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Jesse's submarine mission in the future takes a fatal turn that has unforeseen consequences for John, Sarah and Derek in the present. Also, Sarah deals with Cameron, who has become a liability, and John steps up and makes a life-or-death choice.



The T-1001 emerges from the box

Queeg relieved of his command

"Tell John Connor the answer is no."

After the mysterious package is brought on board the Jimmy Carter, Queeg locks it in the cargo hold and refuses to disclose the contents. Since Queeg is a T-888, it makes several members of the crew, including Dietze, uncomfortable that he would refuse to tell what's inside. Finally he and two others open the box. They are confronted by Jesse and Queeg. While Jesse and Dietze argue, an unfreezing T-1001 emerges and kills Petty Officer Goodnow. It momentarily assumes her appearance before returning to its liquid state and flowing into the vent. Jesse orders the crew to search the ship for the T-1001, but Queeg overrides her and tells them all to return to normal duties. Jesse demands that Queeg tell her what that thing was, but Queeg ignores her. Later, the crew is in the dining hall. Dietze, by this time, has become paranoid and first accuses a fellow officer who had lost his appetite of being the T-1001. Jesse intervenes, but then Dietze suspects her of being the T-1001. Several members of the crew proceed to beat her to "make sure she's human". Queeg, however, enters the room and kills Dietze, then orders everyone back to their stations. Queeg's actions leave Jesse disturbed and she later criticizes Queeg for summarily executing Dietze. She then insists that Queeg tell her what their real mission is. When Queeg refuses to tell her, she relieves him of command. Queeg does not cooperate, so she shoots him in the head with a plasma rifle, destroying his CPU. Immediately, Jesse proceeds to sink the sub and orders everyone to evacuate. Just as Jesse is about to leave the sub, the T-1001 once again takes on the appearance of Goodnow. Jesse asks her what she wants, to which she replies, "Tell John Connor the answer is no". As the sub explodes, the T-1001 swims away.

When she arrives back at Serrano Point, Jesse is questioned by Cameron, as Queeg and the Jimmy Carter have been lost. Jesse reminds her that humans had been lost as well and demands to see John. Cameron refuses to allow her and tells her that speaking with her is the same as speaking with him. Jesse is outraged and asks who is really running the Resistance. Finally, Jesse gives Cameron the T-1001's answer and demands to know what the question was. Cameron tells her the question was, "Will you join us?". Before walking away, Cameron informs Jesse that she had been pregnant and had a miscarriage sometime during the mission.


"You wanted to be John Connor" - "I am John Connor."

When Jesse returns to her apartment from swimming, she finds John sitting on the couch pointing a gun at her. John explains how he figured out who she is and about her association with Riley. When he saw Riley in the morgue, he realized that Cameron hadn't killed her and that she had. John then tells her about his future self sending a T-800 to protect him in the past. He admits responsibility for Riley's death, and chooses to let Jesse live instead of killing her, explaining that both would have to live with their part in Riley's death. When Jesse asks John if he would have let Cameron live if she had killed Riley, he tells her he would have. Jesse finds Derek outside the building, and is about to tell him about what happened on the Jimmy Carter. Derek, however, refuses to listen, reminding her that they are likely from different timelines and that she is not "his" Jesse. He then pulls out his gun. Jesse runs, and Derek squeezes.

Immediately thereafter, Derek and John discuss the future in Jesse's apartment. Derek tells John that people do not always agree with him, and like him even less often. When John asks if he really killed Jesse, Derek's only response is to say that "John Connor let her go." Later, John, Sarah, and Cameron reflect on Riley's death. John allows himself to cry and rests his head on Sarah's knee, while Cameron sits quite motionless besides them.


