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Sarah sees and talks to Kyle Reese.

The injured Sarah is guided by the image of John's father, Kyle Reese, while Weaver's move to protect John Henry results in deadly consequences.


Dr. Burnett prepares to work on Sarah's gunshot wound.

Sarah forces Dr. Burnett at gunpoint to treat her wound.

After having been shot in the previous episode, Sarah Connor wakes up in a hospital. They haven't yet found out who she is. Sarah sees an apparition of Kyle Reese in front of her, who encourages her to get up and flee, helping her. While the officer guarding her door talks to a nurse outside, Sarah fakes an escape through the window. As the officer on duty hears the noise, he comes in and is knocked out by Sarah, who escapes from the hospital, visibly limping. Sarah calls Derek and tells him what happened, tasking him with disposing of the car she took to the base and any other evidence the police may have collected, and then checking on the base itself.

On the hospital parking lot, Sarah abducts Dr. Felicia Burnett, a female physician, and takes her to a motel room, where she asks her to operate on her, to take out the bullet. The two women talk, and while Sarah is initially reluctant, the Kyle hallucination notices that Felicia wants to help Sarah, and that she should give the woman the truth, allow her to help her. Sarah does so, mentioning her son, a man chasing her, and her son's father, and the woman deduces from this that Sarah was fleeing from her abusive husband (and not a Terminator), and decides to help her. They perform a first operation on Sarah, but the bullet is too close to an artery, and the Dr. Brunett has to abort. If she made any mistake and hit the artery, Sarah would be dead within four minutes.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff investigating the mysterious shot woman he doesn't know is Sarah has found the dictaphone the psychiatrist in the previous episode used to record Eileen's hypnotic regression that Sarah used to find the secret factory. When he hears about Sarah's escape and assault on her guard, and that Felicia (who he apparently knows) is missing, he decides to listen to the tape and follow the clues to find the warehouse. He is called back to more evidence at the precinct when Derek blows up the jeep impounded near the police station. As the Sheriff and his aide stand near the burning jeep, Derek sets fire to the case files in the office and makes off with their notebook computer. However, the Sheriff still has the dictaphone.

While out, Sarah has another hallucination of Kyle, and cries out "Reese!". Dr. Burnett asks her who Reese was, and Sarah truthfully admits that he's John's deceased father. Felicia tells Sarah that they need to get her to a medical facility, that she can't operate, and with help from Kyle convincing Sarah that the doctor could have ratted her out while she was unconscious, but didn't, they drive off. Using a gurney from an ambulance, the doctor and Sarah sneak into a morgue, where the doctor assembles what she needs to operate on Sarah, using an endoscopic device to help avoid the artery. While the doctor is busy assembling her kit, Sarah calls Derek again and updates him on the situation.

The Kyle hallucination comforts Sarah and convinces her, again, to trust Felicia and let go of her gun during a longer hallucination, where Kyle takes her to an old, charred tree in a devastated wasteland. He tells her about past experiences, like one occasion where Skynet torched an orchard and it smelled like apple pie, and how he and his brother Derek used to play around this tree. Sarah tells him that all of this is not true (that she is just imagining what she thinks he would tell her). Kyle shrugs it off, neither agreeing nor denying, and mentions that Derek and him used to use this tree as a marker where they exchanged messages. He kneels down and unearths an army-issue box. He opens it and takes out the snapshot of Sarah he took into the past with him in The Terminator, and reiterates how much he loves her, and that she can trust Felicia, and that he will be there and watch over her, that he will always be there.

After the operation, Sarah is unconscious, helpless as the door swings open. It is Derek. Felicia thinks it is the "abusive husband", and takes Sarah's gun to hold him at bay. While Derek distracts her, claiming the safety on her gun was on, he draws his own weapon. Hot on Derek's trail, the Sheriff, her former husband or lover, enters the morgue, resulting in a Mexican-standoff-like situation. The Sheriff urges Felicia to drop her gun, getting more and more irritated with her, abusing her verbally when he realizes he is not in control of the situation. Getting more and more frightened, probably remembering how he used to abuse her, she shoots the Sheriff. When she realizes what she has just done, she hurries to the dead body on the floor, forgetting Derek.

