Cameron and John

"It's alright. I get it. You needed to get close to me. It's just the way you're... programmed."
- John Connor.

The relationship between John Connor and Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is the most important on the show after John's relationship with his mother. It possesses many similarities to his relationship with the T-800 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, albeit of a different, notably romantic nature. Among fans of the show, their relationship has become the most popular and is now famously known as Jameron.

Season One

Cameron John3

Cameron and John

"Man, are you asking me if I like her? Like 'like-like' her? No dude, c'mon! That's insane."
- John Connor.

Cameron first approached John under the guise of a teenage student at Crest View High School in 1999. Following her infiltration programming, Cameron attempted to befriend John almost immediately, projecting a facade as an inquisitive and slightly flirtatious friend-to-be. John, still reeling from the uprooting of his life with Charley Dixon, was unwilling to form attachments and subtlely gave her the brush-off.

Cameron was not easily deterred, however, and later cornered him in computer class where she attempted to acquire a study date with him but John, although tempted, once again reluctantly declined. The next day, he decided to tell her the truth about his father (whom he’d lied about the previous day), and Cameron promised to keep his secret. It is likely that they would've grown closer after this, but the arrival of Cromartie forced Cameron to reveal her true nature as a machine.

With her cover effectively blown, Cameron no longer saw the need to project a human facade around John and his mother, and therefore fell back onto her usual stoic persona. John was not immediately fazed by the fact that she was a machine, and was quick to establish a friendly (if unorthodox) relationship with her. During a stop at a gas station, Cameron apologized for lying to him in New Mexico, to which he forgave her; attributing it to her programming. ("Pilot")

Jameron scan

Cameron performs a biomarker scan

This dynamic more-or-less remains the same after their arrival in 2007.

After coming home and finding John flustered and unable to make eye contact with Sarah, Cameron decided to take a reading of his biomarkers by stroking the back of his neck. John, unaware of her motives for doing so, took this as a sign of affection and smiled ever-so-slightly to himself. When she was later incapacitated by a blast of electricity, John showed genuine concern for Cameron and attempted to wake her despite knowing that she has a 120 second reboot factor. He is also shocked when Sarah carelessly throws an immobile Cameron out of a window in order to avoid the hassle of carrying her. ("Gnothi Seauton")

On the morning of their first day at school, Cameron casually strode past Sarah's room in just her underwear, making John very uncomfortable in the process (something that Sarah picked up on). Cameron often embarrassed John at school due to her awkwardness and her "bodyguard" act, forcing him to teach her proper social behavior on several occasions. Their relationship took a hit the following day when Cameron prevented John from stopping Jordon Cowan, a distressed student, committing suicide by jumping off a roof. ("The Turk")

Jameron protect

John tries to save Cameron

John remained resentful towards her for some time after this incident.

While investigating a shipment of refined coltan at the L.A. harbor, John and Sarah shared a few jokes at Cameron's expense; commenting on her "density" and snidely mocking her lesser grasp of human behavior. All is forgiven, however, when Cameron saved John from Carter, a terminator assigned to stockpile the endoskeleton alloy. ("Heavy Metal")

Upon finding Jordon's memorial at school, Cameron expressed her confusion over why people write letters to the dead, arguing that Jordon will never read them. John explained to her that it was a way of expressing grief, which Cameron later used to diagnose John's behavior in regards to Jordon's death. He was surprised by her sudden grasp of such a concept, and when asked as to how she knows of grief, Cameron simply relied: "I read all the notes." When Cameron was later overpowered by a T-888, John desperately tried to save her, but was held back by the combined efforts of Sarah and Derek Reese. ("Queen's Gambit")

Before leaving after patching up an injured Derek, Charley asked John if he was harboring romantic feelings for Cameron, to which he unconvincingly denied such an attraction. ("Dungeons & Dragons")

Cameron John

Cameron protects John

"I fooled you again."
- Cameron.

John's trust in Cameron was put to the test when Derek found a T-888 CPU in her room. Derek accused Cameron of treachery, but John adamantly defended her on multiple occasions, defiantly holding to the belief that she was "different" from the other machines they'd encountered. His trust in her remained resolute, despite her admission that she frequently lies to him whenever the mission requires it. Together, they hacked into "Vick's chip", a process that Cameron oversaw to the point of refusing his simple request to perform a quick 7/11 run.

While hacking the chip, John became increasingly disturbed by the T-888's marriage to an oblivious human woman. During the playback of a memory, Cameron snuck into John's room without him noticing and sat on his bed, silently painting her fingernails. John was startled by her "sudden" appearance and was further perturbed by her comment on the Triple-8's "effective" methods of seduction. Bemused by her behavior, John asked as to why she behaved the way she does, to which Cameron replied: "Just making conversation." This did nothing to help John's understanding of her, and he couldn't help but wonder why she would feel the need to make conversation.

Cameron then informed him of Cromartie's school-by-school search, and tried to reassure him by saying that she (as Cromartie) would not return to their school again, now that he'd been thrown off of their scent. John took little comfort in this thought, however, as it served only to remind him that Cameron was ultimately the same as Cromartie. Afraid that Sarah would uproot them again, John made Cameron promise never to tell his mother of Cromartie's search. Before she could give an answer to his request, Sarah interrupted their conversation, prompting Cameron to leave; winking at John as she passed.

Cameron John2

John shows his affection

Cameron evidently kept his secret, despite the inherent security risks of her silence.

Having been struck by a sudden inspiration, John came up with a plan to disable the potentially dangerous ARTIE system by inserting Cameron's CPU into the traffic light interface. Cameron laid down on her bed and instructed John on how to remove her chip, showing a brief moment of apprehension on her part, perhaps out of fear of being left in such a vulnerable state. John was also hesitant to perform the deed, prompting Cameron to reassure him by stating that they have been in a similar situation once before ("This isn't the first time we've done this...").

