When they start to kill me, run.

Grace is a main character sent from the future to protect Dani Ramos from the Rev-9 Terminator in the film Terminator: Dark Fate.

Grace is officially described as a "soldier-assassin."[1] She's human with cybernetic alterations to better fight terminators. She was given these enhancements after being critically injured in a battle with terminators (most likely Rev-7 units).


Grace was a child when the apocalyptic destruction of the human population of the world was initiated by a defense computer system named Legion. Grace became an orphan, scavenging in the ruins for food. When she was attacked by other scavengers, she was found by Dani Ramos, who fought with her attackers and convinced them that preying upon other survivors was what Legion wanted so the human race would be exterminated that much quicker. Grace stayed with Dani from that moment and joined the small resistance movement she'd been building.

During a key combat mission, Grace and her unit are attacked by terminators and aerial HK units. Grace is severely injured when the aerial units bomb the immediate area with cluster explosives. Grace is quickly taken to shelter where, when she believes she'll die from her injuries, she volunteers on the spot to be enhanced.

Physical appearance

Grace is a tall, fit woman with short, blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. She has long thin surgical scars covering her body from her cybernetic alterations or as she calls them "enhancements". Her abdomen has a tattoo of coordinates in Texas, specifically of Carl's home. When her body is injured, golden metal resembling armor can be seen.

Grace has an internal power source about the size of a small flashlight.


Because of her enhancements, Grace has increased speed and strength and combat skill. She is able to fight hand-to-hand with the Rev-9 terminator and block crushing blows that would otherwise severely injure or kill a normal human soldier.

Her augmentation comes with limitations: Grace is only able to fight at extreme combat levels for brief periods before her energy stores are drained. She quickly becomes weak and unable to fight until she is able to eat, drink water or intake certain medications like insulin.





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