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Fortnite and Terminator Crossover: A Detailed Overview[]

The world of Fortnite, celebrated for its dynamic collaborations, has collaborated with the iconic Terminator franchise. This partnership, merging action-packed narratives with immersive gameplay, has resonated deeply within the gaming community.

The Genesis of the Collaboration

In January 2021, the gaming world was set alight with Fortnite's announcement of its collaboration with the Terminator franchise[1]. This wasn't merely an addition to the game but a fusion of two entertainment titans.


The photo showcases the "Future War" Epic Fortnite Bundle, released on January 22nd, 2021, during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. It includes playable skins of the Terminator and Sarah Connor, along with additional accessories like the T-800 endoskeleton arm back bling and the combat knife.

Characters Immortalized in Gameplay

Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor, the resilient protagonist of the Terminator series, was introduced into Fortnite as a playable skin[2]. Available for 1,800 V-bucks, this skin offers two distinct styles, reflecting the character's journey throughout the series. Additional accessories include the T-800 endoskeleton arm back bling and the combat knife[3].


The T-800, the iconic machine from the Terminator series, was also launched as a skin[4]. Priced at 1,500 V-bucks, this skin includes the built-in Cyberdyne Salute emote. Players can also acquire the HK Sky Net uplink back bling and the techno-grip axe, each priced at 800 V-bucks[5].

Bundles and Offers

Eager players can avail the Future War bundle for a comprehensive Terminator experience[6]. This bundle, priced at 2,800 V-bucks, encompasses both the Sarah Connor and T-800 skins, along with their associated cosmetics.

In July 2023, the Terminator Bundle was unveiled, priced at 2,300 V-bucks[7]. This bundle, reflecting the collaboration's lasting appeal, consists of the Terminator skin, the Mimetic Poly-Alloy Blades, the HK-Aerial Glider, and the Tow Truck Surfer Emote.

Terminator Bundle Overview 2023

The Terminator Bundle showcases an iconic collaboration, highlighting the enduring allure of the legendary franchise. It boasts an intricately detailed Terminator skin, adding a touch of sci-fi nostalgia. Accompanying the skin are the sleek Mimetic Poly-Alloy Blades, exuding a futuristic metallic sheen. Taking to the skies, the HK-Aerial Glider offers a unique airborne experience, reminding onlookers of the relentless machines from the film. And for those moments of in-game downtime, players can engage with the Tow Truck Surfer Emote, an entertaining nod to the series' diverse sequences. This collection embodies the perfect fusion of gaming and cinematic universes.

Reception and Legacy

The collaboration received widespread acclaim[8]. Outlets like GameSpot, PC Gamer, and IGN praised the detailed representation and the integration of the Terminator narrative into Fortnite[9]. The skins and cosmetics were highlighted for their authenticity.


The Fortnite and Terminator collaboration underscores Fortnite's dedication to diverse experiences and highlights the timeless allure of the Terminator narrative. As players equip these skins and accessories, they're transported to a realm where relentless machines and tenacious humans engage in an epic battle for the future.