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A Hybrid, also known as a T-H or Theta, is a human who has been transformed into a cybernetic organism. It is the main focus of Project Angel, which was initiated by the Genetics Division of Cyberdyne Systems, and reborn by Skynet as Project Theta.[1]


After the success in animal experimentation with Hybrid Mouse,[2] the project began with Marcus Wright as one of the first group, who donated his body as a test subject. He was successfully transformed into a cybernetic organism, his skeleton replaced with a hyper-alloy replica while still retaining key biological components such as the brain, organs, eyes, and curiously his gums and teeth (though these could have been prosthetics). The result was a stronger, faster, and more resilient vessel in which he could survive beyond death.

Marcus was utilized as an Infiltration Prototype by Skynet to find John Connor and lure him to Skynet Central in 2018 so that he could be captured and made into a Hybrid under Skynet's control assigned to destroy the Resistance from within. This infiltration program was ultimately a failure, however, as Marcus' lingering humanity was strong enough to allow him to reject Skynet's control and side with the Resistance for real.[1]

Skynet set up Baker's Hollow, a village inhabited by a group of Hybrid humans that were led by Jik, who believed himself to be John Connor.[1]


Human aspects[]

A Hybrid is prone to human frailties when it comes to trauma, as Marcus is capable of being knocked unconscious and suffer the psychological effects of damage as well as pain. A Hybrid also possesses a pulse that can be felt and read in the same manner as a human’s. It should be noted that the tolerance for pain is inhumanly high, and that a Hybrid appears to only feel pain in the moment of injury, suggesting that a Hybrid does not suffer from the lingering agony that most humans do. Hybrids are capable of enhanced regeneration due to their genetically-engineered living tissue;[3] however, they can be destroyed if overwhelmed by damage or multiple gunshots.

Hybrids also feature detailed memories of their lives. In the case of Marcus, all of his memories were preserved since his brain was transplanted into the endoskeleton, with a neural interface linked with the Skynet system. This is how Skynet was able to pull his memories up during the confrontation. In addition, it was possible for Skynet to selectively transfer memories in order to better control the Hybrid units or to create false memories, as it did with Jik by altering his memories into believing that he was really John Connor.

Since all of the organs within a T-H are transplanted from the subject's human body, these organs have become the weakness of the T-H. For example, a strong impact towards the heart can stop it from beating, as the organ somehow powers both the organic components as well as the cybernetic parts.[4][5] When a T-H's heart ceases beating, the subject will just be off-line and go into hibernation.[3]

A T-H can be knocked unconscious due to the impact to the brain.[4] In addition, the destruction of the brain is the best way to kill a T-H for good.[6][7]

Living tissue[]

Muscle tissue around the endoskeleton

Main article: Living tissue

Any damage living tissue of a T-H, including organs, can be repaired by either specific machines[4] or self-regrow and regeneration over time even when the subject is off-line.[3]

As long as the brain is intact, a T-H can not die. During hibernation, tissue will not age nor decay.


Marcus Wright's endoskeleton

See also: Endoskeleton

A customized endoskeleton is built for each Hybrid and designed to sustain the subject's human components, such as the brain and the heart. Different from most of the Terminator from other timelines, T-H endoskeleton was designed more like a human endoskeleton, such as skull and "rib cage".

It is unknown what kind of hyper-alloy the endoskeleton is made from, but it is durable enough to survive a close-range mine explosion without any signs of damage and appears to share the same heat-resistant qualities as the T-RIP since the molten steel wouldn't melt it immediately.

It also possesses physical strength on par with most contemporary machines, though somewhat inferior to the Series 800 Terminator in terms of raw strength. For Marcus, he has demonstrated the ability to tear apart a Hydrobot in combat and toss a T-RIP around, which suggests he was at least as powerful enough to be a threat to a T-800 unit. He is also capable of running and moving far quicker than any human, and is more agile than even the T-RIP.

In addition, the T-H endoskeleton can allow the subject to swim, which is not possible for a typical Terminator as it can only walks under water as common Terminator are so heavy that they will sink into the water.

Implanted chip[]

Main article: Skynet Control Chip

Notable Hybrids[]


Skynet, cerebral linked with Marcus Wright

  • It is unknown what kind of fuel source a Hybrid needs.
  • A T-H does not have a Head-up display, nor he/she can analyze object via observing with additional built-in support.
  • Despite having a metal endoskeleton, the Hybrid is able to swim instead of sinking into the water like other Terminators do.
  • An early conceptual art of Marcus feature not only a brain and a heart, but also intestines.[8] However, Hybrids in the novel Terminator Salvation: Trial by Fire are said to contain all human internal organs.
  • Marcus Wright was unique as he was able to overcome Skynet's control; other Hybrids have not been able to do this on their own and have required external support to disable their control chips.[1]
  • A Hybrid can connect to Skynet, even allowing Skynet take over control via cerebral link.[6]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Hybrid and the Project Angel were originally the central note of the Terminator Salvation plotline. However, due to a leaked script which received overwhelmingly negative reviews from the fanbase, the idea was scrapped in favor of the final draft.
  • In the original version of Terminator Salvation, Dr. Kogan went on to create other Hybrids, eventually creating a hundred and eight in total by the year 2018, including herself. Their strengths and capabilities are unknown, though it is likely they possess the same skills as the final cyborg concept for Marcus.[9] The continuation novel Terminator Salvation: Trial by Fire continues this plot and suggests that there are multiple Hybrids in operation.
  • The packaging of Playmates action figure for Marcus Wright identifies him as a T-700 Terminator,[10] though this seems to be an error on their part as the official novelization does not identify him as such and stresses his unique design. However, it can be argued that Marcus does fulfill the purpose of the T-700 by acting as a bridge between the earlier machines and the T-800.



Kate Connor: It's real flesh and blood, though it seems to heal itself quickly. The heart is human and very powerful. The brain too, but with a chip interface. It has a hybrid nervous system; one human cortex, one machine... This is unlike anything we've ever seen before.
Terminator Salvation
John Connor: I thought I knew everything about our enemy. But that thing in there makes me feel like I know nothing. I looked into its eyes and it believed, absolutely believed, that it is human. And what it is telling me is that Kyle is in Skynet. Which means that Command is about to bomb my father and our future and I. Can't. Stop. Them.
Terminator Salvation
Marcus Wright: Enough! That gun ain't gonna do shit!
John Connor: No one shot you in the heart and I see that thing beating a mile a minute!
Terminator Salvation
Marcus Wright: What am I?
Serena/Skynet: You are an infiltration prototype. The only one of your kind. We advanced Cyberdyne's work... amended it. Accept what you already know: that you were created to serve a purpose. To infiltrate, find a target and bring that target back home to us. Oh, and you executed that purpose... beautifully.
Terminator Salvation



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See also[]

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  • Synthetic Human - Endoskeloton-based cyborg with human brain in NOW Comics' The Terminator series

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