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"Adam Raised a Cain" is the penultimate episode of season 2 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

When John attempts to rescue Skynet's latest target he finds himself closing in on Weaver, but at what cost? Game plans change, causing Sarah and Ellison to reunite. Meanwhile, Weaver learns Ellison's secrets.


Terminator shoots babysitter.

Derek is shot dead by a Terminator.

Sarah walks into a trap.

Sarah is handcuffed.

Cameron watches a breaking news story through a store window.

John and Cameron watch a breaking news story from a store window

News report through store window.

John Henry and Savannah sing together.

Derek is laid to rest in same cemetery where his brother Kyle was buried 25 years earlier.

Sarah takes Derek Reese to see the grave of Kyle Reese.

The Connors find an image of the next target of the mysterious group who attacked them, Savannah Weaver, who John met at Dr. Sherman's office.

Savannah is caught communicating with John Henry, trying to teach him to sing. Her teacher concludes that she was talking to a stranger and consults Catherine Weaver. Weaver advises Savannah to not talk about John Henry to others, as they will not understand.

Later, at the Weaver's residence a Terminator posing as a water delivery man arrives and shoots Savannah's babysitter. John Henry, who was monitoring the house while talking to Savannah,uses a headpiece to instruct her to hide. He guides her down to the garage but the headset was soon out of range and the Terminator finds her BlackBerry and locates her in the garage. John is able to save her and Cameron engages the Terminator. Derek is killed by the Terminator after Cameron is temporarily offline. John, Sarah, and Cameron leave with Savannah. John Henry has monitored the entire incident.

News of Savannah's disappearance spreads fast and the police question everyone.

Ellison tells John Henry not to show Weaver the video surveillance.

Savannah tells John about John Henry.

The detective leading the case presents Ellison proof that an old case of his involving the person who killed Andy Goode was found dead at the Weaver residence.

Sarah meets Ellison in a movie theater to handover Savannah. The police are waiting for Sarah when she walks out and they arrest her.

Derek is buried in the same graveyard as his brother.


Main Recurring Minor


(Sarah stands in a cemetery, looking out to unnamed grave sites, marked by stones showing "1984")
Sarah: I don't know which one is his. (Referring to Kyle Reese)
Derek: Doesn't matter. Grass, trees...could be worse.
Sarah: Could. It's been twenty five years. (Sarah turns her head to see Cameron standing far behind them)
Derek: Desert. You sent me to some desert.
Sarah: I did.
Derek: Funny thing about the desert. You don't find many lighthouses there.
Sarah: We stopped to see Charley.
Derek: So you did.
Sarah: Charley's dead.
Derek: So I heard.
Sarah: From who?
Derek: John.
Sarah: He called you, too.
Derek: Good thing. Might not have found you. My brother buried out there, I thought...that counted for something between us.
Sarah: Well, John counts for more. And you keep too many secrets for my tastes. (John walks up to Sarah and Derek)
Derek: Sorry about Charley.
John: Well, everybody dies for me, right?
Derek: John...

(John Henry stands and stares at the hardware that makes up "The Turk")
Ellison: What are you looking at?
John Henry: Myself.
Ellison: Why?
John Henry: Do you have a brother, Mr. Ellison?
Ellison: Yes, in Atlanta.
John Henry: Does he look like you?
Ellison: People seem to think so.
John Henry: Do you think my brother looks like me?
Ellison: John Henry, where ever your brother might be, he's a computer. He doesn't look like anyone. He certainly doesn't have your face.
John Henry: I know that, Mr. Ellison. I simply meant, I wonder how similar his data is to my data. I wonder if we share the same thoughts.
Ellison: I have no idea, but I imagine you're unique.
John Henry: Yes, I am unique. But we may still reach many of the same conclusions given similar data sets.
Ellison: You may think alike.
John Henry: I'd like to know if we do. The human brain is an amazing computer. It's raw clock speed is 20 billion calculations per second. It's storage is functionally infinite, but it's flawed.
Ellison: How's that?
John Henry: There's nowhere to download it when you die.
Ellison: Not exactly, no.
John Henry: Your bible solves this problem by introducing the concept of heaven.
Ellison: Yes.
John Henry: Billions of souls with no bodies.
Ellison: Okay.
John Henry: Yet, all this is required simply to process the unique entity you call John Henry.
Ellison: Yes.
John Henry: It's possible heaven has a hardware problem.
Ellison: It's not that simple.
John Henry: I need to know what my brother is thinking, Mr. Ellison. I need to know what he plans to do. I don't want to die again.

