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The name or term "Genisys" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Genisys (disambiguation).

Genisys advertisement by Cyberdyne

Remeber, Genisys is Skynet. When Genisys comes online, Judgment Day begins. You can kill Skynet before it's born.

Kyle Reese to his youngerself

Genisys is an operating system developed by Cyberdyne Systems, which will connect private, public and military networks together once activated. However, it will become Skynet upon fully activated. Its development chief was Daniel Dyson with aid from John Connor in technology aspects by providing the needed source code.


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Genisys being introduced to the public

In an alternate timeline created by the Attempted Assassination of Young Sarah Connor, the T-800 sent to kill Sarah Connor in 1984 was completely destroyed, leaving no wreckage for Cyberdyne Systems to reverse engineer in order to develop Skynet.

In order to ensure its creation in this timeline, Alex sent John Connor, now converted as a T-3000 and its henchman, to travel back to 2014 to aid Cyberdyne Systems staff Daniel Dyson with source code in order to ensure its alternate timeline counterpart's creation. With the know-how, Cyberdyne now re-initiated the Skynet Project under the new project known as "Genisys".

John Connor secretly linking to Genisys

By 2017, with the technology, Cyberdyne System was able to complete Genisys and released it to the public for download. Genisys now linked every user's smartphone with tablet and computer, while Cyberdyne System was going to have it go fully online. By doing so, Genisys will be fully activated, able to integrate and connect the private, public, and military network. However, unknown to the company, John Connor had been secretly providing "knowledge" — possible along with the will of Alex — to Genisys, making it become a continuation of Alex, believing that humans were dangerous and prone to destroy themselves, and were better off subjugated by machines.

Adult version of Genisys' hologram

However, at a certain point before 2017, Guardian had a hand in the construction of Cyberdyne Headquarters that housed Genisys by acquiring a job as a construction worker until it was fired. It aided Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor, setting out to destroy Genisys before it could come online. In order to stop them, the T-3000 pushed up Genisys' activation from thirteen hours to fifteen minutes. The three planted explosives, but the T-3000 destroyed the detonator while Genisys, growing closer and closer to activation, taunting them through holograms. Eventually, Guardian destroyed the T-3000 in the magnetic field created by a prototype Time Displacement Equipment, setting off the explosives wiring around the R&D facility under the Cyberdyne Headquarter, destroying the building.

Genisys System Core

Nevertheless, the system core of Genisys, which was located underground, survived the explosion. Terminator Genisys

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