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"'It', John. [It]."

Resistance members sometimes use the word "it" to describe a Terminator. This serves as a reminder that Terminators are not human, and should not be treated as such despite their human appearance.

Notable examples[]

  • When Sarah Connor first encounters the T-800, she asks Kyle Reese how "that man" could have gotten up after being shot by Reese several times. Kyle replies that "It's not a man, it's a machine. Terminator. Cyberdyne Systems Model 101." The Terminator
  • When Sarah tried to smash the T-800's chip, John Connor stopped her, yelling "No, don't kill him!", to which Sarah replied "It, John. It!. John fires back with "Okay it. But we need it." Terminator 2: Judgment Day[1]
  • When Derek Reese confronts John about trusting Cameron, he scoffs at John and says "What a joke. Walking around with a name like it’s a person. It’s not a person. It’s not something you should be trusting." "The Demon Hand"
  • When Derek demands to know why his girlfriend Jesse Flores is spying on him and the Connors, Derek tells her she could have told him she was sent back to find John, to which she shoots back “You could have told me you were living with him. With her. It. Metal.” "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point"
  • When Catherine Weaver tries to talk James Ellison into teaching her A.I. John Henry morals and ethics after the death of Boyd Sherman, Ellison reminds Weaver that "Dr. Sherman is gone because he — it killed him". Moments later he also reminds her that Cromartie, whose body was now being used by John Henry, killed 20 FBI agents, and that "it needs a whole lot more than just a talking to." "Earthlings Welcome Here"
  • When Blair Williams referred to Marcus Wright as "he" being the only one left when John asked about survivors during her investigation, John corrects her and says "Not he, Blair, it. It was the only one left, don't be naive." Terminator Salvation
  • When Sarah refers to the Guardian as "him" being the only one there for her growing up, Kyle Reese corrects her telling her "It's not a [he]. [It]'s a machine". Before that, Sarah convinces to Kyle Reese to understand how the Guardian feels, "how he feels", to which Kyle answers "It doesn't have feelings!" Terminator Genisys
  • Sarah Connor referred to Carl as "it", while Alicia corrected her that Carl is "him". Terminator: Dark Fate (deleted scene)[2]

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