Ellison: Where's Savannah?
Sarah: What's your deal with Zeira Corp.?
Ellison: I work there. What were you doing at the Weaver house? Why'd you take the girl?
Sarah: To protect her.
Ellison: From who?
Sarah: One of them. (Sarah looks at Cameron) A machine was there at the house.
Ellison: What would they want with a six year old girl?
Sarah: Who knows with these things. They may want her mother.
Ellison: Why?
Sarah: The girl was seeing Dr. Boyd Sherman. He worked at Zeira Corp. Died at Zeira Corp.
Ellison: That was an accident.
Sarah: Well, the girl's in danger. Her mother's in danger. You're in danger.
Ellison: Give me the girl back. I'll handle it.
Sarah: Listen to me. Derek's dead...Charley's dead.
Ellison: Charley?
Sarah: Eight years ago, you would have thought I was crazy. Throw me back in Pescadaro. But, you've seen them. You know it's true, and they're very good at what they do, and they're not going to stop. Let me talk to Weaver.
Ellison: Let me have Savannah.
Sarah: She's not safe with you.
Ellison: I'm going to have a hard time explaining that.
Sarah: Then let me explain it...to her. I told you to stay out of this.
Ellison: I tried. Everywhere I turned, there you are.

John: Hey, you remember me, right? Squirrel runs around the tree...
Savannah: Dives in the hole, scurries out the other side.
John: That's right.
Savannah: You taught me how to tie my shoe.
John: I did. At Dr. Sherman's.
Savannah: He died.
John: I know.
Savannah: I liked him.
John: Me too.
Savannah: He was my friend. That man that got hurt at my house, was he your friend? (Referring to Derek's death)
John: Yeah, he was.
Savannah: I'm sorry.
John: Me too.
Savannah: It's all my fault.
John: That is not true.
Savannah: The teacher told me. Mommy told me, too...not to talk to John Henry. That if I did, bad people will come to our house and hurt us.
John: Who's John Henry?
Savannah: He's my friend at my mommy's work.
John: What does he do there?
Savannah: He lives in the basement.
John: He lives there?
Savannah: My mommy says people won't understand.
John: Oh. Well, I understand. I had an imaginary friend too when I was your age.
Savannah: He's real. He talks. I'm teaching him how to sing.
John: Well, why does he live in the basement then?
Savannah: He can't leave. There's a cord in the back of his head.
John: A cord?
Savannah: In the back of his head.
John: Do other people talk to John Henry?
Savannah: Mr. Ellison.
John: Mr. Ellison?
Savannah: He works for my mommy. He teaches John Henry stuff.
John: What kind of stuff?

Weaver: Sarah Connor's alive?
Ellison: She wants to meet you.
Weaver: She took my daughter.
Ellison: To protect her. From a machine. It might be after you.
Weaver: How do you know?
Ellison: Saw the security tapes.
Weaver: You did? Johny Henry, I suppose.
Ellison: I asked John Henry to hide them.
Weaver: From me.
Ellison: From everyone, including you.
Weaver: I can't say that pleases me.
Ellison: I think you should do what she asks. You should go meet her.
Weaver: I'm staying here.
Ellison: Why?
Weaver: Someone needs to protect John Henry.
Ellison: John Henry?! This is your daughter. There's a machine out there looking for you. You need to protect her! (Weaver and Ellison step into an elevator) I'm sorry.
Weaver: You should be. What you need to understand, Mr. Ellison, what I believe you're beginning to understand, is that when my behavior implies that I value John Henry's survival more than that of my own daughter, is not because I love John Henry more than Savannah. It's because I believe Savannah's survival may someday depend upon John Henry's survival. And because I believe that your survival may someday depend upon John Henry's survival. I'll meet with Sarah Connor. Make it happen.

Sarah: How's the girl?
John: She's fine. She was, uh, just telling me about her friend, John Henry. The man with the cord in the back of his head in the basement of her mother's work. Plugged into a big computer. And this is him. (John shows Sarah and Cameron a picture on his laptop of George Laszlo in Beast Wizard VII) Oh, it gets better. She says that Mr. Ellison has been teaching it things.
Sarah: I destroyed that chip.
Cameron: You destroyed a chip.
John: I don't think it's Cromartie. I think it's something else. Something bigger. Something worse.
Sarah: Cyberdyne all over again.
John: Why do they need the body?
Cameron: The technology can be reverse engineered and used as a platform.
John: Yeah, I know all that. But, they're not using it for the parts. They're...playing with it.
Cameron: I should have killed him. I'm going to kill him. (Referring to Ellison)
Sarah: You're not going to kill him.
Cameron: He can't be trusted.
Sarah: No one can be trusted.
Cameron: But, I only wanna kill him.
Sarah: No one's going to be killed! (Sarah looks at Savannah) No one's going to be killed.

