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An HK-Tank

The term HK-Tank, Ground HK,[1] or simply HK,[2] refers to a wide variety of Skynet's ground-based combat Hunter-Killer vehicles.

Developed from the original T-1, the HK-Tank is several stories tall and vaguely humanoid in overall shape, possessing a rotating, conning tower-like "head", two steel "arms" equipped with twin-barreled directional plasma cannons, and two "legs" consisting of massive, individual tank treads. While formidably armed, the HK-Tank can be easily destroyed by a well-placed demolition charge.

With the increase of effective anti-HK tactics used by the Resistance to not only disable these units but to scavenge them for heavy weapons, power sources and armor, Skynet has started equipping some units with crew compartments, containing concealed endoskeletons to counterattack the human assault teams.[3]


The Terminator[]

HK-Tank being destroyed by a Canister bomb.

Kyle Reese and Corporal Ferro were trying to toss canister bombs to destroy an HK-Tank. Kyle tossed the charge successfully, but the other did not, and was killed by the HK-Tank. The HK-Tank was destroyed after a while when running over the charge tossed by Kyle.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day[]

the HK tanks in the factory

Many Resistance soldiers were in the middle of a battle and fighting HK-Aerials and HK-Tanks.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles[]

Derek Reese and Martin Bedell were trying to destroy the "Ogre". Martin decided to carry the bomb to destroy the machine. He successfully destroys the Ogre, but lost his life. "Goodbye to All That"

Terminator Salvation[]

HK-Tank's HUD as it was commandeered by John Connor.

An HK-Tank was reprogrammed by John Connor and made to go to Skynet Central as cover for a rescue operation that John was attempting, but the tank was damaged by Terminators and turrets defending Skynet Central. Terminator Salvation (video game)

Terminator: Resistance[]

Several HK-Tanks are deployed by Skynet with at least two fought as bosses. One in the ruins of Los Angeles and another in the final battle against Skynet. The first HK-Tank is destroyed without support by stunning it with rocket launcher while also shooting it from behind at an exposed panel. This, along with several certain security codes obtained from them, enables the Resistance to reprogram and utilise one HK-Tank for themselves for the final assault on Skynet. Terminator: Resistance

Terminator: Resistance [Annihilation Line][]

In Bakersfield, there was a Skynet junkyard filled with the wrecks of many defective machines, HK-Tanks among them. One HK-Tank was deployed by Skynet to aid in the capture and killing of civilians that escaped from a Work Camp. The Tank soon became a problem for Kyle Reese and his team. At first, they tried to avoid it as they rescued various civilians from Skynet's forces, but later they had no option but to destroy it. Reese ordered Jacob Rivers to find an overwatch position while he and Ferro would move to destroy the Tank with can grenades. Under the watch of Jacob, Reese and Ferro got close enough to the HK-Tank. Reese successfully tossed his grenade, but before Ferro could toss hers, she was spotted by the HK-Tank and blasted by it. As Reese ran from the HK-Tank, the grenade detonated, destroying the HK-Tank. Terminator: Resistance [Annihilation Line]

Other variants[]

HK-Tank turret in The Terminator

HK-Tank turret in Terminator 2: Judgment Day

  • Both the HK-Tank from the first two films have a few differences from each other, for instance, the HK-Tank from The Terminator has only a one plasma cannon on each arm, while in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the tank seems to be equipped with two plasma cannons now, might be a bit inconsistant to the design but it might have been a small change to make the two films feel different in the future war.
  • A different type of HK-Tank appears in the video game Terminator 3: War of the Machines. This variant lacked a "head" like the original model and instead had a cluster of large sensors on its front. Its arms are extended out further than the original model and mounted triple plasma cannons. It is also much smaller.
  • There is a concept art of the HK-Tank for the film Terminator Salvation. This version of the HK-Tank resembles an oversized version of the T-1 in Terminator Salvation. Note that this HK-Tank is mounted with miniguns just as well as the T-1.
  • In Terminator Salvation, the defense turret at the perimeter of Skynet Central appears to be a modified HK Tank with its treads removed, while the torso mounted onto the wall. This allows it to rotate and effectively destroy incoming targets, but leaves it as stationary defense.
  • The HK-Tank in Terminator Salvation game is an earlier model of the tank. It is armed with dual plasma cannons and dual machine guns. Unlike its successors, this HK-Tank did not have a visible head.
  • In the mobile game Terminator Genisys: Future War, the HK-Tank is a buildable battle unit for the Skynet faction, representing the Siege troop type. Five different HK-Tank models are present in the game, each of which ranged from tier 1 starting units (NHA-10), to late-game tier 5 units (NHA-30). HK-Tanks are very effective against infantry and cavalry units but vulnerable to most airborne units.



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