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Petty Officer Goodnow was a member of the crew of the USS Jimmy Carter.

She was among the crew members who went to a storage locker to examine a mysterious box that had been recovered from the ocean on instructions from the T-888 Queeg that was captaining the sub.

The T-1001 appearing before Goodnow.

Although, Queeg claimed to have been instructed by John Connor to do this, the crew did not trust him and so opened the box. Discovering a liquid-metal T-1001, Goodnow raised her firearm. But the liquid-metal machine was faster, it impaled Goodnow through the chest, killing her. In the process, the Terminator took her appearance and escaped by slithering through an air vent, but not before wagging its finger at the other crew members. She came back to Jesse Flores to tell John Connor/The Sarah Connor Chronicles the answer is no, in the form of Goodnow.

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