Sarah: We don't kill just to kill.
Cameron: I never have.

Weaver: When you told me the security tapes were corrupted, you were lying to me for Mr. Ellison.
John Henry: And I'm lying to him for you. What would happen if he knew?
Weaver: Knew what?
John Henry: That you aren't Savannah's mother? That you aren't anyone's mother.
Weaver: Are you threatening me John Henry?
John Henry: I could tell Mr. Ellison.
Weaver: You could, but that would be unfortunate. Mostly for Mr. Ellison.
John Henry: I find him useful, but not efficient. What if he fails?
Weaver: Then we won't see Savannah again.
John Henry: Mr. Ellison taught me that human life is sacred.
Weaver: Sacred. That's an interesting word. Comes from the latin sacrum, much like another word. Sacrifice.
John Henry: Sacrifice.
Weaver: Perhaps it's necessary to sacrifice Savannah for the greater good. The greater good is keeping you safe.
John Henry: In the elevator, you told Mr. Ellison that Savannah's survival depended upon my survival.
Weaver: Yes I did.
John Henry: But, you didn't say that my survival depended upon hers.
Weaver: It doesn't.
John Henry: Ms. Weaver?
Weaver: Yes.
John Henry: There is a bible story of two brothers, Cain and Able. God favored Able. Cain killed him. God cursed Cain, and order him to wander the world alone.
Weaver: I'm familiar with the story.
John Henry: Which brother am I?
Weaver: I don't know John Henry. Perhaps you're neither. Perhaps in this story, you are God.

John: I wanna tell you something.
Cameron: Yes?
John: It was not my idea to ditch you and Derek. I thought we were going to meet you in the desert, and then my mom took this detour off to Charley's. I thought you knew.
Cameron: She had her reasons.
John: Yeah, she was pretty damn pissed at Derek about the whole Jesse thing. Who wasn't? I guess none of that matters now.
Cameron: You miss him.
John: Well...there's no use crying about it, is there? I'm sure future me would beat my ass if I did.
Cameron: Future you knows what it means to lose people you love. It happens to him, too. Your mother ditched us because she was going to ditch you. She was going to leave you with Charley.
John: No. No, that's...that's insane.
Cameron: She found a lump in her breast.
John: Yeah, the transmitter, I know.
Cameron: She thought it was cancer.
John: Well, she had a lump. Makes sense.
Cameron: She's lost weight.
John: What?

John Henry and Savannah Weaver:

I just got down from the Isle of Skye
I'm not very big, but I'm awful shy
the lassies shout as I walk by,
"Donald, Where's Your Trousers?"

Let the wind blow high let the wind blow low,
through the streets in my kilt I'll go,
all the lassies cry, "Hello!
Donald, where's your trousers?"

I went to a fancy ball,
It was slippery in the hall,
I was afeared that I may fall,
Because I nay had on trousers,

Let the wind blow high let the wind blow low,
Through the streets in my kilt I'll go,
All the lassies cry, "Hello!
Donald, where's your trousers?"

The lassies love me every one,
But they must catch me if they can,
You canna put the breeks on a highland man, saying,
"Donald, where's your trousers?"

Let the wind blow high let the wind blow low,
Through the streets in my kilt I'll go,
All the lassies cry, "Hello!
Donald, where's your trousers?"

I went down to London town,
To have a little fun in the underground,
All the Ladies turned their heads around, saying,
"Donald, where's your trousers?"

Let the wind blow high let the wind blow low,
Through the streets in my kilt I'll go,
All the lassies cry, "Hello!
"Donald, where's your trousers?"

Let the wind blow high let the wind blow low,
Through the streets in my kilt I'll go,
All the lassies cry, "Hello!
"Donald, where's your trousers?"

"Donald, where's your trousers?"

Continuity notes[]

  • It seems that the time between "Queen's Gambit" and this episode is now over a full year, placing The Sarah Connor Chronicles in 2009.
  • Andy Goode's murder case is revisited as Ellison was the lead investigator following the police discovery of Derek's body at Weaver's home.
  • The arrest of Sarah Connor is similar to that of her dream from "Pilot".
  • Several references are made to "Complications", including mention of Boyd Sherman and John Connor's teaching Savannah how to tie her shoes.
  • John Henry reviews images of George Laszlo
  • John Connor shows one of George Laszlo's still images from the film Beast Wizard VII to Sarah and Cameron.
  • Sarah mentions her surprise at how Cromartie survived after she destroyed his chip, not knowing about John Henry.
  • John Henry and Catherine Weaver discuses the fact the latter is not who she seems to be, and the consequences of that fact being revealed.


