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This page is about the Terminator replacement. For the original human, see James Ellison.

"James Ellison" was a Terminator sent from the future to replace and kill James Ellison. [1]


Remorseless and direct, the Terminator demonstrated no human mannerisms during its short appearance.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season Two[]

The eyewitness account of its arrival noted that it appeared in the middle of the street via time displacement sphere and walked straight up to Peter Meyers, its first victim, in order to terminate him and take his clothes. Entering the home of former FBI Agent James Ellison, it was in the process of finalizing confirmation of its target when it was suddenly and unexpectedly attacked from behind by another Terminator, Cromartie, who stabbed the Terminator through the back with a metal pole, ripping out its power source. The real Ellison, shocked, asked Cromartie why he had saved his life. Cromartie replied that, unlike Skynet, he still believed that Ellison would lead him to the Connors. Cromartie then left, taking the deactivated body of the Ellison Terminator with him.


  • The Ellison Terminator demonstrated remarkable inefficiency in its mission. While other Terminators verified their target before doing anything that would give them away, the Ellison Terminator broke down the real Ellison's door before observing him for several seconds and asking his identity before attempting to terminate him.
    • Unlike other Terminators, he also seemed to have difficulties breaking down the door.
  • This Terminator's destruction by Cromartie is yet another example of the mysterious link between himself and Agent Ellison. This marks the second time that Cromartie has saved or spared Ellison's life.
  • It is not clear why Skynet has chosen to "replace" Ellison rather than simply terminating him. It's possible he was going to be used to get close to Catherine Weaver, suspected leader of the Cyborg Resistance.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


The Ellison Terminator: James Ellison?

— The only line of the Ellison Terminator


  1. Another witness confirms that it saw the Terminator appear in a time bubble in "Brothers of Nablus". It's most likely that the Terminator was sent from the future, as there has only been one confirmed incident where Terminators were sent from the past. (Cameron Phillips and Cromartie's head both traveled forward in time in the pilot).

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