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The page is about the I-950 Infiltrator, which should not be confused with T-950 Terminator or Initiate.

I-950 cybernetic implants. (Editor's note: This image is not an official image, but it is put here to show how an I-950 may looks like.)

The I-950 Infiltrator, is a purely organic Infiltrator deployed by Skynet in T2 Trilogy timeline.

The I-950s are specialist Infiltrators, rather than Terminators, and expected to operate independently to do superior work without requiring constant reinforcement. Luddite scientists working for Skynet assisted in the development of the I-950 Infiltrators due to the twisted belief that eradication of humanity was a required step in the healing of the planet after the Judgment Day.

The first unit, sent back by Skynet to ensure its creation, took the name Serena Burns and installed herself as chief of security in Cyberdyne Systems.


Development of the I-950 Infiltrators began in 2021. Skynet was searching for suitable human templates with preferred traits for the program. Lisa Weinbaum, a Resistance fighter, was chosen by Skynet for the program because she exhibited these traits — subjects that were attractive, brave, and capable of independent action (able to be solitary) were chosen for these reasons.


Unlike previous Infiltrators, the I-950 was born rather than created with technological enhancements added over time, including genetic modification, such as adding animal DNA.[1]

The I-950 starts out as a baby with a neural net processor attached to the brain, providing an uplink to Skynet. To condition it physically, it is coaxed with holographic toys to crawl until it is exhausted.

After four years, it is given an injection that rapidly ages it to pre-pubescence. During this time, continued socialization training is conducted with fellow Infiltrators and captured humans, as well as combat training supervised by Series 800 Terminators to add physical conditioning to the Skynet delivered information.

The next four to five years of development are taken naturally, due to the inherent instability of the hormonal changes associated with it. Infiltrators that lost their focus, and fell prey to their emotional surges in this time were terminated.

Upon completion of puberty, another acceleration injection is delivered to bring the Infiltrator to maturity and the completion of its training.


As a result of the chemically induced age acceleration, I-950 Infiltrators do not age as normal humans do. Though their lifespan may be similar to that of a human norm, their bodies do not undergo the standard aging process, allowing them to remain at peak physical condition which they reach in months as opposed to years.

In an effort to blend in better with humans, the I-950 is allowed to feel emotions, but the range is limited by one of its cybernetic implants. I-950's are given human names as designations from birth/creation.


Because of I-950 Infiltrator's organic nature, it is nearly impossible to detect using metal detectors and is undetectable unless by trained dogs.

Fully formed Infiltrators possess unparalleled control of their physical bodies, able to directly control glandular secretions such as adrenalin, enhance or mute electrical impulses for faster reactions, pain suppression, and muscular precision, even internal medical controls, increasing white blood cells and other operations to precisely meter the impact of illness, infection, and fever, to enhance infiltration success. Their musculature is augmented by slight repositioning of attachment points and an increase in joint mobility to permit even greater applications of power and range of motion than even the most athletic human norms if required.

During a meeting with a Cyberdyne System executive, Serena mused during a handshake that she could easily crush his hand into a bloody pulp. As a teenager, she also expressed her ability to throw a boy of the same age across a room one-handed. The extent of an I-950's physical strength is unknown, though Serena was able to shatter safety glass with a single punch, which suggests that I-950s possess strength equivalent to a Terminator as a result of the training with the T-800 in the production. Combat effectiveness is ensured by direct control of muscular contractions around injuries to constrict veins and arteries to control blood loss. The optical range of the I-950 is superior to normal humans, allowing greater lowlight vision and even infrared detection.

Although they cannot do it often, they are capable of stimulating the neural centers of the brain to achieve a full night's sleep in only 60 minutes of offline time. To power the mechanical subsystems, it had an improved "biological fuel cell" running off of its bloodstream[2] that would last indefinitely, providing the unit was still operative. The Series 950 Infiltrator is also capable of wireless communication with other Terminators and Infiltrators, able to reach from at least North to South America to do so. This ability also allows it to wirelessly interface with any computer that is sophisticated enough to possess an operating code. In the future, Skynet is even capable of merging with the unit, taking direct control.

There is an internal storage bay located in the abdomen, used for many purposes. On the battlefields of the Future War, the unit may be equipped with a large internally carried explosive device activated by silent internal command that would then be otherwise undetectable. Alternately, to bypass the technology limitations of travel via time displacement equipment, numerous small future tech devices and components could be smuggled back to pollute the timeline with advanced technologies and provide the Infiltrator otherwise unobtainable superior technology for their missions. This storage pouch was organically sealed, and has to be surgically accessed. The unit could perform self-surgery to access required items given a private place to work.