Main Recurring Minor
  • Blake - Krishna Cole
  • Dietze - Theo Rossi (Second appearance) (d.)
  • Queeg - Chad L. Coleman (Second appearance) (d.)
  • Garvin - Yuri Lowenthal
  • Goodnow - Erin Fleming (Second appearance) (d.)
  • Hayes - Chris Ellis
  • Pool Attendant - Bill Tangradi


Derek: I'm really sorry, John. She was a good kid. She didn't deserve what happened to her.
John: Few people do. How long do you think you could survive...with Cameron? If she wanted to kill you, face to face.
Derek: What kind of weapon do I have?
John: Your fists, and your elbows, and your fingernails, and your teeth.
Derek: Against her? Those aren't weapons.
John: No, they're not.
Derek: You already know the answer to that, John. If she wants me dead, I'm dead.
John: She wants you dead, you're dead.
Derek: What are you getting at?
John: I wanna talk about something.
Derek: Alright.
John: I wanna talk to you about the future.
Derek: Yours?
John: Yours.

Sarah: You went to see the body. You shouldn't have done that.
John: It was a risk, I know.
Sarah: I don't mean the risk. You shouldn't have to remember her like that.
John: There were things I needed to see. Things I had to understand.
Sarah: You understand them now?
John: I think so. I'm sorry I doubted you.
Sarah: John...
John: No, not you. Her. (Sarah turns around to see Cameron standing behind her)

Sarah: You're not leaving this house.
Cameron: John needs me.
Sarah: If John needed you, he would have asked for you. He didn't. You're not leaving this house.
Cameron: The police could identify Riley's body at any time. I need to be with him if they do.
Sarah: If they do, they'll probably come here. (Sarah sees Cameron's left hand slightly twitch) So we should be happy he's out. Why are you here?
Cameron: Protect John. Hunt Skynet. Stop Judgment Day.
Sarah: But why are you here? Right now, with us. John sent you here from the future. But, he sent you away. Away from him. Maybe you should think about that. Maybe you should think about why he didn't want you around any more.

(John sits in a chair with a gun in his hand, resting on his thigh)
John: If you pretend not to know me, I might shoot you in the head. We owe Riley the truth, don't you think? (John stands up) We owe the dead that much.
Jesse: You're John Connor.
John: Yes I am.
Jesse: Where is she? The metal?
John: If she were here, you'd be dead. You know that. Would you please give me your gun? You're not gonna shoot me. (Jesse gives John her gun) You know, I've been running from the machines my whole life. They tried to kill my mom before I was even born. When I was twelve, they sent one after me. I was a kid. I was stupid. I didn't know what it was all about. Both times, heh, future me sent someone back to stop them. The first time, it was a soldier. His name was Kyle Reese. And he died saving my mother's life. Second time it was a machine. I used to wonder why I did that. Why I took that chance. I don't wonder any more. Human beings can't be replaced. They can't be re-built. They die and they never come back. You know, it wasn't Derek that told me, if that's what you're wondering. He loves you, you know, Derek. You and me...we're the only things he has in this world. The only things. He's like Riley in that way. But, see, she made mistakes. Small things, sometimes. A word, or a phrase. "Carrots and apples". I'm guessing that's yours. When we were in Mexico, she heard my real name. She ignored it. A man took my picture and she destroyed his camera. She put herself between me and a machine that was hunting me. So, one day I realized she wasn't treating me like John Baum. She was treating me like John Connor.
Jesse: When was that?
John: I don't remember exactly. It was a bad day, though. Bad day. Anyway, I started following her. And the rest was easy...and hard.
Jesse: She wanted to tell you.
John: I know. But she didn't. She do that to you? (Pointing to the cuts on Jesse's face. Jesse nods.) See, she, uh, figured out what you really had planned. Figured out before I did. I couldn't explain why she would tell the school councilor or go to DCFS. She didn't, did she? (John motions to Jesse) I only understood after I saw how you'd hurt her. That's when I knew what you tried to do, and how it went wrong.
Jesse: You saw her. I'm sorry.
John: Yeah, everybody says that. The thing is...this is all my fault. I knew Riley was in trouble. I didn't help her. I should have, but I didn't. I knew what she was. I didn't try to stop her.
Jesse: You wanted it to be real.
John: Or maybe I wanted to win.
Jesse: You didn't want to be John Baum. You wanted to be John Connor.
John: That's just the thing, isn't it? I am John Connor. (John grabs Jesse's duffel bag and throws it to her) Go... Go.
Jesse: Just like that.
John: Just like that. If I have to live with this, so do you.
Jesse: Would it have worked?
John: What?
Jesse: The cyborg had murdered the girl. Or if I could've made you to believe she had.
John: Would I have sent Cameron away? Would I have killed her? No.
Jesse: Well...it's a damn shame, then. It's a damn waste.

