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Griffith Observatory is a museum facility located in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. It has regular scientific and astronomical exhibits for the general public.

Terminator fictionsEdit

The TerminatorEdit

Griffith Observatory is the location where the first T-800 Terminator arrives on May 12, 1984 to find and kill Sarah Connor. When the T-800 arrives, its time travel sphere frightened a garbage truck driver into fleeing the scene. The T-800 also encounters a group of three aggressive punks who threatened it when it demanded their clothes. The Terminator easily killed two, took the clothes of another before beginning its mission. The Terminator

Terminator 3: The RedemptionEdit

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Terminator SalvationEdit

In 2018, Kyle Reese and Star were living in the ruins of the Griffith Observatory. It is in the parking lot of this observatory that Marcus Wright finds a Jeep and works on it until it is in running condition. Terminator Salvation

Terminator GenisysEdit

In an alternative timeline in 1984, as the T-800 talked to the punks, an older T-800 showed up and battled the Terminator. Their fight ended as Sarah Connor took down the T-800 with a .50-calibur sniper riffle. Terminator Genisys

Terminator: ResistanceEdit

Skynet Central Core was located under the Griffith Observatory before it was relocated. Terminator Resistance

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