John removed the chip and went with Derek to plug Cameron into the ARTIE system via a traffic light. Once the process was complete, Derek took the chip and held it threateningly. John pleaded with Derek to hand it over, afraid that he might destroy the chip at any moment, but he simply used the moment to impress upon John that one day a Terminator will kill him. John snatched the chip from his uncle, defiantly declaring; "Not this one." Back at home, John carefully reinserted the chip and smoothed down Cameron's hair, his growing affection apparent as he stroked her tenderly until she rebooted. ("Vick's Chip")

The following day, John and Cameron attended a school trip to the science museum where she observed his silence for almost half an hour. John at first discarded the notion that something was wrong, but then confided in her his belief that Sarah had forgotten his birthday again. Cameron then asked if she had a birthday, to which John jokingly decided that maybe she had a "builtday" instead. Following the debacle with Armenian gangster Sarkissian, Cameron was sent by Sarah to buy John a birthday cake, but was caught in a car bomb instead. ("What He Beheld")

Season Two

Episodes 201 - 211

Jameron I love you!

"I love you, John, and you love me!"

"Please, John. Please. I'm good now. Listen to me. I don't want to go. I'm sorry. That wasn't me. I'm fixed now. I ran a test. Everything's perfect. You can trust me... I love you! I love you, please. I love you, John, and you love me."
- Cameron.

As a result of the explosion, Cameron's chip integrity was compromised, resulting in the deactivation of her Resistance reprogramming and reverting her back to Skynet's settings. John also found himself in a dangerous predicament, as he and Sarah were captured and interrogated by Sarkissian. Once able to free himself, John strangled the mobster to death, a traumatizing event that would scar him for a long time afterward. When Cameron arrived on the scene he was initially relieved to see her functional and relatively undamaged, but his relief turned to horror when she suddenly pulled a gun on him, poised to shoot.

Following a lucky escape, Sarah voiced the fact that they would have to somehow destroy Cameron now that she's reverted. John hopelessly laid out just how dangerous Cameron was to them, hinting at the extreme level of trust that they had placed in her and angrily drove a knife through a table in recognition of Sarah's opinion. After overturning their car and chasing John into a disused warehouse, Cameron found him trying to hotwire a truck and dispassionately hurled a wrench at him before attempting to climb the hood. She was trapped by Sarah, however, and pinned between the two trucks; rendering her helpless and allowing John the opportunity to remove her chip.

Faced with no alternative, Cameron pleaded with John to spare her, claiming that she had run a test and is "fixed now". John hesitated at her words, considering the possibility that she might be telling the truth, but Sarah's presence helped clear his head. When it became apparent that he was not listening to her pleas, Cameron started to panic and began begging him for mercy, repeating her previous claims of being "perfect". John removed her shock dampener, however, and was poised to remove her chip too, but Cameron stayed his hand by screaming "I love you" repeatedly. John was visibly taken aback by her confession, but this only served to harden his resolve and he removed the chip without further ado, collapsing on the hood as emotional exhaustion took hold.

Jameron trust

John puts his trust in Cameron

With Cameron disabled, both Sarah and Derek strongly advised her destruction but John kept Cameron's chip safe with him and angrily argued against their plans. Sarah was able to convince him, however, and they took Cameron to a remote location with the intention of burning her with thermite. En route, John carefully cleaned the chip and Sarah reminded him that everything Cameron told him was a trick; that machines cannot feel love. To this, John simply replied (while continuing to clean Cameron's chip): "I know that, mom."

Her body covered in thermite, Derek asked John for the chip before setting her alight, but John approached the stripped car that served as her furnace and placed the chip in her hands. He then asked for the flare, deciding to light the fire himself as opposed to Derek doing it. But as he considered her inert body one last time, John found himself unable to go through with it and apologized to his mother before reinserting Cameron's chip. Grabbing the nearby Glock 17, John held the others at gunpoint while Cameron rebooted. He then pointed the gun at her instead and asked if she was going to kill him, to which she replied "no".

As a test of faith, John gave Cameron the gun and asked her to promise not to kill him. Cameron scanned him and her mission, "Terminate John Connor", appeared again in her HUD. After a few seconds, that command was overridden and she handed back the gun along with her promise to never harm him again. John then offered her his hand and helped Cameron out of the car, allowing her to take her place at his side once again, after which he lit the flare and set fire to the car. ("Samson & Delilah")

"She's different... I made her. I sent her back... I need her. She saved my life. SHE SAVES MY LIFE!"
- John Connor.

After her apparent "fix", John approached Cameron and inquired about her mental health. Cameron replied by telling him that "things have changed" and that by risking his life to fix her, he can no longer be trusted in her eyes. This stung John, leaving him feeling bitter towards Cameron for some time afterward. While at school, John experienced a moment of detachment from those around him and jealously observed several couples in the hallway. He then met a girl called Riley Dawson, in whom he saw a window of escape from the chaos of his life (and from Cameron). He later told Cameron that he has nothing to prove to her or anyone else, marking the start of their spiraling relationship. ("Automatic for the People")

The presence of Riley further complicated matters when John chose her company over Cameron's, going so far as to run away from her in order to be alone with his new friend. This behavior almost led to his death at the hands of Cromartie, as Cameron was unable to protect him effectively; a fact that caused Cameron visible annoyance (especially towards Riley). John was notably touchy and short-tempered towards Cameron from here on out, treating her less like a person and more like a machine. ("The Mousetrap")

John AllisonFromPalmdale1

John meets "Allison"

While driving through Van Nuys, John noticed Cameron's distracted behavior and jokingly asked if she was going to try to kill him again. Cameron rebuffed his fears, after which he sent her to shop for groceries (once again using her for a menial task), which she was less than enthusiastic about. After learning of Cameron's memory glitch, John became concerned for her and desperately searched the streets, asking people at random if they'd seen her. John eventually tracked Cameron to a halfway house where he was surprised to find her enjoying a game of foosball, an observation he appeared to find pleasing.

