Jude Collie (born May 6, 2004)[2] is a British actor who provides the body likeness for 1990s-era John Connor in the 2019 film Terminator: Dark Fate.



Collie with Brett Azar in 2018, during production of Terminator: Dark Fate

Collie was born on May 6, 2004 to Sally Summerhayes and Baz Collie.[2] Not much is known about Jude Collie, and Terminator: Dark Fate is his first film role according to his IMDb profile. He was revealed as the body double for a young John Connor in Dark Fate through an Instagram post made by Brett Azar, who portrays the body double for a young Arnold Schwarzenegger/T800 in both Terminator: Dark Fate and previously in Terminator Genisys.

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