Cybernetic Implants[]

An I-950 Infiltrator's neural net processor is located deep within the core of the organic brain, linked with the unit's mind. [citation needed] A network of wires descend from the neural net, attaching to key points in the unit's spinal column, allowing for the direct control over all bodily functions. Wires and connectors are also located throughout the body, including in their larynx, allowing an I-950 to imitate the voices of others. Like the neural nets used in the Terminator models, the I-950's possess detailed archives of data downloaded by Skynet itself. In this capacity, each unit has knowledge or skills downloaded directly into their neural nets, which aids in the highly accelerated learning and training process. Downloaded data does not carry immediate understanding, however, and skills such as martial arts must still be practiced in order for them to be mastered.

A connector is also wired into the optic nerves, allowing for a tactical heads-up display as provided by the neural net processor. [citation needed] Unlike Terminator HUDs, however, the visual data only appears when needed and is not always present. For example, when a unit is required to call upon tactical aid in pin-pointing an enemy, a targeting system will come into effect, but will disappear when it is no longer required. It is unknown what the I-950's HUD, when activated, looks like.


"Offonoffon-burningburninglightbrightlightburning burning-"
- Serena Burns (while exposed to an EMP strike).

Even barring the enhancements the cybernetic portions of the I-950 anatomy incorporate, the body is still essentially human, with a human's vulnerability to damage. However, even if the body is "killed", the cybernetic components are capable of executing a "restart" and directly controlling the corpse for a few viable minutes of operation in order to complete operational objectives. This restart can take place hours after death of the organic body. As long as any portion of the neural network implants survives intact, the connected tissues can be animated. Multiple shots to the head often fail to stop these units. Pain is meaningless to the I-950; only mechanical damage to musculature and ligaments impedes their physical forms, and only complete destruction of the entire implant array, including the brain stem, can interrupt their control. Mere decapitation is often not enough. Thus, I-950s are remarkably resilient to damage, despite their organic chassis.

Even without an animate organic chassis, the cybernetic implants themselves can still initiate communications with Skynet, other Terminator and Infiltrator units if not completely destroyed. The unit is even equipped with nominal EMP shielding, but in actual practice is not as well protected as initially supposed. Once exposed to an actual resistance modified nuclear strike it suffered significant momentary disruption, but was able to quickly recover.

Parthenogenesis protocol[]

The I-950 has a fully functional reproductive system, but is infertile with normal humans. It is capable of self-perpetuation via parthenogenesis. Utilizing a specially prepared chemical douche, used at the proper time of the month, the I-950 can self induce pregnancy with an internally generated clone.[3] The process takes about eight weeks. The materials needed to synthesize additional growth hormone can be found in the I-950's own blood and tissues. A variation of this was used by Serena to generate the nutrient bath and clone tissue formula for the Series 800 Terminators she sought to construct in the past.

If the I-950 deems that pregnancy would interfere with its operations, it can harvest the embryo for implantation in human surrogates captured for that purpose. While the tissues are in an embryonic state, it can also immediately direct further subdivision to create multiple clones at once, if sufficient surrogates are available. If they survive the stresses of the accelerated gestation period, the surrogates are retained for a few weeks for nursing, then terminated.


Initial plans for the I-950 were centered around infiltration of John Connor's Resistance, seeking a position to assassinate him and his central command. The Serena Burns unit was outfitted with an internal explosive device to utilize if it was able to achieve a suitable proximity to the Resistance leader. Once Skynet's temporal operations commenced, the Infiltrator Serena Burns was sent specifically to ensure the creation of Skynet. Skynet had become aware of temporal anomalies, skewing dates of critical events, from its self-awareness to Judgment Day. Seeking to cement its place in the timelines has become a mission imperative.


  • Terminators regard Infiltrators as "intelligence units" and defer to their instructions when operating in the past outside of Skynet supervision. It is unknown if I-950 Infiltrators possess complete control over the machines, or whether they're simply inclined to follow their lead according to basic parameters. Therefore, it is unknown as to whether an I-950 possesses the authority to override a Terminator's mission command (for example; terminating a target).
  • Curiously, while perfectly able to dodge projectiles, I-950s display the same lack of concern towards incoming attacks as most Terminators. This raises questions as to the mentality and overall durability of an I-950 unit, for it to be confident enough to take gunshot damage head-on without fear of dying from such a direct assault.
  • In one of Sarah Connor's nightmares, Nurse Hobson exhibited mannerisms and behavior similar to an I-950, displaying carefully calculated, and yet fully natural, conversation with Sarah. During a fight between the two, Hobson easily overpowered Sarah and taunted her as she prepared to crush her with a computer tower. John Connor shot Hobson three times in the chest and she appeared to die, but as Sarah closed in to check the body, Hobson jumped back to her feet and killed both John and Sarah.

Known units[]


See also[]

  • Hybrid - cyborg human with implanted chip
  • Augment - cybernetically enhanced human with strength equivalent to a Terminator
  • Specialist - some unit are genetically modified human


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