He bluntly tried reminding her of who and what she is, roughly grabbing her by the arm and almost dragging Cameron out of the halfway house. Cameron, in her addled state, accused him of trying to hurt her and violently shoved him aside. John was visibly hurt by her inability to remember him and grew angry over her almost killing a girl, implying that she had used her last "get out of jail free" card. ("Allison from Palmdale")

While John and Derek prepared to leave for Presidio Alto, John and Cameron shared a brief look, possibly in recognition of the fact that he no longer requires her protection. Cameron also saw fit to stay out of a fight with a T-888, allowing John and Derek to confront the machine alone, despite this decision putting John in clear danger. ("Goodbye to All That")

Cameron later became genuinely concerned for John's mental state and suspected him of harboring suicidal tendencies. When John accidentally fired a gun while "cleaning" it; Cameron started to research into teen suicides, and was seen reading a leaflet about suicide prevention. She later openly suggested that John continue to see the psychologist for help, despite Sarah's opposition. ("The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short")

John&Cameron 208

Cameron joins John in his bed

Cameron decided to try and convince John to break off his relationship with Riley by flirtatiously joining him on his bed for a talk. Despite his previous hostility towards Cameron, John tolerated her presence for some time. She mentioned her closeness to Future John, emphasizing the level of trust and confidence his future self has in her. John was very uncomfortable with the whole experience and showed signs of his hidden attraction to her, eventually asking her to leave when he could no longer tolerate it. While searching for John in the recently attacked Mexican police station, Cameron was visibly afraid for him, stating that she cannot "let anything happen to him". ("Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today")

Following the destruction of Cromartie, Cameron showed an interest in rekindling her previous friendship with John, utilizing more and more humanistic behavior reminiscent of their initial interactions in the "Pilot". While Cameron was attempting to heal the rift between them, John remained determined to maintain a measure of antagonism between them, possibly out of denial for his feelings for her. He was short-tempered and dismissive of her claims that she can enjoy physical sensations. On the flip side, however, he commended her for lacking cruelty, which he sees as an undesirable human flaw. ("Complications")

Jameron jealousy

"You were with Riley..."

Though John was noticeably more friendly towards Cameron, and even showed subtle signs of his hidden attraction; he continued to pursue his relationship with Riley and kept Cameron at arms length. Cameron hinted several times at her loneliness and appeared to be suffering her own variant of separation anxiety over John's behavior. When John returned home from a night out with Riley, Cameron found lipstick on his neck and realized what he'd been up to in her absence. Though she said nothing and didn't address the subject, Cameron was visibly irked and quite possibly upset by this development. John also appeared to be aware of her growing jealousy, as he stopped to share a long look with her before going upstairs. ("Self Made Man")

Episodes 212 - 222

John became wary of Cameron when she offered to force Riley to tell him the truth about her bruise, prompting him to warn her not to go anywhere near Riley. Afterward, he and Cameron found Riley bleeding to death on the bathroom floor, having cut her own wrists. Cameron looked on with an expression akin to satisfaction as John cradled Riley. In hospital later, while waiting for news on Riley, John asked Cameron what his future self would do in those circumstances, to which she replied that Future John would have better things to do. ("Earthlings Welcome Here" & "The Good Wound")

While attending a funeral with the intent to question the bereaved, John was notably at ease with Cameron's presence and didn't display any of the hostility he has shown her in the past, even to the point that he openly agreed with many of her theories and deductions. While talking to a girl called Zoe, he looked across the way and saw Cameron watching him in the same manner as she did whilst spying on him and Riley once before, suggesting her possible jealousy towards his interactions with Zoe. ("Desert Cantos")

217 Hand Fix

John works on Cameron's arm

"Why would I want to kill you?"
- John Connor.

Following a glitch in her left hand, causing her to accidentally kill a bird, Cameron went to the garage where she examined her hand and tried to fix the apparent damage. She was later joined by John, who identified the damage and suggested a means of repairing it with a spare part. Cameron then saw fit to share with him her secret stash of endoskeleton parts she'd salvaged. John was angry with her at first, for she had been ordered to burn every component they collected, but she told him that Future John had ordered her to save pieces.

John showed his resentment for his older self but agreed to help her fix the damage regardless. While testing her fingers, John told Cameron to clench her hand into a fist, resulting in them holding hands for a brief moment, during which Cameron stared at John curiously. With her hand seemingly fixed, Cameron smiled very faintly and told John that he was "ahead of schedule" with what he needed to learn. She later visited him in his room and offered to make him a sandwich, but John realized that her earlier request for help was unnecessary as she was perfectly capable of fixing herself. Suspecting her of manipulating him again, John decided to attend to his own food without her help.

Jameron locket

Cameron entrusts her life to John

After arriving in time to stop Cameron from trying to kill Riley in the garage, John angrily demanded to know what she was going to do, but Cameron insisted she didn't know. John found this hard to believe, as Cameron had never been of two minds when it came to a decision before. He asked her what was wrong with her, but once again, a jealous and confused Cameron told him that she didn't know. Cameron later gave him a gift, an empty pocket watch on a chain, which amused him at first until he discovered it to be a kill switch for a small explosive she'd somehow placed in her CPU port.

Being unable to perform self-termination, Cameron put the detonator around John's neck, quite literally placing her life in his hands. John was visibly surprised and upset by this, expressing his reluctance to kill her, but he hid the detonator beneath his shirt upon her insistence that she may become a threat one day and that he should have a means of disabling her should that happen. ("Ourselves Alone")

"John... I love you."
- Cameron (impersonating Riley).

With the revelation of Riley's murder, John's trust in Cameron's word was tested once again as Sarah was adamant that she was to blame. After a testing conversation with Cameron, he remained trustful of her word and defended her from Sarah's accusations. When Sarah listed the lies Cameron had told them, she also questioned Cameron's declaration of love to John. This caused him notable distress which left him speechless for a long moment before he regained his composure and angrily shouted at his mother, telling her she knew nothing.

