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"It starts with a dry mouth. And then the sweats. And the fever and shaking starts. And then your lungs fill up with fluid and then you die. You don't have much time. It's coming."
- Sydney Fields.

Derek and Lauren Fields, attempting to save a pregnant Anne, present day

Sarah and Cameron work to save a family on the list with a connection to Derek in the future. Meanwhile Jesse's life hangs in the balance.


Anne and David Fields, six months ago, confronted by Sarah

Roger talking to David about his affair with Anne, six months ago

The T-888 after a night of being hunted by Cameron, six months ago

The T-888 assessing David's threat level, six months ago

Cameron after her battle with the T-888, six months ago

Jesse and Derek at Eagle Rock Bunker in 2027

Sydney at Eagle Rock Bunker in 2027

Cameron after knocking out Roger, thinking he was a machine, six months ago

Lauren at Serrano Point Resistance Base in 2027, saving Derek's life

Lauren with an infant Sydney, present day

Present Day

Beginning scene has Derek walking into a warehouse and starting a telephone conversation on his cellphone with the code 217 response to Sarah. He's told by Sarah that she's "hunting it", before he loses his connection with her. Derek hears a scream, and finds Lauren Fields trying to save the life of her pregnant mother, Anne. She's been shot through her lung and is having trouble breathing. Lauren draws her gun when she sees Derek, but he tells her that Sarah Connor sent him to help. Lauren tells Derek that "the cyborg" has been tracking them for six months. Derek asks how Lauren knows Sarah.

Six Months Earlier

David Fields, along with Anne and Lauren, walk into their cabin and see someone has tracked mud onto their carpet. Cameron and Sarah walk in, rifles drawn, asking if they are the Fields. She explains that they're in danger and that they need to leave. Sarah gets a call on her cellphone from John, telling him that they had a hit on their list: "Alpine Fields", a family. Lauren points a gun at Sarah, and David asks Sarah who she is. Sarah tells him about Skynet sending machines to the past to eliminate anyone that's a threat. Her target list has the Fields family on it. A machine is coming to kill them. It found their house in the city, and now it's tracked them to their cabin. David doesn't believe her, but is quickly disarmed by Cameron. Sarah, Cameron, and the Fields leave in a mini-van, leaving their family dog Charles Barkley behind. Sarah argues with Anne, and gets into an accident with a pick-up truck. A T-888 gets out and a fight ensues between him and Cameron. The Fields and Sarah run back to the cabin, as Cameron takes on the T-888.

Present Day

Anne is struggling to stay alive. Derek sees Lauren with a St. Christopher medal around her neck, and tells her to get rid of it, as it's a target. Lauren tells Derek that they were outside of a hotel when the T-888 found them. David went after it with a table lamp and curtain rod so that Lauren and Anne could escape. Anne wants to know if David could be alright, to which Derek replies, "Anything's possible".

Serrano Point Resistance Base, 2027

Derek is questioning General Perry about the use of a reprogrammed Terminator for a mission. Perry reveals that Skynet hit Eagle Rock Bunker with a bio-weapon that killed everyone, except for one person out of 200. They need her back at Serrano Point. The General wants to send a machine in there because of their immunity to disease. Derek disagrees because of the chance one could go bad and kill who they're trying to save. Perry tells Derek that once exposed, it's not known how long he has to survive. Derek is sent on the mission.

Present Day

Lauren tells Derek that it was her fault the T-888 found her and Anne. She used the phone to call their friend, Roger.

Six Months Earlier

The Fields arrive back at their cabin, where Sarah tends to David's injured leg. She needs to know which one the T-888 is after. David tells her that he's a banker and Anne's a housewife. Anne says its a mistake — that they're normal people. David takes some pills for a bulging disc in his back, while Sarah devises a plan to take out the T-888. She goes to a shed to find supplies, and is confronted by Lauren. Sarah cuts the power supply to the cabin, as Lauren reveals to Sarah that there's something her father is not telling her. One of David's clients is a company called Sindine Cybernetics. Lauren pulls some e-mails off of his computer, and David admits that whatever he's doing with the company is not legal. Sarah hears something and looks out into the woods. Cameron and the T-888 are hunting each other.