Derek helps Sarah as she comes around again, seeing one last hallucination of Kyle, before her head clears and she sees Derek. When she calls him "Reese", Felicia picks up on it. Assuming Derek was the Reese that she called out to earlier, she notes that he is not dead, and asks if anything Sarah told her was true. Sarah simply answers "I got shot". Sarah tells Dr. Burnett the police would think Sarah had shot the Sheriff, and that she should leave them in their belief, but the doctor will not have any of it. Sarah takes the gun and the dictaphone off the Sheriff as they escape.

While Sarah's whole ordeal is playing out, John is at the hospital, where he brought Riley after her suicide attempt last episode. Derek berates him on involving the authorities, but John replies that he made a decision and Derek just would have to live with it. John visits Riley, with Cameron in tow. Riley is visibly uncomfortable with Cameron's presence and ends the conversation saying she was exhausted and needed to sleep. As the Connors leave, John kisses her on the forehead lovingly.

A doctor informs them that, due to Riley being an orphan, and suicidal, they would have to keep her here under observation and inform the authorities. Derek takes the second call from Sarah. Informing John she found a bullet on her way to the three dots, he sets off on his appointed task, not without reminding John that he's made his decision and has to stay with Riley.

John asks Cameron what "future John" would have done about Riley, and Cameron tells him that he would have had more important things to do. He does not seem happy finding this out about himself. At that moment, hospital staff notice Riley is gone. John says that they have to start a search, but Cameron coldly tells him that they don't.

Jesse, who found out about Riley because Derek was with her as he took Sarah's first call, arrives back at her place with Riley. She reminds her that she took her from the tunnels and rats back in time to paradise. Riley offers up John's reaction to Jordan Cowan's suicide at school as the reason behind her own attempt, which Jesse seems to accept.

While all this is happening, James Ellison is talking to the "The Turk" avatar John Henry, who is enthralled by a bunch of Lego robots he was given to develop his fine motor skills. He announces that they are very efficient, as they have ball joints, which allow much more freedom of motion than a human's or his. Ellison tells him that his body was created based on that of a man, and that man's body is created in the image of God, but John Henry is already aware of the former, as he found out about Cromartie both in his original form and the repaired "George Laszlo" skin when he researched Ellison on the internet. As a visibly shocked Ellison leaves, John Henry asks him to forward a question to God from him: Why he didn't put more ball joints in humans.

Ellison reports to Catherine Weaver about John Henry's frightening adeptness at research and deduction, and that he considers it a bad idea to give him such free access to the net, not knowing what he'll encounter out there. Weaver assures him it is all good, and when he asks who will keep an eye on John Henry, she tells him that that's why he brought him in.

After this conversation, Weaver visits John Henry, who blurts out in the middle of a conversation about his Legos that she is a robot, but not one like him. Intrigued, she asks him how he spotted that, and he says that her dead eyes gave it away. He has also noticed that Weaver, through Zeira Corp, has acquired large quantities of the very same metal he was built from. Weaver is surprised to hear he found out about that because someone was apparently a bit too chatty on an open frequency. Before leaving to rectify the situation, she assures John Henry that all she does is only for him.

Weaver leaves for the lab/factory that Sarah was shot in, where everyone is busy cleaning up all evidence and packing to leave for elsewhere. She marches in, and in true T-1000-style starts killing the entire staff with sharp implements extended from the ends of her arms, starting with the boss of the whole operation. Then she sits down at a computer to work. As two guards arrive, she asks them where they keep their explosives, before we see the whole factory blow up, with Weaver walking out, shortly engulfed by the flames, but at apparently not enough heat to destroy her. By the time Derek and Sarah arrive in the area, smoke from the explosion can already be seen from miles away.


  • Manny D'Costa - Sanjay Madhav
  • Nurse - Julie Remala
  • Administrator - Patrick Faucette
  • Secretary - Nicole Pettis
  • Security Guard - Clark Koelsch


Kyle Reese: John Connor gave me a picture of you, once. I didn't know why, at the time. You were young, like you are now. I always wondered what you were thinking at that moment. You seemed a little sad, like you were remembering something long gone. I came across time for you, Sarah. I love you. I always have.

Kyle Reese: On your feet, soldier! On. Your feet. Pain can be controlled.

Kyle Reese: Come with me, if you want to live.

