SCC DVD Special PlasmaBank concept1

The isotope weapon (production sketch)

The isotope weapon is a single-shot rail-gun which has been built by the "Engineer" from scavenged parts in or after 1963. The parts were then stored in different safe deposit boxes in the bank vault of the Security Trust of Los Angeles.

Design Details

SCC DVD Special PlasmaBank concept2

The isotope weapon (production sketch)

The rotating magnets create a magnetic environment into which the isotope is injected. Once it has the right temperature, it is injected through a sphincter into the firing chamber. The weapon is then ready to fire.[1]

Some of the scavenged parts were taken from a Thompson SMG, most notably the stock and grips.

The weapon has two fire modes, in which it either fires a isotope slug or a isotope pulse.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


Cameron assembles the isotope weapon.

In 1999, Sarah Connor, John Connor, and Cameron lock themselves in the bank vault. Cameron assembles the weapon, Sarah Connor then uses it on Cromartie, shooting his head off at the same time as Cameron activates the time displacement equipment which has also been built into the vault. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode



Cameron: When the isotope solution turns red you can fire.
Sarah: Isotope. Is this nuclear?
Cameron: No, not really.


  1. As descripted by the visual effects supervisor James Lima in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 DVD extra "Creating the Chronicles: Reboot": "When the plasma turns red, it is injected into the magnetic environment that allows the plasma to form into a cylinder, a bullet, and when it has the right temperature, it is inserted into a sphincter which allows it to go into the firing chamber. At that point, you have a choice to either fire one slug of it out or you can fire it as a pulse."