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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States of America. The organization specializes in counter-terrorism, counterintelligence and criminal organization.

FBI in TerminatorEdit

Tempest timelineEdit

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Cybernetic Dawn timelineEdit

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T2 Trilogy timelineEdit

Agent Jordan Dyson initially believed Sarah Connor was responsible for the death of his brother Miles Dyson until he came to realized that Judgment Day would happened.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles timelineEdit

Sarah Connor was wanted by the FBI due to the destruction of Cyberdyne Building. Agent James Ellison was originally tasked to find and arrest Sarah Connor until he resign from the bureau after encountering Cromartie, a T-888 Infiltrator pretended to be a federal agent who killed Greta Simpson along with many agents.

Later, Agent Auldridge took the task to tracking down and arrest Sarah Connor.

Genisys timelineEdit

When Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor arrived 2017 from 1984, the Time Sphere created a "pot hole" on a highway. This event was seen as an act of terrorism by the SFPD and FBI was informed about the case. Agent Burke and Agent Janssen were assigned to investigate the case. Terminator Genisys

Dark Fate timelineEdit

The FBI was likely involved in searching for and arresting Sarah Connor, as Sarah stated to Grace Harper that she once had her own episode of America's Most Wanted, implying she was on the FBI wanted list. Terminator: Dark Fate

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