John Connor: I made the call. Live with it.
Derek Reese: (later) You stay, I'll go. You made your call. See what living with it means.

Sarah Connor: (holds gun to back of woman) Are you a doctor? (woman nods) I'm a patient.

Kyle Reese: You must be stronger than you imagine you can be. You must survive, or I will never exist.
Sarah Connor: What is that? I've heard that before.
Kyle Reese: John's message to you. He made me memorize it before I came back.
Sarah Connor: I'm not strong enough. I'm gonna die.
Kyle Reese: Won't be the first time.

John Henry: Mr. Ellison, I have a question.
James Ellison: What is it?
John Henry: It's not for you. I have a question for God.
James Ellison: What do you want to ask God?
John Henry: I wish to know, why he didn't use more ball-and-socket joints when he made you. (demonstrates mobility of arms on his Lego robot)

James Ellison: Still, it seems unwise. Who knows what he'll find or who may find him.
Catherine Weaver: You are worried about outside forces influencing John Henry?
James Ellison: I'm worried about what he's going to become, who is going to guide him.
Catherine Weaver: Why, you are, Mr. Ellison. You.

John Connor: You know me in the future. What would "Future me" do?
Cameron: You mean about Riley?
John Connor: Yeah. What would ... "future Me" do, right now?
Cameron: "Future you" has more important things to do.

John Henry: Do you know Solek? He resides in Karda Nui and idolizes the Toa. (Weaver looks seriously at his toy collection) He has stated that he is best friends with Takua. You're not human.
Catherine Weaver: (she pauses) Excuse me?
John Henry: You're not human. You're made of metal. Not the same metal as I am, but metal.
Catherine Weaver: How can you tell?
John Henry: I looked into your eyes. There's nothing there.

Catherine Weaver: And you detected that on an unsecured line?
John Henry: During my scan, yes.
Catherine Weaver: Well, that was a mistake!
John Henry: Ms. Weaver?
Catherine Weaver: Yes.
John Henry: What are you doing?
Catherine Weaver: I can't answer that right now. But know this, John Henry: Everything I do, I do for you.

Continuity notes[]

  • Many quotes from the original movie are paraphrased, non verbatim, in this episode. [citation needed]


  • John Henry reveals that he knows Weaver is not human. It is possible that the T-880 is able to identify the metal, such as coltan or mimetic polyalloy.
  • John Henry expresses dissatisfaction with the inefficiency of the human body's design; and, thus, his own.
  • Catherine seemed surprised/shocked/scared and nervous when John Henry found out and told her that she is made of metal instead of being a human. It's rare that a machine has a feeling like this.
  • Before the lab crew is killed, there is an extended scene with dark music of the boss using the urinals, harking back to Catherine's first entrance in "Samson & Delilah". However, nothing happens in the bathroom; soon after though, Weaver appears and kills him on the corridor.
  • Catherine is clearly becoming a full parallel to Sarah: a woman who would do everything for the survival of her child, who is also named John.

Deleted scenes[]

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Terminator references[]

  • Kyle Reese plays a significant role in this episode, appearing as a hallucination that guides Sarah through her day. This is similar to Sarah's dream in the Director's Cut version of the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • Catherine walking out from the flame in her neutral form is in a way similar to the T-1000 walking out from the flame after trying to kill John Connor at first time in the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • Kyle in Sarah's illusion notices a scar on Sarah's shoulder and asks what it did to her. Sarah claims it stabbed her. The only time Sarah is ever stabbed by a Terminator is in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. However, viewers might notice it's on the wrong shoulder. In the movie, the wound is done on the right shoulder. In the show, it's the scar is on the left shoulder.

Real-world references[]

  • John Henry is seen playing the Bionicle sets from 2008, toys in which John Henry expresses interest as well as envy.