He and Cameron later visited Riley's foster dad with the plan to stage a call from Riley (Cameron) to the foster dad. During the call, however, Cameron deviated from the plan by asking to speak to John. He tried to hint for her to hang up, but Cameron kept him on the line long enough to tell him (in Riley's voice) that she loved him. John's reaction to this is mixed, as he initially seems pleased by her words, but upon meeting her outside he had become angry with her and demanded she explain herself.

Cameron simply told him she was making the ploy more authentic, prompting John to leave her in the street. After examining Riley's body and questioning Derek, John returned home and apologized to Cameron for ever doubting her. When asked by Jesse if her plan would've worked (resulting in him sending Cameron away or killing her), John replied with a definite "no" and placed the killswitch in his pocket as opposed to around his neck. At home, he sat between her and Sarah, and looked to Cameron for comfort, but she did not notice his attention. As a result, John broke into tears and turned to his mother for comfort with Cameron looking on. ("Today Is The Day, Part 1" & "Today Is The Day, Part 2")

When they found Derek's body in the Weaver residence after having been killed by a Terminator, Cameron watched John expectantly as he stared in horror at his uncle's demise, but did not offer her condolences until later wherein she expressed Future John's familiarity with loss. Whilst hiding in a clothing store warehouse with a sleeping Savannah Weaver, John apologized to Cameron for his mother's actions regarding the lighthouse incident and assured her that it was not his idea to trick Cameron. She accepted his apology, reasoning that Sarah had sufficient motivations for doing so and then informed him of Sarah's possible cancer situation, much to John's confusion. Cameron also attempted to hold John back from lunging at Ellison when John assumed that he was the one who notified the cops that led to his mother's arrest. ("Adam Raised a Cain")

"So down deep, you wanna kill me."
- John Connor.
Jameron together

"I need to show you something."

Jameron topless

Cameron removes her top and instructs John to check her power cell beneath the flesh, much to his surprise.

Whilst hiding in a motel room, an anxious John demanded they find a way to break Sarah out of jail, but Cameron refused to put him in unnecessary danger. Worried about her comments earlier, John asked if Cameron’s power cell was capable of inducing radiation poisoning to those around her, though Cameron insisted her cell was fully contained. John pointed out that she is not perfect, that her glitches make her flawed. The following evening, Cameron caught James Ellison outside the motel and interrogated him inside. Ellison delivered a message to her from Catherine Weaver (“Will you join us?”) which disturbed Cameron, prompting her to kick him out of the room. John picked up on this, but when asked if she was upset, Cameron simply replied that she cannot feel upset. In the morning, John awoke to find Cameron watching over him while he slept. She then explained to him that she was built solely to terminate human life, and confessed that, because of her nature, she still wants to kill him.

John asked her why she hadn’t killed him yet, to which she replied that one day she might. Cameron then told him she wanted to show him something, and removed her top, followed by her brassiere. John watched awkwardly as she lay topless on the bed and gave him a knife, instructing him to cut into her chest and examine the state of her power cell. (This moment, however, would likely be less significant than would be, because in the pilot episode John would most likely have seen Cameron totally naked when they travelled via the time displacement sphere.) John hesitated, but agreed to perform the check, and cut into her flesh as instructed. Cameron was visibly uncomfortable by his intrusion, but also displayed possible pleasure when he touched her power cell. Once they ensured that her power cell was safe, they remained close together on the bed for some time. John hovered very close to her lips, possibly fighting the urge to kiss her, and Cameron herself seemed somewhat lost in the moment. After freeing Sarah from jail, during which she was heavily damaged and her left eye exposed, John expressed concern for her well being when she said she was no longer operating at 100%. When John later found her deactivated body in John Henry's basement at ZeiraCorp, he was distressed to find her chip missing. On a computer screen he saw her message to him: I'M SORRY JOHN – I'M SORRY JOHN – I'M SORRY JOHN repeated over and over in a never-ending loop.

When Weaver activated the basement's TDE device to follow John Henry to the future, John decided to go along to save Cameron, and when his mother stepped out of the sphere, he refused to follow suit, stating quite hysterically; "He’s got her chip. he's got her!, indicating a very strong bond between the two, as John is very upset when Cameron is gone from him. " After arriving in the future and being found by his uncle and father, John spotted Cameron's template, Allison Young, and smiled with joy at first before realizing she was not his Cameron. ("Born to Run")


  • Cameron seems to be closer to John in 2027 than anyone else, as she is one of the few to have regular contact with him. Jesse comments that Future John refuses to talk with anyone other than Cameron, and that he has cut himself off from all those around him. Rumors also tell that Cameron is influencing John's military decisions, resulting in highly dangerous tactics and the deaths of many soldiers. Although it is unclear if how much of this is actually true and to what degree.
  • Given that Allison Young, Cameron's human template, was close to John in the future, it is unclear how he views her replacement. (Josh Friedman said in the commentary of Allison From Palmdale that Future John never knew Allison Young.)
  • Cameron often senses when John is looking at her when her back is turned, and she herself gazes at him in a similar manner.
  • John's feelings for Cameron are mixed, and whether or not he feels genuine love for her remains to be seen. Regardless, he is shown to possess a strong affection towards her and is visibly traumatized when she blatantly calls him on his feelings for her.
  • Like most friendships/relationships, John and Cameron's is based upon a solid foundation of trust. But given what she is, and the destiny that awaits him, John's trust in Cameron is all the more powerful. However, this trust was damaged when Cameron turned on him and betrayed his faith in her.


Cameron: (Cameron corners John after class) John? I haven't seen you around here before. Did you just move here?
John: Yeah, I did.
Cameron: (laughs) Sucks for you. My dad sells tractors. What about yours?
John: Insurance.
Cameron: Really? What kind?
John: The boring kind.
Cameron: (laughs again) Those are the kind of tractors my dad sells. What about your mom? My mom stays home.
John: You know, I really gotta get to the next class, so...
Cameron: So... maybe I'll see you later?
John: Sure, yeah.
Cameron: Okay, well, bye.