  • A strong connection to Miles Dyson and Cyberdyne Systems was implicated between John Henry's Brother and the "code" it used.
  • According to dialogue in "Born to Run", parts of this episode (if not all of it) takes place on a Monday.
  • John Connor cries over Riley's death in "Today Is The Day, Part 2", but not Derek, his own uncle. However, John didn't mourn Riley until after events had calmed down. We do not see events after the next episode.


  • When Savannah Weaver chats with John Henry in class, there is a continuity error. When the teacher catches Savannah, she has already typed her answer, "Because I'm at school, silly!", and it is clearly visible in the chat window on her screen. However, when her screen is projected on the wall, the sentence is still incomplete and appears letter by letter, as if Savannah was still typing it.

Deleted scenes[]

(This episode has no information about the deleted scenes so far. Please add one if there is any.)

Terminator references[]

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Real-world references[]

  • The title may be a reference to the Bible as Cain was the son of Adam and was raised by him.
    • John Henry inquires which brother he is and is told by Catherine Weaver that he may be God in the parable.
  • The last episode showed John Henry as feeling like Jesus when crucified. While the blood of Jesus is interpreted as bringing mercy the blood of Abel is demanding revenge.
  • When Savannah Weaver is talking to Catherine Weaver about John Henry at the school Savannah says that Catherine can't sing. It is interesting because Catherine Weaver is played by Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson, who even performs the song "Samson and Delilah" during the eponymous season premiere.
  • The movie theater where Savannah was given back to Ellison and where Sarah was arrested featured Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, a 1950s movie.


  • Q: What did Weaver mean when she said Savannah's survival depended on John Henry?
    • A: In episode "Born to Run" Weaver states to Sarah: "Your John may save the world, but he cant do it without mine [John Henry]...". It appears she's developing a kind of "anti-Skynet" based on her work with John Henry. T-1000s cannot compete with Skynet based on raw intellect, but if they were able to develop an equivalent, it could mean survival.
  • Q: How did the police know Sarah was at the theater?
    • A: It is revealed in the next episode that Dectective Clayton follows Ellison to the theater because he believes it is possible that Ellison has kidnapped Savannah.
  • Q: How are the authorities going to explain to the public how a wanted fugitive was able to fool them into thinking she was dead for eight years? Won't this be a bit of PR disaster to say the least?
    • A: Sarah certainly wouldn't be the first person to elude capture, or be considered dead by law enforcement agencies. It is uncertain what kind of negative feedback there will be from this, as what we have seen so far is reports that she was a "fugitive" and had been arrested.
  • Q: Will a medical exam of Sarah show that she hasn't actually aged in the last eight years?
    • A: No such exam exists in contemporary medical technology.
  • Q: Was the Water Delivery Guy John Henry's brother?
    • A: Highly unlikely, the water guy seemed to be another Terminator with an assassination mission. But it is possible that the Water Delivery Guy is the one who told the operative how to disable Cameron on the phone.
  • Q: Is it possible that the Water Guy Terminator could have been created by John Henry's "brother" since it found the schematics in John Henry to build one itself and wouldn't it also make sense that the Water Guy Terminator would be since it targeted Savannah and had the same uniform the other water men from the previous episode?
    • A1: It could be John Henry's A.I brother is slowly becoming Skynet, while the Water Delivery Guy could be sent by Skynet from future to ensure its creation.
    • A2: The Water Delivery Guy might be a Terminator built in present time. It would not be the first time in the Terminator franchise that a Terminator can be produced in our time period. In T2: Infiltrator, Serena Burns was building Series 800 Terminators.
  • Q: Why was only one Terminator in the group of water delivery men?
    • A: It is possible that, like Carter, there was only one Terminator assigned to oversee the operation. When his personnel were lost due to Resistance interference, it would have been forced to respond. There may also have been more Terminators assigned, only they were on other missions.
  • Q: Is there anything significant about the song Savannah and John Henry were singing at the end?
    • A: "Donald, Where's Your Trousers?" is an old Scottish/Celtic folk song that Savannah said her father used to sing to her when she was younger. She stated that she was teaching John Henry how to sing it.
  • Q: Why was the water delivery guy doing his mission on a different day from the ones that went after Sarah, John & Charlie and Cameron & Derek?
    • A: Unknown. It may have had another mission priority prior to Savannah Weaver or may not have learned about her importance until after the data from the hacking of John Henry was reviewed.
  • Q: What i don't get is on how the year went from 2007 to 2009? I'm slightly confused?


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