  • Q: How did Sarah make it to the hospital? It's unlikely the warehouse staff would have driven her.
    • A: She dragged herself back to her Jeep and drove there before passing out.
    • Q2: Wouldn't she have normally tried to avoid the authorities?
      • A2: It was probably not her intention to fall unconscious and end up in a hospital bed. In "Queen's Gambit", Sarah planned to kidnap a doctor to treat Derek Reese after he was shot by Vick Chamberlain. It is likely that she intended to do the same right away. After all, Charlie has left town and she knew that the gunshot would kill her if not mended.
  • Q: Is Riley really so cold and desperate that she would attempt to kill herself just to take advantage of John's distress about his inability to help Jordan Cowan?
    • A: Possible. However, her so far bumbling attempts at pushing John's buttons and her complaints to Jesse that she didn't want to do this any longer make it likely that this was just an excuse to keep Jesse off her back. Also, Jesse is cunning and mistrusting enough that it remains to be seen whether she took the bait.
  • Q: Why did Sarah lie to Dr. Burnett in the end?
    • A: For the same reason she does everything: To protect John. She was wounded and hallucinating when she told her the truth, and the truth, as Kyle told her, was a good means to make the good doctor empathize with her and get help. Now that she's safe again, and the doctor has doubts anyway, why not reinforce the doubts in the hopes that she won't tell the police because she thinks it's all lies anyway?
  • Q: Why did Catherine destroy the factory?
    • A: To delay, and presumably cover up, the drone and coltan hyperalloy development.
  • Q: Has all the data from the factory been destroyed? Did Weaver destroy her own Hunter-Killer project?
    • A: Unlikely. The project has probably suffered a setback, but it is unlikely that Weaver was just looking for explosives in that computer. If she didn't already have the results anyway, she probably "scanned them in" at this point.
    • A2.b: That or it wasn't part of Zeiracorp at all. It is more likely that she was trying to destroy Kaliba Corp holdings. In Born to Run it is revealed that Zeira Corp is seperate from the Kaliba Group, so this answer is correct.
    • Q: Does that last bit of the hallucinated Kyle changing into the real Derek have any meaning?
    • A: Maybe. It could be a metaphor that, like Kyle was her protector in The Terminator, Derek was now there to take his place and look out for her. It could be a shippier variant of that. It could be a premonition of future events: The powers that be have stated that someone would die by the end of the season, the list of possibilities including Derek — and Kyle is already dead.
  • Q: Did John leave the hospital as suggested by Cameron, without searching for Riley?
    • A: Unknown. This could become a major plot point in the next episode, or it could just not have been shown to avoid the episode from running long. It would go more with the irrationally-acting John Connor from "Samson & Delilah" to stay and search.
  • Q: Did Felicia Burnett let Sarah take the blame?
    • A: She seemed to be convinced to bear her own mistakes, and she appears to be a woman of principle, so it is unlikely. However, it was never shown on screen how she got arrested, so she could have changed her mind.
  • Q: What's the relationship between Dr. Felicia Burnett and Sheriff Alvan McKinley?
    • A: Unclear. It seems they have had a previous, abusive relationship (he called her "baby"). Their last names don't match, so either they kept separate names, or they're divorced, or they never got married in the first place. From what Felicia said, it appears that he once threatened to kill her.
  • Q: Is the story with the tree true?
    • A: Kyle is a hallucination. As such, scientifically, he can only know what Sarah knows. Sarah says "you were never here" about the tree, indicating that this might actually be a tree she once saw, not Kyle. She also says "it's a story" about the burnt orchard, so she seems to be believing that this is just her subconscious making up a plausible story for Kyle to tell. Unless Derek confirms this story, it's probably just a hallucination of Sarah's. However, with the whole underlying theme of whether Cameron and John Henry have a soul and are children of God, confirming the story would open up whole new avenues. In any case, him hiding the photograph in this place is another proof of his undying love for her, which she may need right now to give her strength.
  • Q: Why did Kyle say "Won't be the first time" when Sarah said she was going to die?
    • A1: Sarah was declared dead after the events of the pilot. She probably still is.
    • A2: Kyle came from the future. As such, she was dead already by the time he came to know about her. She "came alive" for him when he traveled back.
    • A3: According to Cameron, Sarah was supposed to die of cancer before they traveled through time to 2007.
    • A4: Two other women named "Sarah Connor" were killed during The Terminator.
    • A5: The Sarah Connor we got to meet at the beginning of The Terminator "died" when her life turned from that of a waitress to a guerilla warrior fugitive from the law trying to protect her son.
  • Q: From the Title, what makes the wound so good?
    • A: The self-realization and emotional issues conquered in this episode because of the wound are probably what made the wound 'good', so to speak. Either that or its just a phrase turned into a title.


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