiate.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesEdit

Portrayed by: Peter Mensah
SCC 106 sgt perry

Major General Perry in "Dungeons & Dragons"

Major General Perry is a Resistance commander of the 132nd Division, Special Operations Capable. He approved and showed enthusiasm for the reprogramming of Terminators to assist and aid Resistance forces fighting Skynet in battles that could not be won without such measures. He is familiar with both Kyle Reese and Derek Reese. He also claimed that John Connor had no friends.

He is assigned and most likely in command of Seranno Point Nuclear Power Plant in 2027. After learning of a chemical-biological attack by Skynet on Eagle Rock bunker, he is prepared to send a reprogrammed T-888 to retrieve the lone survivor. Instead he is convinced to send Lieutenant Derek Reese on a solo operation. He is there in Hazmat gear to see Derek Reese return with Sydney Fields and fellow Resistance fighter Jesse Flores. "Alpine Fields"

Terminator GenisysEdit

Portrayed by: Afemo Omilami

Perry participated in Operation Chrono. After the battle, it is presumed he was one of the Tech-Com members seeing Kyle Reese off in the Time Displacement Chamber before he was killed along with the other Resistance members besides John Connor, by Alex. Terminator Genisys

Terminator: ResistanceEdit

Perry was Field Commander of South Division and the second-in-command of Tech-Com, serving as the commanding officer of the 132nd Division. He had a romantic relationship with Lieutenant Jessica Baron until his untimely death from a computer virus experiment with a Terminator gone awry. Unknown to Baron, Perry pressured the chief scientist, Dr. Edwin Mack to proceed with the virus upload in order to prolong the survival of the Resistance regardless of the risk involved on John Connor's order. Baron assumed Perry's role as the commanding officer of the 132nd. Terminator: Resistance


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Dr. Silberman: So. You're a soldier. Fighting for whom?
Kyle Reese: With the One Thirty Second under Perry, from '21 to '27--
Dr. Silberman: (interrupting) That's the year 2027?
Kyle Reese: That's right.
Hal Vukovich: (quietly, to Ed Traxler) This is fucking great.
Kyle Reese: Then I was assigned Recon/Security, last two years, under John Connor.
The Terminator

Derek Reese: It's reprogrammed and just given run of the place. Like pets?
Perry: This is Connor's show. And that's what he wants.
Derek Reese: Those machines kill, they kill, that's all they do.
Perry: And now...they do it for us! They helped us at Topanga, we never would have done what we did.
Derek Reese: What did we do?
Perry: Derek...
Derek Reese: What happened? What happened up there? What happened to my brother?
Sarah Connor Chronicles (Episode 6: Dungeons and Dragons)
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