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This is a T-101 without official image.

"Four" is the fourth T-101 Infiltrator[1] constructed by Serena Burns in 2001 in a Secret Terminator Lab constructed under the old Dyson property with the assistance of Third. The process of creation would take two months from start to finish.

Four was provided the remaining future-tech power cells and CPUs and assigned to join Two in order to support her successor Infiltrator under development in Montana.



  • Complete and review manufacture of Terminators Six and Seven for the I-950 Infiltrator unit.
  • Travel to the Infiltrator crèche in Montana and deliver remaining power cells and CPUs to Two. Assist in the production and training of additional intelligence units.


  • Mission Priority
  • Travel unarmed to Macapa Brazil and conduct surveillance on the priority target.
  • Utilize any and every available advantage. Contact intelligence units in the event of significant deviation from mission parameters.
    • Mission Failed: Terminated, dissassembled by Dieter von Rossbach wielding an arc welder during system reboot.


  • T-90 Endoskeleton Combat chassis[1]
    • Latest generation future-tech Neural Net CPU smuggled from 2029[2]
    • Three latest generation future-tech compact power cells smuggled from 2029[2]
  • Infiltrator Sheath, Model 101 infiltration sheath[3]
    • Skin Graft matrix-material from a contemporary surgical-supply store, enhanced with future-tech chemicals extracted from the I-950's own blood.
    • Teeth collected from a series of contemporary dental-supply companies
    • Glass eyes
    • modification: Titanium Steel claws concealed under nails.
  • Terminator protocols uploaded from I-950



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