Cameron: (Cameron surprises John in computer class.) You're full of secrets. You didn't tell me you were in this class. You any good with them?
John: I'm okay, I guess.
Cameron: They scare the heck out of me if you want to know the truth... do you want to get together after school sometime? Maybe help me with this computer stuff?
John: I really can't, I'm sorry.
Cameron: (disappointingly) Oh.
John: No, I'd really like to, it's just, I usually have to help my Mom...
Cameron: (smiles) It's okay.

John: (John presents Cameron with a bag of chips) Chip?
Cameron: (Cameron ignores him and removes the gas pump from the truck) Back at school, you apologized for lying to me. So I should apologize for lying to you.
John: It's all right. I get it. You needed to get close to me. It's just the way you're... programmed. Like some hot girl is really gonna try and make friends with the new weird kid. If I'd have thought about it, I would've known something was messed up, you know?
Cameron: In the future, you have many friends.
John: What model are you? Are you new? You seem... different.
Cameron: (takes a chip and eats it) I am.

(John and Cameron visit Jordon Cowan's memorial)
Cameron: What are they doing?
John: They're writing notes. For Jordan.
Cameron: She's dead.
John: Yeah, I remember watching her fall.
Cameron: Me too. How will she get the notes?
John: She won't.
Cameron: But you said...
John: Sometimes things happen and they're so bad, that people just don't know how to deal with their sadness. So they write it in a note.
Cameron: But I thought people cried when they were sad.
John: Sometimes it's not enough.
("Queen's Gambit")

(John and Cameron sit down for lunch)
Cameron: What are you doing?
John: (opens a book) Math.
Cameron: I already did your homework.
John: Yeah, I know, but I still have to take the test. I need to know this stuff.
Cameron: Then why did you ask me to do it?
John: Because maybe it's kinda hard to concentrate on geometry when people keep dying around you... You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?
Cameron: You're grieving.
John: (surprised) Grieving? How do you know what grieving is?
Cameron: I read all the notes.
("Queen's Gambit")

Sarah: (Sarah and Derek rush to the Jeep as John appears) Let's go.
John: Where's Cameron?
Derek: Leave her, let's go.
(Cameron is hurled out of the truck and repeatedly beaten by a T-888)
Sarah: Let's go.
(John tries to help Cameron)
Sarah: (struggles to hold John back) Stay back!
("Queen's Gambit")

(Derek finds a T-888 chip in Cameron's room)
John: What are you saying?
Derek: What I'm saying is what I've been saying, John. She can't be trusted. No matter how she acts on the outside, we have no idea what's going on in there.
John: Well, I could say that about you.
("Vick's Chip")

John: So how often do you lie?
Cameron: When the mission requires it.
John: Do you lie to me?
Cameron: Sometimes.
John: About important things?
Cameron: Yes. Important things.
("Vick's Chip")

John: She didn't do it. She didn't give up the safe house. She's not like that other one.
Sarah: I hope not... Have fun at school. It's pizza day... I read the newsletter.
(Sarah leaves)
Cameron: Isn't pizza day tomorrow?
John: (smirks) Yeah.
("Vick's Chip")

John: (John finishes watching one of Vick's memories and is startled to notice Cameron) You scared the hell outta me. How long you been sitting there?
Cameron: A little while... That was effective. What he did, when he touched her lips.
John: Effective?
Cameron: I could see that she liked that.
John: What are you doing? (Cameron shows him her nails) No. When you say things like that, what are you doing?
Cameron: Just making conversation.
John: Since when do you just make conversation?
Cameron: I don't know. It just seems like something I should do.
John: Well, was having Morris impersonate me with that cop also something you thought you should do, no matter what happened to him?
Cameron: Yes. But it wasn't a cop. It was Cromartie.
John: What? W-What?
Cameron: He's going school to school looking for you. Trying to match your face. (John covers his face.) He's moved on though. He won't go back there. I wouldn't.
John: (laughs bitterly) The only way that I'm reassured by that is if I remember that in the core of your chip you're just like him... Oh, god. She'll move us so fast. You cannot tell her, okay? Promise me.
(Sarah arrives)
Sarah: Hey. Do I smell nail polish? (Cameron shows off her nails) What are you guys talking about?
Cameron: Just making conversation.
(Cameron gets up and winks at John as she leaves)
("Vick's Chip")

(Derek removes Cameron's chip from the traffic light)
John: Hey, hey, what are you doing? (realizes his intentions) Derek, don't.
Derek: I want you to hear this in no uncertain terms. Someday one of these things is gonna kill you.
John: (snatches the chip from Derek's hand) It's not gonna be this one.
("Vick's Chip")

(John and Cameron are at a science museum)
Cameron: You haven't spoken for 28 minutes.
John: Well, it's nothing... All right. My birthday's tomorrow. Okay? I know that mom totally forgot.
Cameron: Birthday?
John: Yeah, you don't know what a birthday is?
Cameron: It's the day you were born.
John: Pretty memorable for a mother, right?
Cameron: But it was 16 years ago.
John: No, a birthday's like a holiday. Like once a year, every year, people just kind of... celebrate you, I guess. And you get presents and you eat cake and... it's fun. It's supposed to be. Last year, mom got me a flak jacket.
Cameron: That's a tight present.
John: No. It's not. Whatever... look, I don't know why I care. I've been driving since I was 12, and, technically, this is my 24th birthday. It's just I... time traveled over eight of them.
Cameron: Do I have a birthday?
John: (smiles) I don't know. Were you born?
Cameron: I was built.
John: Well, then, maybe you have like a built day.
("What He Beheld")

(John and Sarah discuss Cameron's reversion)
John: She knows everything.
Sarah: I know.
John: Bank accounts. Contingency plans. Weapons stash.
Sarah: I know.
John: How we run, where we'll go. Who we've been, who we'll be. She's... stronger and faster.
Sarah: We have to kill her, John.
John: I know! (drives a knife into the table) I know.
("Samson & Delilah")

