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Derek Reese and Sarah are in search for answers at a funeral.

Sarah, John, Cameron and Derek investigate the company town connected to the destroyed factory while Weaver sends her own man into town in search of a potential survivor.


Cameron and John are in search for answers at a funeral.

Sarah searches for answers at a funeral.

A funeral is given out for the thirty workers from the "water and heating" plant that was recently destroyed, something that the Connors attend. But they soon learn that one of the workers had survived, on the run from one of Weaver's agents, bringing with him a prototype flying drone. He is pursued by Walsh, an agent hired by Catherine Weaver. Walsh was left dead by a pool, as a drone flew out of the pool to his truck.

At ZeiraCorp, many people are remembering the anniversary Mr. Weaver's death. Ellison convinces Weaver to connect with her daughter.


Main Recurring Minor
  • Henry Douglas, Jr - Adam Wylie
  • George McCarthy - John Pyper-Ferguson
  • Stella McCarthy - Susan Floyd
  • Zoe McCarthy - Alanna Masterson
  • Minister - Jim Jansen
  • Mourner - Thomas Garner
  • Walsh - Max Perlich (Second appearance) (d.)
  • Diana Winston - Cyd Strittmatter


Cameron: Native Americans believe that when their pictures are taken, their souls are stolen and locked in the photograph forever.
Derek: I think you're safe.
Derek: Condolences.
Walsh: It's not my funeral, but thanks. I'm an investigator. I'm looking into the explosion.
Derek: Hmm. (See's Walsh's ring) Big change from being a cop.
Walsh: Yeah. 23 years. Baltimore. 4th precinct. Pikesville. You a local?
Derek: My...my wife worked up at the plant. She, uh, she knew a lot of these people.
Walsh: My condolences.
Derek: So whadaya think?
Walsh: About what?
Derek: What happened?
Walsh: I think it's too early to tell.
Derek: Would you even if you knew?
Walsh: Tell?
Derek: Yeah.
Walsh: No.
Derek: You know, people say it wasn't an accident.
Walsh: Is that right?
Derek: They say something was going on up there other than heating and air conditioning.
Walsh: Something as in what exactly?
Derek: That's what I'm asking you.
Walsh: Suppose you knew something was going on up there. What would you do?
Derek: Absolutely nothing.
Walsh: Absolutely nothing.
Derek: That's what I said.
Walsh: Thanks for the ride.
Derek: No problem.
Walsh: I think I'm...I'm gonna walk the rest of the way.
Derek: No problem. Good luck with your investigation.
Sarah: Guy who shot me is either a serial killer or a true believer. His wife thinks he was murdered.
Derek: She's right. But, nothing about the, uh, the thing you think you saw? The...drone, or whatever?
Sarah: I don't think I saw it. I saw it. (Sarah looks at Walsh) Who's he?
Derek: Looking for something. I figure the best way to find out what it is is to let him find it.
Sarah: He made you. He'll try and lose you, but he doesn't know me. I'll handle it.
Derek: You always do.
Sarah: Skynet's here, Reese. I can feel it.
Derek: Hmm.
Sarah: What?
Derek: You called me Reese again. It's what you used to call him, isn't it? Kyle? You know, maybe you should try and let him go.
Sarah: Maybe you should.
John: You know, there are times that I'd have to say, that this is one of them, where it seems every single logical step we take leads to the most bizarre place.
Derek: You mean crashing that poor guy's wake and eating his widow's shrimp skewers?
John: Yeah, Derek, I mean that. What's the point?
Derek: You know what the point is. Your mom thinks that factory was linked to Skynet.
John: Yeah, and you think she's nuts.
Derek: Doesn't mean I think she's wrong.
Cameron: (Cameron looks at Zoey and Diana standing by the picture of Zoey's father) She hasn't looked at her father's picture since we've been here. Not once. Neither has her mother.
Derek: Yeah, and?
Cameron: If you had a photo of Kyle Reese, you'd look at it, wouldn't you? Maybe there's something I don't understand.
John: He's not dead.
Derek: That's a big leap.
John: Let me repeat what she said. If you had a photo of your brother, would you or would you not look at it?
Derek: (Derek looks back at Zoey and Diana) He's not dead.
Cameron: We should find him before he is.

Continuity notes[]

  • Sarah is still having difficulty getting over the death of Ed Winston.
  • The TSCC Drones were established as being real and not a hallucination.


  • The "death" and the funeral play a role in this episode.
  • In remembrance of Lachlan Weaver's death, ZeiraCorp staff members wear plaid on the anniversary of his death.
  • The T-1001 is cool to the touch according to dialogue.

Deleted scenes[]

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Terminator references[]

  • In the novel T2: The Future War, it is mentioned that the collaborators are in charge of the Work Camps and monitored the human prisoners.

Real-world references[]

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  • Q: Why does Catherine Weaver know there is a survivor from the warehouse incident?
    • A: Possibly she learns from the computer when in the warehouse.
  • Q: What's that weird number on the truck the drone lands in? It starts with "DOT"?
    • A: It stands for "Department of Transportation". All Semi Trucks have one assigned to them as part of their registration.
  • Q: Is the father a government operative returning the drone?
  • Q: How is Weaver connected to the warehouse and the drone?


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