Eagle Rock Bunker, 2027

Derek enters the bunker wearing a gas mask. He sees the dead bodies of countless people. He comes across a woman, pregnant, lying down in bed with her two children beside her—all dead. Derek rushes out of the bunker, unable to comprehend what he saw. He pulls out his pistol and contemplates killing himself. He hears someone say "Excuse me" and draws his gun. It's Jesse. She tells him that his fly is open.

Present Day

Derek is tending to Anne. He knows that Lauren was too smart to call Roger and guesses it was Anne who made the call that lead the T-888 to them.

Six Months Earlier

Sarah sets a trap on the front door handle of the cabin, hoping to electrcute the T-888 in order to reboot it, giving them two minutes to get its chip out. Sarah finds Anne in her bedroom on the phone, to which she says she's just testing the line. Outside of the house, someone is approaching. The Fields' dog Charles Barkley goes out to greet him, and Anne says that it's Roger. She takes apart Sarah's trap, afraid that it will kill Roger. It's revealed that Roger is having an affair with Anne.

Present Day

Anne says that she needed to let Roger know about what was happening, which is why she made the call.

Eagle Rock Bunker, 2027

Jesse and Derek meet for the first time. She's trying to find someone who sent out an S.O.S. They head into the bunker to find the girl who survived the bio-weapon attack. They go to a room in the back and knock on a door. It opens…

Present Day

Anne is getting worse and Lauren tells Derek they need to take her to a hospital. Derek says they can't go out until the T-888 is taken out by Sarah.

Six Months Earlier

David confronts Anne about her affair with Roger. They all get into an argument, which is broken up by Sarah. Her trap is ruined. Roger dismisses Sarah's story about Skynet and how a machine is hunting the Fields. Out of nowhere, Cameron crashes through the front window and lies unconscious on the floor, with cuts to her face. The family dog Charles Barkley runs outside to confront the Terminator intruder and is killed. Lauren sees the T-888 coming up to the house. David goes out to meet him, telling him that he's the one that he wants. The T-888 grabs David by the throat and scans him — TARGET: NO MATCH; THREAT LEVEL: NONE. Sarah sees the T-888 throw David aside, and concludes that it's after either Anne or Lauren. Anne says that she's pregnant and that it's not David's baby.

Present Day

Lauren asks Derek what this whole thing is all about. He tells her that it's about Lauren and her baby sister. Lauren finds out that Derek is from the future. He tells her that her sister's name is Sydney and that he knew her.

Eagle Rock Bunker, 2027

The door opens to show Sydney, the one who is immune to Skynet's bio-weapon. She tells Jesse and Derek that their gas masks won't help; that they're already infected. Derek tells them to wait until it's night and then they'll head back to Serrano Point. Jesse begins feeling thirsty. She and Derek look at each other, and can tell that Derek knows what that means. She then looks at Sydney, who says, "It starts with a dry mouth. And then the sweats. And the fever and shaking starts. And then your lungs fill up with fluid and then you die. You don't have much time. It's coming."

Present Day

Derek tells Anne that her daughter Sydney has an immunity in her blood and helps cure a deadly disease in the future.

Six Months Earlier

Lauren is hiding in the cabin, while Sarah and Anne make a run for it. The door opens and it's Roger. Roger stiffens and collapses. Behind him is Cameron. She asks "He's human?", to which Lauren says "Yes, of course!". Cameron's response: "My mistake." She and Lauren leave. Sarah and Anne run through the woods, being chased by the T-888. Cameron runs it over with a car. Everyone jumps into the car and Cameron drives them away, as the T-888 gets back up and begins to run after them.

Present Day

Anne gives birth to Sydney. She holds on long enough to see her newborn daughter- the effort is all she has left, she dies.

Serrano Point Resistance Base, 2027

Derek and Sydney help Jesse back to Serrano Point. Both Derek and Jesse are placed in medical beds, hooked up to IV's. Two people in sanitation suits come in with needles and inject something into their IV's. The person tending to Derek is Lauren, who says "Thank you for saving my sister."

Present Day

Derek asks Lauren to come stay with him and Sarah. She simply says, "I have to do this."

Six Months Earlier

Sarah leaves the Fields in a restaurant, saying that David and Anne will need Lauren's help.

Present Day

Derek walks away and makes a call to Sarah. She was able to get the T-888. He tells her about his offer to let Lauren and Sydney stay with them. When he gets back, Lauren and the baby are gone. She left her St. Christoper medal on Anne's body.