(John tries to remove Cameron's chip)
Cameron: John. John? You can't do this. You don't know what you're about to do.
John: Yes, I do. You were gonna kill me.
Cameron: No, John. You can't do this. You're not doing the right thing. This is not the right thing, John. Things are good now. Things are fine now. I ran a test. (John pauses) Things are good now. I'm fixed now. You can trust me now. Everything's good now.
Sarah: What are you waiting for!?
Cameron: She doesn't know, she doesn't. I'm good now. I'm good, I ran a test. Everything's perfect. I'm perfect.
Sarah: John!
Cameron: I'm sorry for what I did. I'm sorry. It wasn't me. You have to understand. It wasn't me. That wasn't me. You can't let this happen, John. You can't! (John pops open her shock dampener) Please, listen to me. Listen to me. I don't want to go. Please, John, please. John, listen to me. I don't want to go. Please, John. Please. I'm good now. Listen to me. I don't want to go. I'm sorry. (starts to cry) That wasn't me. I'm fixed now. I ran a test. Everything's perfect. You can trust me.
(John hesitates)
Sarah: John Connor!
Cameron: I love you! I love you, please. I love you, John, and you love me.
(John is shocked by her confession and angrily removes her chip before collapsing from exhaustion)
("Samson & Delilah")

John: She is different.
Derek: No.
John: I made her. I sent her back. She's different.
Derek: She's not different.
John: There's physical damage to her chip. Which means that she can be repaired, she-
Derek: John.
John: I need her. She saved my life. SHE SAVES MY LIFE!
(Derek leaves and Sarah takes his place)
Sarah: I know what you saw today. I know what you did, and I'm... so proud of you. Maybe you could fix her. I know you want to try. But I can't let you. I just- I can't.
John: (coldly) So burn her. Let's get the hell out of here.
("Samson & Delilah")

Sarah: What she said back there... Everything she said, it was a trick. You know that, right? They don't feel anything. They don't have feelings. They don't know love.
John: I know that, mom.
("Samson & Delilah")

(The Connors prepare to burn Cameron)
Charley Dixon: You know, I saw her do this with the last one.
Derek: The only way to be sure. Especially this one. John, the chip.
(John approaches the car and places the chip in Cameron's hand)
John: The flare. Where is it?
Charley Dixon: Sarah?
Sarah: Yeah.
(Charley hands John the flare)
John: (looks carefully at Cameron) I'm sorry.
(John reinserts Cameron's chip and pulls a gun on the others)
Derek: John- John! Don't do this. John, don't do this!
(Sarah pushes Derek away)
Sarah: Back off! John, she'll kill you.
John: There's only one way to find out.
(Cameron reactivates and sits up)
Cameron: Are you here to kill me, John?
John: (points the gun at her) Are you here to kill me?
Cameron: (cautiously) No.
(John offers the gun to Cameron)
John: Promise?
(Cameron takes the gun and considers John closely)
Cameron: (HUD: Identification: John Connor. Terminate... Termination Override) Promise.
(Cameron gives back the gun and John helps her out of the car before setting it alight)
("Samson & Delilah")

(John checks Cameron's injuries)
John: It's healing quickly.
Cameron: Quicker than yours.
John: What about the rest of you? You're back to normal?
Cameron: Things have changed, John.
John: What things?
Cameron: You can't be trusted anymore.
John: Me? I can't be trusted anymore?
Cameron: You risked your life to fix me. That was a very dangerous thing to do. That could upset people.
John: (looks pointedly at Sarah and Derek) They'll have to deal with it.
Cameron: Not them.
("Automatic for the People")

Cameron: You have a new friend.
John: Her name is Riley. And you probably creeped her out. When you talk to people, don't stand so close.
Cameron: I was assessing her threat level.
John: Well? Am I safe?
Cameron: I don't know. Girls are complicated.
John: About what you said before, about not being able to trust me.
Cameron: Yes?
John: I don't have to prove anything to anyone. Anyone. Including you.
("Automatic for the People")

(John confronts an amnesic Cameron in a halfway house)
John: (annoyed) Hey. What the hell are you doing?
Cameron: (laughs) Playing Foosball.
John: We've gotta go.
Cameron: Go where?
John: Home.
Cameron: Home? Who are you?
John: Cameron...
Cameron: My name's Allison.
John: No, it's not. It's Cameron. I can't explain this to you right now. We have to go before mom gets home.
Cameron: (confused) You're freaking me out.
John: I'm freaking you out? You really not know who you are?
Cameron: I'm Allison. From Palmdale.
John: (frustrated) You're not Allison. You're not from Palmdale. You're from the future. You're a machine.
Cameron: A what?
John: Your chip is messed up again, but I can fix you. I fixed you once, remember?
Cameron: (angry) Fix me? Why would you fix me?
("Allison from Palmdale")

(Cameron removes her jacket and enters John's room)
Cameron: Are you busy?
John: No. (Cameron closes the door and approaches the bed) Did you change?
Cameron: It's hot out.
(Cameron sits on the bed)
John: Since when do you feel heat?
Cameron: I feel heat.
(Cameron lies down next to John)
John: Are you hoping that Riley's gonna see us in bed together, and be totally scarred for the rest of her life or something?
Cameron: (smirks) No. I watched Riley leave till I couldn't see her anymore.
John: And then you and mom high-fived.
Cameron: You bring danger into Riley's life.
John: I know that. I'm not stupid.
Cameron: But sometimes you do stupid things. It would help me to understand why.
John: Humans do stupid things. So don't worry about it, and be happy you're a machine.
Cameron: I'm a machine. I can't be happy. But I understand more than you think.
John: So you understand that I'm going to keep seeing Riley, even if everyone thinks it's a bad idea.
Cameron: I understand that it's a bad idea. And... I understand that being John Connor can be lonely.
John: Oh, yeah? How do you understand that?
Cameron: You and I talk about it a lot.
John: We do?
Cameron: We do. We will.
(John becomes conscious of just how close she is and shuffles uncomfortably)
John: I need- I need to get some sleep.
(Cameron sits up)
Cameron: And Riley?
John: I know. I know.
(Cameron leaves and recovers her shirt)
("Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today")

