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This page is about cybernetic enhanced human. For human Infiltrator, see I-950 (T2 Trilogy).

An Initiate without monocle.

Examples of humans converted into I-950s

The I-950 Hybrid Soldier,[1][2] also known as Skynet Initiate, is a cybernetically-enhanced human in Dawn of Fate timeline.

Skynet created the Initiate from Resistance defectors or captives by modifying them with cybernetic implants. These devices allow the enemy to control a human's actions by exciting pain centers within the brain. It is assumed the army of Initiates are led by the Resistance defector Gabriel Stone. Resistance private Alexander Stone also became cybernetically enhanced after his defection.


  • The presence of external implants is an optional upgrade based upon mission parameters and may not always be present.



  1. An Initiate is referred to as an I-950 on a video screen in the game environment during the Asylum levels of the game The Terminator: Dawn of Fate.
  2. Hybrid Soldier is referred in Prima's Official Guide to The Terminator: Dawn of Fate

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