Jesse: I've told you.
Cameron: You've told me nothing useful. Your actions have resulted in the loss of a T-888 and one of most important strategic assets. The submarine is irreplaceable.
Jesse: The trip-eight, the sub. You forgot the people. You never mentioned the people who died. Ever.
Cameron: Yes, the people. And the box.
Jesse: We opened the damn box. Hell came out of it! How many times do we have to go over this?
Cameron: Until you give me the answer.
Jesse: Not you. Take me to Connor.
Cameron: You can tell me.
Jesse: No. The liquid metal thing inside the box, it came to me before we escaped. And it gave me a message for John Connor. For him. Not for you.
Cameron: Telling me is the same as telling John.
Jesse: Heh. Dietze was right. Who the hell is running this war? What the hell are we fighting for if telling you is the same thing as telling Connor?! You're a damn machine! You're not the same! It's not the same! Fine. To hell with you. You tell John Connor that the metal monster said the answer is no. What does that mean? Huh? Hey, tell me! If the answer is no, what was the question?
Cameron: Will you join us?
Jesse: What?
Cameron: That was the question. Will you join us? (Cameron starts to walk away, and then turns around) I'm sorry for your loss. The doctors aren't certain if it happened because of the fight or because of the rapid change in pressure when you scuttled the Carter. You were pregnant. Now you aren't.

Jesse: Derek?
Derek: Do you know who Billy Wisher is?
Jesse: Who?
Derek: No. No, you don't. Where you come from, he doesn't exist. He never did. Billy Wisher was my best friend. He was in my squad. We fought together. We saw things you can't imagine. He was like my brother and I loved him. But it turns out I never really...knew him. His real name was Andy Goode. And back here in this world he created a computer program. The program that becomes Skynet. So Andy Goode is dead. And Billy Wisher is dead, too. Because I killed him. I came back here and I killed him. He was my brother, and I loved him, and I killed him. And I did it for Kyle, and John, and I did it for you.
Jesse: (Jesse starts to cry) Derek...
Derek: Shut up.
Jesse: Please...
Derek: Shut up!
Jesse: You have no idea. You have no idea what they took from us!
Derek: Stop it. Just stop it! I don't even know you. I don't know who you are.
Jesse: I'm Jesse. I'm Jesse!
Derek: You're not my Jesse. You never were. John Connor said to let you go. I'm not John Connor.
(Derek reaches for his gun, but Jesse throws her duffel bag at him. She runs towards a flight of stairs and Derek pulls the trigger)

(John flips open and closes the pocket watch)
Derek: Complications. That watch. It has complications. Something I learned. Something I've been thinking about.
John: Complications.
Derek: Yeah. Time. The future.
John: What do they think of me? In the future, what do people think?
Derek: Well, if you're asking if...people agree with everything you do, of course not. If you're asking if everybody loves you, love's a lot to ask for. You can't do what you do and...expect everyone to agree. Or to love you.
John: And what is it that I do?
Derek: You lead.
John: And they follow.
Derek: We follow. We rise or fall on your shoulders. Humanity rises or falls. But, we're always watching.
John: For me to make a mistake.
Derek: For you to be human. (John puts the watch in his pocket)
John: Did you do it? Did you kill her?
Derek: John Connor let her go.

