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Janelle Voight was the wife of Todd Voight and the foster mother of John Connor. Like Todd, she was appointed to take care of John Connor while his mother, Sarah, was in prison.


On the day when the two Terminators arrived, she called out for John, but, as many times before, John decided not to answer her calls since he got sick of her and therefore didn't answer. So she asked Todd Voight to do the calling himself, but John and his friend, Tim, escaped the house via a dirt bike to the video arcade in a shopping mall galleria.

Later, the T-800 came to visit the Voights to ask about the whereabouts of John. The T-1000, impersonating as a police officer, came to visit the couple as well and Janelle gave it a photo of John.

At a certain point before the evening, Janelle was murdered by the T-1000, who then impersonated her in a ploy to lure John back to the house. When John called them to warn them about the T-1000, he noticed a change in her behavior from the tone of her voice and became suspicious. His suspicions were heightened when Todd expressed annoyance of the dog, Max, barking in the background. The T-800 assigned to protect John took over the conversation, using John's voice and asking a trick question regarding the dog by intentionally calling him "Wolfie" to see if it is the real Janelle. When the T-1000 took the bait assuring that "Wolfie" was just fine before asking where John was, the T-800 immediately hangs up to inform John that his foster parents are dead. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Janelle Voight was portrayed by Jenette Goldstein in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • In the script, after killing the dog Max, the T-1000 walks back inside the house to John's room. He passes a bathroom where the real Janelle's legs can be seen through the half-open door. The T-1000 may have killed her while she was taking a shower (or about to get in the shower). Todd may have just came home from work, explaining why he did not notice anything strange.


  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Frakes novel)
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