John Connor was the leader and founder of the Human Resistance who led the remnants of mankind in the war against the artificial intelligence Skynet and its machines to try and win the War against the Machines.


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John Connor survived the nuclear holocoaust — Judgement Day, which occurred on August 29th 1997 when the artificial intelligence Skynet became self-aware and viewed mankind as a threat to its existence.

John used the knowledge he learned from his mother, Sarah Connor, to lead the Resistance to win the War against the Machines.

At a certain point, John found Kyle Reese in the sewers of Los Angeles and saved him from an Infiltrator. John passed onto Kyle the same combat skills taught to him by his mother.

Kyle later joined the Resistance and John befriended him. He gave his mother's photo to Kyle. They also tried to make distilled beverage but ended up blowing things up.

Before Operation Chrono, John Connor asked Kyle to join his forces to take down a prison camp which was more crucial than the other complex in Colorado as this camp contained the final weapon Skynet would use to ensure its own survival in case it lost the war. John told Kyle that if he had a choice, he would rather not ask him to join his team for the mission.

Connor and Reese led a massive all out assault on the Skynet work camp/TDF complex. The two were nearly killed when a Spider Tank blocked their path and was about to open fire on them before the Colorado Unit radioed in to report the destruction of Skynets central core.

With Skynet destroyed, the Resistance learned of Skynet's plan of Sarah Connor's assassination. Many soldiers volunteered for the mission, John chose Kyle to be sent back to year 1984 to protect Sarah Connor And ensure his survival. Before the departure, Kyle asked John how he could know so much about everything. John replied that it is because he "cheated" and he gave Kyle a message to tell Sarah. However, when seeing Kyle off, John was assaulted by Skynet from behind, who infiltrated under the guise of Tech-Com soldier Alex earlier, and was forcibly transformed into a T-3000.

Now with his new allegiance to Skynet, John traveled back to 2014 to aid Cyberdyne Systems staff Daniel Dyson with the Genisys Program to ensure the creation of Skynet, by providing the critical programming codes needed for the Genisys OS; in time, and also used his position as the architect of Cyberdyne Systems new rese campus to secure Cyberdyne's funding for research into Time Displacement Equipment and mimetic polyalloy, which both by 2017 reached prototype stage, in turn hastened the R&D of Skynet's technologies.

In 2017, he rescued Kyle and Sarah from the police before his now-hybrid nature is exposed by the Guardian. John understood that Guardians presence is what altered the timeline and wondered who sent him back in time. When both Kyle and Sarah refused his offer to join the Machine's side, John relentlessly pursued them and sped up the activation of Genisys.

John first tracked the trio down in Guardian's hideout as it was the place John's mother always told him. A pursuit happened after, which ended up with the trio being arrest and taken to the police station. There, John impersonated Detective Cheung and infiltrated the building. The Guardian sensed the presence of John and saved Detective O'Brien before John killed him.

After a pursuit in helicopter, he engaged in a brutal clash with the Guardian in Cyberdyne System Headquarter — in which John primarily maintains the upper hand. However, with the help of Sarah and Kyle, the Guardian took John into the electromagnetic field of the prototype time machine. As a result of the inorganic material since his outer sheath was destroyed a while earlier, John was destroyed when the energy field collapsed, but not before he knocks the Guardian into a vat of liquid polymimetic alloy during the struggle. The Guardian, restored and upgraded by the polymimetic alloy, later told Sarah and Reese that John's constituent parts could not have survived the destruction of Cyberdyne and he has been terminated. Terminator Genisys



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  • The concept John Connor as a machine was once dwelt upon in earlier screenplays made for Terminator: Salvation in which John Connor would die while Marcus Wright assumes John's identity, but the idea was scrapped when the script leaked online, hence it was changed that Marcus Wright sacrificed himself in order to save John Connor. The idea was reused for the film Terminator Genisys.
  • The character concept is inspired by the Superman comic series Red Son.[1]
  • In his last moment, John's eye briefly become human eye instead of the machine one before the explosion. It is unknown if this means he briefly regain his human conscious or purely dramatic presentation.

References Edit

  1. The big twist in 'Terminator Genisys' was inspired by one of the most iconic Superman comics Interview with Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier from Business Insider. Patrick Lussier: "He’s [John] still a messiah — He’s just a messiah for someone else," Lussier told Business Insider. Laeta Kalogridis: "That’s the thing that’s interesting about John, the gifts that he has are the gifts of the savior ... There’s a really great comic called Red Son, about Superman working for the Russians." When asking Kalogridis if "Red Son" served as inspiration for Connor's character she told us "absolutely."

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