Catherine Weaver: Humans will disappoint you.

(Jesse is about to abandon the sinking submarine, when she is confronted by the T-1001)
Jesse: Who are you? What do you want?
T-1001: Tell John Connor the answer is "no."
(The T-1001 morphs into its liquid state and escapes through a vent in the ceiling)

Continuity notes[]

  • Jesse's mission and hatred for the machines is explained by the incident on the Jimmy Carter.
  • Cameron's left hand is twitching again.
  • John Connor's delicate relationship with members of the Resistance is mentioned.
  • Riley's first meeting with Jesse is shown again.
  • This episode marks the first onscreen meeting between Cameron and Jesse, as well as John and Jesse.
  • Derek's Beretta 92F pistol he used to shoot at Jesse is the same one he used in target practice shooting green apples with Jesse in the episode "Ourselves Alone". It was the gun where the sight was off.


  • Some press releases for this episode identified it as The Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter.
  • Jesse was going swimming regularly and always together with Riley.
  • The Mimetic polyalloy Terminator in this episode displays certain traits that the prototype (T-1001) did not exhibit. Specifically, the Boxed Terminator can morph into a worm-like form capable of moving extremely fast. It can also use this form to propel itself off the ground, as well as to swim. The T-1001 Catherine Weaver shows some of these traits, so it can be assumed that they are both T-1001s.
  • It's unknown whether Jesse's miscarriage is due to her being beaten by the crew or the rapid change in pressure of escaping aboard the DSRV.

Deleted scenes[]

  • In an extension of the Jesse's request to Queeg to disclose the mission for crew morale's sake, Queeg discusses the mutiny of the HMS Bounty.
  • While swimming, Jesse receives a phone call but hangs up.
  • Jesse contemplates the blood stain in the submarine's mess where Dietze's head hit the wall. Garvin enters, apologizing for his action which caused the quarrel and thanks her for helping him.
  • Jesse learns that rather than calling fire control, Queeg let two crew members die in order to suffocate the fire they started when trying to electrocute the elusive T-1001.
  • John: "Would I have sent Cameron away?"
    "Would I have killed her?"
    "She's still valuable to me."

Terminator references[]

Real-world references[]

  • The frozen T-1001 in the box could have been a reference to the television series Battlestar Galactica which ended its four year television run on the same evening as this episode was aired. In the series a decommissioned Cylon was said to have been "boxed" with its memories put in "cold storage".