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(Sarah drives the family to safety)
Anne: Why would you keep a gun in the house?
David: For situations like this. Or a bear.
Cameron: (examining the gun) This wouldn't work in a situation like this.
Anne: Why didn't you tell me?
Cameron: (opens the chambers) Or a bear.
David: Because I knew you would react like this and this is not helping.
Anne: (to Sarah) Does your son know you kidnap people at gunpoint?
Sarah: Yes.
Anne: Then you know he'll be prone to delinquency himself.
Lauren: Mom, I think it's obvious she's well beyond Dr. Phil.
Sarah: (looking back at the girl) Hey! You know this is none of your business!
Cameron: Sarah! (car collides with another)
(Future Flashback: Jesse and Derek hold each other at gunpoint)
Jesse: You the one? Who sent the signal? (they lower their weapons)
Derek: No.
Jesse: My shore party picked up a coded S.O.S about 45 ticks back. Sent me to fossick around.
Derek: What's that in English?
Jesse: It means someone's still alive inside. Probably a civilian. Probably hiding. Radio room, I'm guessing.
Derek: I didn't go in that far. What did you say about a shore party?
Jesse: We're making troop and supply runs back and forth from Perth for months. Seawolf sub. The Jimmy Carter.
Derek: You've got a nuclear sub? Who drives it?
Jesse: Not who, what. We've got a scrubbed Trip-Eight for a captain.
Derek: You've got metal running a sub.
Jesse: Well if you find me a sub commander who survived J Day and I'll switch him in. Have a little faith, mate. She'll be apples. Means we'll be alright.
Derek: You believe that?
Jesse: Sure as my mother loves me.
Derek: My mother's dead. Here. (hands her a gas mask)
Jesse: Gas.
Derek: Bugs.
Jesse: This gonna work?
Derek: Probably not.

Continuity notes[]

  • This episodes features flashbacks to events from six months prior to the current story setting. That may indicate that the main storyline of this episode takes place in March, 2008 if the date of arrival in the pilot remains constant.


  • John Connor was completely absent from the entire episode, barring a small mention during a phone call between him and Sarah. This is the first episode in which he doesn't appear.
  • Resistance fighters operate in Perth, Australia and have access to supplies of fresh food including rabbits.

Deleted scenes[]

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Terminator references[]

  • The Field Terminator's mission to terminate Sydney Field's mother before Sydney is born mirrors the T-800 mission to terminate Sarah Connor before she could give birth to John Connor.
  • This is the second time that Sarah Connor has gotten into a car accident while distracted. The first time was in "Samson & Delilah", when Sarah and John were attempting to evade a damaged Cameron.
  • A dog can sense the difference between a human and a machine.

Real-world references[]

  • St. Christopher was a saint venerated by Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians, listed as a martyr killed in the reign of the 3rd century Roman emperor Decius.


  • Q: Why did Cameron shut down after she was thrown into the house? And it seems she shut down for a little more than two minutes.
    • A: This was possibly a consequence of Cameron's now damaged CPU Chip: The rough fighting with the larger Terminator disrupted her chip, causing a "glitch" to occur, and thus "knocking" her out, and forcing her to re-boot.
  • Q: How is the Fields Terminator destroyed?
    • A: Unknown, since the scene wasn't showed on screen.
  • Q: Has the show actually advanced ahead by six months? When compared to the next episode, it seems odd that it would have taken six months for Ellison to decide to work with John Henry or for Riley to have been kicked out of her foster home.
    • A1: [Speculation] No, the present day part is the one with Derek in it. The part six months before it was possibly occurring around the time as previous episodes.
    • A2: In the first season, the Connor's worked from a list of targets the Resistance fighters had, in the second season, they worked from the wall of blood. Sarah mentions a list so its possible this episode was based around the time they discovered the list (this does not seem likely however since the story continuity leaves little else by way of targets during season one except the Turk and Andy Goode — it is more likely that this is a plot device to show the unborn child was the target.)
  • Q: Why is the episode titled "Alpine Fields"? Fields is the last name of the targeted family, but what is the significance of "Alpine"? And why would Wells write it that way on the bloody wall?
    • A: There is more than one family by the name of "Fields". This Fields' cabin is in the woods which implies it is in an alpine setting somewhere in the western mountain range of the United States; hence, they are the "Alpine" Fields.


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