(Cameron searches a Mexican police station for John)
Cameron: I'm looking for John Baum. Where is he?
Policeman (Chief): Yo no se.
Derek: We gotta get out of here.
Cameron: We gotta find John.
(Cameron checks a dead cop)
Derek: We're no good to him dead.
Cameron: I can't let anything happen to him.
("Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today")

(Cameron extends a bare foot out of the car window)
John: What are you doing?
Cameron: Feeling what it's like to get away from it all.
John: I don't think you are.
Cameron: What do you mean?
John: If by feelings you mean emotions, I'm pretty sure you still don't have any of those. And if by feeling you mean what it feels like to have the wind blow through your toes or your hair... (sighs) I'm pretty sure you can't feel that either.
Cameron: I don't think you understand how we work. I have sensation. I feel. I wouldn't be worth much if I couldn't feel.

(John and Cameron are waiting outside James Ellison's house)
Cameron: There are many things I don't understand.
John: (sighs) Like what?
Cameron: The tortoise.
John: (frowns) What tortoise?
Cameron: It was on its back by the side of the road in Mexico. Your mother turned it over.
John: (nods) She was helping it.
Cameron: I know. But why?
John: (shrugs) 'cause that's what we do. When we, uh... When we see something that's, uh, in pain, or in trouble, or whatever, we try and help it.
Cameron: Empathy.
John: Something like that.
Cameron: But not everyone would turn the tortoise over.
John: No. Some would just leave it there.
Cameron: Some would probably drive over it and crush it.
John: Yeah, I guess they would. Is that what you'd do?
(Cameron sees Ellison arrive at his house)
Cameron: It didn't seem like much of a threat. We're not built to be cruel.
John: (smiles faintly) Yeah, that's one for cyborgs.
Cameron: (smiles appreciatively) Yes. That's one for us.

(Cameron walks in on John and Sarah)
Sarah: Here, you never sleep. (hands Cameron the laundry basket) Make yourself useful.
John: (smirks) The most advanced killing machine ever created and you got her doing the laundry.
(Sarah takes the basket from Cameron and dumps it on John before going to bed)
John: (gives the basket back to Cameron) You do never sleep (smirks).
(Cameron looks down at the laundry with lacking enthusiasm as John leaves her in the dark)
("Self Made Man")

(Cameron catches John sneaking into the house)
Cameron: Where were you all night?
John: Out.
(Cameron touches the lipstick on John's neck)
Cameron: Carbon chain C-24, lanolin, and red dye number 27. You were with Riley.
(John stares at Cameron for a long moment and then walks up to his room)
("Self Made Man")

John: You know me in the future. What would 'Future Me' do?
Cameron: You mean about Riley?
John: Yeah, what would 'Future Me' do right now?
Cameron: 'Future You' has more important things to do.
("The Good Wound")

(John finds Cameron working on her arm in the garage)
Cameron: I killed a bird.
John: Not the one in the chimney?
Cameron: I thought you should know.
(Cameron tinkers with her arm)
John: The bird did that?
Cameron: No, I did that. Look... (John leans over her arm) The bird experienced an involuntary movement of my fingers. It was fragile.
John: Wiggle your fingers. (Cameron complies) Yeah, there's damage but it's buried pretty deep in there.
Cameron: I don't know how it happened.
John: Well, it was probably during a fight. You're not designed to fight other machines. (Picks up a torch and examines the damage) Alright, maybe I can swap this out if we had some spare parts lying around. (Cameron shows him her secret stash) You're supposed to burn the endos.
Cameron: Not all of them.
John: Says who?
Cameron: You.
John: Wha-What? Future Me?
Cameron: Future You.
John: Yeah, why doesn't that surprise me?
Cameron: I have damage to my hand and now you're able to fix it. (John sorts through the spare parts) Future John has better information than you do.
("Ourselves Alone")

(John fixes the new part into Cameron's arm)
John: Okay, clench your fist. (Cameron closes her hand over his and stares at him) And... Okay, fingers straight. (Cameron unclenches her hand) Okay. You feel any different?
Cameron: Yes.
John: Are you all fixed?
Cameron: I don't know.
John: Well, just try not to kill any more birds.
Cameron: You're ahead of schedule.
John: With what?
Cameron: (smiles slightly) What you need to learn.
("Ourselves Alone")

(Cameron and John finish discussing Derek's assignment)
Cameron: I'll make you a sandwich.
(Cameron turns to leave)
John: Wait. Why?
Cameron: You're hungry.
John: Why don't we let hungry be my problem.
Cameron: Sometimes it's nice to have help.
John: How's the hand?
Cameron: Not a problem.
John: Aren't you supposed to be really good at self-repair?
Cameron: Yes.
John: But sometimes it's nice to have help.
Cameron: Yes.
John: Well, I'll make my own sandwich.
(John leaves Cameron alone)
("Ourselves Alone")

(Cameron walks into the kitchen)
John: Cameron? Do you think it's possible for me to know something Future John doesn't know?
Cameron: That's hard to know. Seems unlikely.
John: Do you think it's possible for me to know something you don't know?
Cameron: Are you asking me if Future John kept secrets from me? (John nods) I'm sure he did.
("Ourselves Alone")

(John confronts Cameron after finding her intimidating Riley)
John: Were you gonna kill her?
Cameron: I don't know what I was gonna do.
John: What do you mean you didn't know what you were gonna do? Since when do you not know what you're gonna do?
Cameron: I don't know. You should've killed her. She's a threat to you.
John: That is not your decision to make.
Cameron: It's usually not a decision.
John: Well, obviously it is this time. And it's not yours... What's happening with you?
Cameron: I don't know.
("Ourselves Alone")