  • Q: To which faction does the T-1001 in the episode belong? Is it related to Catherine Weaver?
    • A: The fact that it was offered an alliance by John Connor indicates it may be separate from conventional Terminators or a renegade, or part of an entire renegade faction. The Terminator also did not attack until Goodnow drew her firearm and aimed at it. It is thus very well possible (though not yet confirmed) that the Terminator was well-meaning, and Goodnow's death and the loss of the Jimmy Carter could have been avoided. Considering the revelation of John Henry having a brother based on Cyberdyne Systems code as well in "To the Lighthouse", it is not unlikely that liquid metal Terminators and The Turk are a separate faction from Skynet in the future. Changing their allegiance to and from Skynet as they see fit (cf. the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day).
  • Q: Could the liquid metal be the T-1001 known as Catherine Weaver?
    • A1: The T-1001 was all but confirmed as the same machine that we know as Catherine Weaver. Hints of this are: A) the use of Weaver's theme music when the T-1001 appears; B) Weaver's remark to John Henry about humans disappointing her; You could also consider C) her ambiguous purpose in 2008.
    • A2: While it is possible that the Jimmy Carter T-1001 is indeed Weaver, it's unlikely. There was no strong evidence that they were the same. More likely the Carter T-888 was captured by solid-metal Terminators working for the Resistance (if the T-600 and T-888s in "Today Is The Day, Part 1" hadn't been reprogrammed, it would make little sense for them to hand it over in a secured container). It was then to be transported back to Serrano Point. If things had gone according to plan, the likely alternative to joining the Resistance (and submitting to reprogramming) would have been being melted down. But since it was given an opportunity to escape, of course it wasn't going to take either option.
A2.1: See counterpoint on talk page.
  • Q: Did the actions of the submarine crew (opening the box early, killing Queeg, scuttling the sub) cause the T-1000 to reject Connor's proposed alliance?
    • A: Possibly. If the T-1000 was an emissary of another faction in the war, the actions of the crew of the Jimmy Carter could have had an adverse effect on the decision.
  • Q Cameron said "us" in the question. Does it mean another T-1000 or Cameron and John?
    • A: If she meant joining T-1000s, John was considering to send Jesse along with Cameron. If "us" means John and Cameron, they were talking about some other alliance.
  • Q: Is it safe to assume that Derek was the father of Jesse's unborn child?
    • A: The child's father was Derek, but not the Derek operating in the present day setting of the show. Jesse is from a different timeline, where Andy Goode is dead before Judgment Day. Therefore, it's probable that in the timeline "our" Derek comes from (where Andy lived through J-Day and assumed the identity of Billy Wisher)that she never became pregnant.
A1.1 However, there is a continuity issue based on what Cameron said in the next episode, Derek and Jesse may not have been from different timelines as was initially implied. "Our" Cameron remembers Jesse having a miscarriage.
  • Q: Who was the person Derek mentions to Jesse (the one he said to kill and who was his brother), and how is Jesse connected to his death?
    • A: Billy Wisher (aka Andy Goode). In Derek's timeline, Wisher was a close friend (a "brother") of Derek. Wisher told Derek he had designed Skynet and was sorry for it "Dungeons & Dragons". When Derek went back into the past, he killed Goode, but not before Goode's program was stolen "Queen's Gambit". This seems to have created a different future, the one this Jesse Flores is from.
  • Q: Did Derek really kill Jesse?
    • A1: Unclear at this time. The last shot before commercial break was of the trigger being pulled, and it is unlikely that Derek, a soldier from the future and a present day fugitive, would have an empty gun (he don't like firing a weapon unless he loaded it himself as he said in "The Demon Hand"). Derek told John that John Connor let her go, but did not say if he himself did.
A1.1: The gun couldn't have been loaded. When he squeezed the trigger, the sound we heard was "click", not "bang".
A1.2: It was loaded. The click you heard was the sound when he pressed the trigger to show that he had fired the gun. The reason you didn't hear the bang is because the sound and the image was just of the trigger.
A1.3: The click you heard was the action of the trigger as Derek applied pressure to it. It does not mean he pulled the trigger completely. The Beretta 92f has a double action trigger which has a long trigger pull. They cut to commercial so the audience would not know for sure if he did or did not shoot Jesse(for dramatic effect).
  • A2: After Derek's previous execution of Andy Goode, he also denied doing it initially. It was not until several episodes later that Sarah Connor determined that Derek did in fact do it.
  • Q: Did Derek know the gun was unloaded when he tried to shoot Jesse, or did someone set him up?
    • A: If the gun truly wasn't loaded then he should know, because Derek said he don't like firing a weapon unless he loaded it himself in "The Demon Hand". However, there is no official word on if the gun was loaded as of yet. Maybe someone (John?) really set him up, because it seems pointless to pull out, aim, and fire an empty weapon (maybe a psychological move by Derek to drive Jesse away and/or handle his disappointment about her?).
A1.1: There was nothing wrong with the gun. The scene cut to commercial before he completely pulled the trigger to leave the truth ambiguous. The click heard was nothing more than the internal mechinism of the gun (due to the double action of the trigger, see the A1.3 to the question above).
  • Q: How does John Find the connection between Riley and Jesse and find her place?
    • A: John mentions to Jesse that he'd been following Riley, so he could have followed her back to Jesse's place.


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