HK-Aerial as seen in The Terminator.

The term HK-Aerial, Aerial HK,[1] or Flying HK,[2] refers to a wide variety of Skynet's large, airborne, VTOL-capable Non-Humanoid Hunter Killers. Featuring a devastating array of under-slung and wing-mounted lasers, missiles and plasma cannons, the HK-Aerial is fearsome and terrifying to behold.

Specification[edit | edit source]

Often operating in support of ground sweeps by swarms of Series 800 Endoskeletons, they are one of the more dangerous targets for the members of the Resistance to engage.[3][4]

HK-Aerials can be brought down by shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles.[5]

Known variants[edit | edit source]

In the original timeline, there were two known models of HK-Aerials: the Mark Seven Aerial, which looked like a helicopter, and the Mark Eight Aerial, the newest model.[6]

There are light raiders seen patrolling the wastelands of the Future War,[7][3] massive and heavily-armed ground support craft,[8] as well as troop transport variants[9] which on occasion have been captured and subverted for use by the Resistance.[10][11]The HK-Aerial has been deployed in many configurations by both Skynet and the Soviet Artificial Intelligence MIR.[9]

In the Salvation timeline, an HK-Aerial is able to carry T-700 Terminators onboard,[12] while a Transport is capable of storing two HK-Aerials.

In the Genisys timeline, an HK-Aerial is able to store and carry a Spider Tank.

In the Dark Fate timeline, Legion also deployed HK-Aerials to hunt humans, however, the design of Legion's HK-Aerial differs greatly from the design of Skynet's.

HK-Bomber[edit | edit source]

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HK-VTOL[edit | edit source]

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Continually engineering upgrades to the original design, a smaller, more agile air unit is available in a sleeker, more organic design with the HK-VTOL,[13] a unit powerful enough to carry a Boeing 747 jet engine in a cargo sling.

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