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A T-800 Infiltrator

The Infiltrator is a type of Terminator that features a human appearance, created by Skynet to mimic humans and infiltrate the Resistance.


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An Infiltrator is usually a Humanoid Terminator with an outer sheath of human appearance, in order for a machine to infiltrate human groups.

If the CPU is set to read-write, an Infiltrator can become more human-like and even blend in human society. [1]

Some Terminator Series can consume sustenance. Cameron, a T-900 from The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline, is capable of eating a corn chip[2] and later a piece of a pancake.[3] The T-1001 is also shown to have this capability.[Episode needed] The T-888 presumably consumes food, given Vick Chamberlain's ability to maintain a human cover for years while married to a human woman.

The T-600 Terminator was the first Infiltrator developed by Skynet as an attempt to infiltrate the Resistance. However, Skynet used the rubber skin as the covering sheath for the T-600 Terminator, which made it easy to be spotted by the Resistance.

The T-800 Infiltrator was the first truly successful Infiltrator unit, consisting of living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. Such Infiltrator features every human feature, including hair, blood, tear, sweat and bad breath. Some of the units can even highly mimic human emotion and behaviors, such as Carl.

Later, Skynet developed new series of the Infiltrator based on mimetic polyalloy, allowing the units to impersonate any person molecularly sampled by physical contact. The first Infiltrator series with mimetic polyalloy is the T-1000 Terminator and its variants, such as T-1001 and T-XA. Those series are entirely composed of mimetic polyalloy, so they are capable of altering its form and appearance into any person or object of similar volume.

Infiltrator Series from various timelines[]

In the Rise of the Machines timeline, Skynet created the T-X Terminatrix, which used mimetic polyalloy as outer sheath over an advanced metal endoskeleton that featured various onboard weapons, such as plasma weaponry and flamethrower. In the Dark Fate timeline, Legion applied a similar design concept to develop Rev-9, an Infiltrator made of a carbon-based endoskeleton covered by mimetic polyalloy, able to separate into two units. Rev-9 featured a more convincing human behavior mimicry.

The T-799 "Eve" was the first Infiltrator prototype with living tissue over a metal endoskeleton in The New John Connor Chronicles timeline.

In the Salvation timeline, Skynet used the research from Cyberdyne Systems to create T-H Hybrid Human as the Infiltration Prototype before it could develop the Terminator Resistance Infiltrator Prototype (T-RIP). Near the end of Future War, Skynet developed New Terminator, which was able to mimic human emotion, and even thinking about the concept of aesthetics.

Infiltrator series[]

Specialized Infiltrator[]

Additional research was put forward into increasingly-organic Terminators able to more efficiently evade detection and infiltrate human organizations, such as the TS-300 Stealth Terminator created by MIR, the T-900, and the I-950 Infiltrator.

TS-300 Stealth Terminator[]

TS-300a endo


Main article: TS-300

Additional to the ceramic endoskeleton mimicking human weight and structure for scans, the TS-300 Stealth Terminator uses personality transfer software called "Stealth Infiltrator Personality" to create undetectable one-off copies of real human beings. The TS-300 is equipped with the EM sensor masking/stealth unit which enables it to defeat other electronic detection systems as well.

T-900 Infiltrator[]

Cameron crying

T-900 (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

Main article: T-900

Despite being designed without the ceramic endoskeleton, the T-900 Infiltrator from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline is able to copy and possess the personality, along with the memory, from the target for replacement. In addition, it can highly mimic human behaviors and emotions.

I-950 Infiltrator[]

I950 wetware


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Unlike other Terminators, the I-950 Infiltrator from T2 Trilogy timeline was born rather than created with technological enhancements added over time; the I-950 starts out as a baby with a neural net processor attached to the brain, providing an uplink to Skynet. Because of I-950's almost purely-organic nature, it is harder to detect using metal detectors and is undetected by dogs.

T-H Hybrid Human[]



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In Salvation timeline, Skynet developed T-H Hybrid Human by transferring the brain and organs from a human body to an endoskeleton from the R&D left by Cyberdyne Systems. Thus, a T-H possesses every aspect of a human and is utilized as an Infiltration Prototype.

New Terminator[]


New Terminators

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In Salvation timeline, Skynet developed New Terminators from T-800. A New Terminator features more human emotion and behaviour mimicry than its predecessor, even capable of lying or discussing, debating with humans.

T-3000 Terminator[]



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Near the end of the war, Skynet tried to create a new breed of Infiltrator, known as the T-3000, made of humans transformed through exposure to a type of machine phase matter. All of the converted humans went insane and died, however, but Skynet successfully converted John Connor into one T-3000. It had abilities similar to a T-1000 while still retaining his own memory, knowledge and personality, though loyal to Skynet, of his human self, making him able to perfectly blend in with humans. It proved to be nearly impossible to destroy as well.

Non-humanoid Infiltrators[]


  • In at least one timeline, the T-799 is the first Terminator with living tissue over a metal endoskeleton instead of the T-800.
  • In the unofficial film Terminator II, a "Replicant" is a cyborg with many similarities to Infiltrators from the mainstream Terminator series.


Kyle Reese: The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy, but these are new. They look human - sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot. I had to wait till he moved on you before I could zero him.
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