(John finds Cameron working on something in the garage)
John: I can't find her.
Cameron: She's out there, she'll call you. Eventually, she always does.
John: Cameron, did you...
Cameron: You know I didn't.
(John approaches Cameron)
John: What have you been doing? You've been out here for hours.
Cameron: Making something... (holds out the pocket watch) for you.
John: (takes the watch) What is it?
Cameron: You tried to fix me. Twice now. It's not working.
John: And?
Cameron: I'm not capable of self-termination.
John: Suicide.
Cameron: I can't kill myself. But you can.
John: Why would I wanna kill you?
Cameron: You might have to someday. (John opens the watch) I've planted an explosive in my skull near my chip. It's a small amount, but it's enough.
John: (closes the watch) Enough?
(Cameron puts the watch around John's neck)
Cameron: All you have to do is hit the switch.
John: What would Future John do now?
Cameron: Future John doesn't live here. You do.
(John hides the watch beneath his shirt and Cameron smiles reassuringly)
("Ourselves Alone")

(Cameron finds John examining the kill switch)
John: Was it you? Did you kill her?
Cameron: What if I did?
John: Don't play games with me. I need the truth.
Cameron: I didn't kill her.
John: I wanna believe you.
Cameron: Believe me.
John: Sometimes you lie to me.
Cameron: Yes... I do, but not right now. I am sorry.
(John turns to face her)
John: You're sorry... For what?
Cameron: For your loss.
John: I really wish I could believe that too.
(John leaves)
("Today Is The Day, Part 1")

(John is on the phone to Cameron pretending to be talking to Riley)
Cameron: John?
John: Yep?
Cameron: I love you.
John: [tries not to smile] Okay, bye. [hangs up]
(Later... John and Cameron meet outside)
John: What the hell was that about?
Cameron: What was what about?
John: What happened just now.
Cameron: It was the plan.
John: No, the plan was to call the foster parents. The plan was to let him hear her voice.
Cameron: That's what I did.
John: That's not all you did. What you did was not the plan.
Cameron: The plan was to make him think she's still alive, so he wouldn't go to the police. You became part of that plan. Your reaction made it more authentic. Don't you think it was more authentic that way? [John just glares at her] Where are we going now?
John: We're not going anywhere. I'm going somewhere, and I'm gonna go alone.
(John starts to leave)
Cameron: You shouldn't be alone.
John: Yes I should.
(John walks away)
("Today Is The Day, Part 1")

John: I'm sorry I doubted you.
Sarah: John...
John: No, not you. Her.
(John nods to Cameron)
("Today Is The Day, Part 2")

(Jesse asks a question before she leaves)
Jesse: Would it have worked?
John: What?
Jesse: If the cyborg had killed the girl, or if I could've made you believe that she had...
John: ...would I have sent Cameron away? Would I have killed her? No.
Jesse: Well, it's a damn shame then. It's a damn waste.
("Today Is The Day, Part 2")

John: I wanna tell you something.
Cameron: Yes?
John: It was not my idea to ditch you and Derek. I thought we were going to meet you in the desert, and then my mom took this detour off to Charley's. I thought you knew.
Cameron: She had her reasons.
John: Yeah, she was pretty damn pissed at Derek about the whole Jesse thing. Who wasn't? I guess none of that matters now.
Cameron: You miss him.
John: Well... there's no use crying about it, is there? I'm sure Future Me would beat my ass if I did.
Cameron: Future You knows what it means to lose people you love. It happens to him, too... Your mother ditched us because she was going to ditch you. She was going to leave you with Charley.
John: No. No, that's... that's insane.
Cameron: She found a lump in her breast.
John: Yeah, the transmitter, I know.
Cameron: She thought it was cancer.
John: Well, she had a lump. Makes sense.
Cameron: She's lost weight.
John: What?
(Sarah interrupts)
("Adam Raised a Cain")

(John and Cameron discuss her power cell)
Cameron: If my power source was leaking I would know. I have sensors for that.
John: Where are they?
Cameron: You can't see them.
John: [laughs] No, of course not. So I just have to trust you on it. But stuff does go wrong with you though, doesn't it. Stuff breaks. You kill birds. You twitch... You try to murder me... You're not perfect. You're a machine.
("Born to Run")

(Cameron forces Ellison to leave the motel)
Cameron: He upset you.
John: Me? I think he upset you.
Cameron: You know that's impossible.
John: Is it?
Cameron: You said it yourself, John. I'm just a machine.
("Born to Run")

(John wakes up to find Cameron watching him)
John: [startled] Don't do that. My mom used to do that, I really hate that. [Cameron just stares at him] What's going on?
Cameron: You need to understand how it works.
John: What?
Cameron: This chip. This body. This software is designed to terminate humans. The hardware is designed to terminate humans. That's our sole function.
John: Not you.
Cameron: No, not anymore. But what was there is still there. And will always be there.
John: So down deep, you wanna kill me.
Cameron: Yes, I do.
John: Then why don't you?
Cameron: I might some day... I need to show you something. [Cameron removes her top] This body. [She unclips her bra and lies topless on the bed] Get on top of me. [John moves over her] Put your knee here. [Cameron gives John a knife and points to her right breast] Right here. [John hesitates] If I'm damaged, we should know. [John cuts into her and she grimaces] Reach down under the breast plate. [John locates her power source] There. What does it feel like?
John: Cold. That's good, right?
Cameron: That's good. That's perfect. [John starts to lean closer] John... [He pauses] It's time to go.
("Born to Run")

(Weaver activates the TDE device around herself, John, Sarah, and Cameron's body)
Sarah: [starts backing away] John, we can't.
John: [distraught] He's got her chip. [Sarah backs further away] He's got her. [Sarah backs out of the time sphere] Mom...
Sarah: I'll stop it.
(The TDE takes John and Weaver to the future)
("Born to Run")

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